Hexa Wallet Security at Def Con 27 () 08/16/2019 - 11:15am
Custodial, Non-custodial,,, Wallet Meer Ali talks about the security behind Hexa and why non-custodial, non-centralised wallets are key in the permissionless space.
CME, CBOE sooner or later will be replaced by Non-Custodial Derivatives Exchanges. Take a look at how blockchain technology will shape the future of trading. ( 07/26/2019 - 8:40am, Blockchain, Custodial, https://www.reddit.comCryptoCurrency, Non-custodial, submitted by /u/ElainaClayton [link] [comments]
Why You Should Trade with non-custodial Limit Orders on KyberSwap DEX ( 07/22/2019 - 11:14am
Custodial,, DEX, https://www.reddit.comCryptoCurrency, Non-custodial, submitted by /u/BullGeneral [link] [comments]
ShapeShift’s New Non-Custodial Exchange Supports Hardware Wallets ( 07/09/2019 - 5:20am
Cointelegraph,,, Crypto, Custodial, Exchange, Non-custodial, Platform Swiss crypto exchange ShapeShift launches non-custodial crypto platform operating across multiple blockchains
ShapeShift’s New Platform Aims to Make Crypto Self-Custody as Easy as Coinbase ( 07/08/2019 - 9:00am
Coinbase, Coinbase, CoinDesk,,, Crypto, Crypto Management, Custodial, Non-custodial, Platform ShapeShift’s new one-stop shop for non-custodial crypto management is launching out of private beta today.
ZenGo Introduces Non-Custodial, Keyless Competitor to Calibra Wallet ( 07/03/2019 - 5:45pm
CoinDesk,,, Custodial, Non-custodial, Wallet ZenGo's product shows how Libra can be held in other wallets.
V20 Summit Concludes With Promises for Crypto Industry ( 06/30/2019 - 12:25am
Address, Altcoins, Australia, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Exchanges,,, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, Bitpoint, Blockchain, Case, Cash, Centralized, Chainalysis, Close, Coinbase, Coinbase, Coincheck,, Consensus, Crypto, Crypto Garage, Cryptocurrency, Custodial, Danger, Decentralized, Exchange, Hackers, Hong Kong, Huobi, Important People, Innovations, International..., Japan, Kraken, Ledger, Ledger, Market, Mt. Gox, Network,, Non-custodial, Protocol, Sense, Sentinel, Sentinel Protocol, Singapore, Taiwan, Trump, Wallet, Weeds As the G20 leaders’ summit came to a close, the nearby V20 summit concluded with a set of promises for the crypto industry in response to the...
How Abra Uses Bitcoin to Bring Stock Investing to the Unbanked ( 06/25/2019 - 12:39pm
Abra, Altcoins, Argentina, Austria, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Custodial, Difficulty, Exchange, Fiat, France, Important People, Inflation, International..., Market, Mexico, Non-custodial, Philippines, Platform, Protocol, Serve, South Africa, Spain, Stocks, Turkey, Venezuela, Wallet It’s been only a month since Abra publicly launched its investment product. But the company has already received an “overwhelmingly positive”...
Custodial, Escrow, Non-custodial,,, Wallet A method includes creating a seller escrow wallet. The seller escrow wallet only displays a content of the wallet, is non-custodial, maintains...
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