BRD Wallet Now Supports XRP Ledger For Worldwide Transactions ( 02/17/2020 - 3:21am
BRD wallet now securely supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other top digital currencies. BRD wallet has added Ripple (XRP) and is now available to more than 3 Million users in more than 170 countries. Blockset is a simple solution allowing enterprises to give firsthand sight to incorporate Blockchain technology into their business. BRD wallet...
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Forbes ranks Ripple as the second most valuable fintech firm in the US ( 02/14/2020 - 10:54am
BRD has a customer base of over three million users based in 170 countries and is available on both iOS and Android. XRP also became the first cryptocurrency to be offered on BRD’s new ..., BRD, Cryptocurrency,, Mainstream Media, Ripple, XRP
Ripple Latest News – Top Headline for Ripple XRP, February 14th, 2020 ( 02/14/2020 - 4:14am
XRP now available to its users through BRD XRP price is gradually approaching the next critical break at $0.35 Ripple Latest Update – With the partnership between Ripple and BRD, which is one of the oldest and most accessible cryptocurrency wallets on both iOS and Andriod, users can now buy XRP via the BRD wallet. Ripple and BRD recently announce...
BRD, Cryptocurrency, Ripple,,, Wallet, XRP
Ripple's price analysis: XRP/USD navigates a sea of uncertainty, driven by positive fundamentals ( 02/13/2020 - 10:05pm
In a separate development, BRD announced the launch of Blockset, a blockchain data integration platform with a set of tools that will allow developers to build applications across multiple chains. The ..., Blockchain, BRD,, Platform, Ripple, USD, XRP
Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: XRP Bulls Gained 20% Breaking $0.33 Mark, What’s the next move ? ( 02/13/2020 - 12:40pm
XRP is showcasing significant positive momentum in this year starting from $0.19 and reaching $0.33. However, the question is whether XRP has reached its critical resistance level. As the parabolic curve in the graph shown below, XRP bulls have made a significant run this year. It started with a price of $0.19 and today broke a $0.33 mark. Today,...
Blockchain, BRD, Crypto,,, Ledger, Ledger, Market, Overbought, Ripple, RSI, Volume, Wallet, XRP
Ripple To Add The Deletion Feature In XRP Ledger (XRPL) Seeks 80% Approval ( 02/13/2020 - 11:09am
Ripple is both cryptocurrency and digital payment network for the financial transaction by making it possible through its blockchain-based ledger XRPL. XRP for its Deletion Features seeks 80% support from the amendment process in the cycle of two weeks. The Ripple’s deletion feature works by deleting a large amount of important metadata and...
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XRP Now Available to 2 Million New Users Via This Ripple Partnership ( 02/13/2020 - 6:00am
Ripple’s XRP is the newest addition to BRD wallet, formerly Bread wallet. BRD wallet is extremely popular among crypto users, and could potentially be a huge partnership for the asset. The XRP token meets BRD’s worldwide audience of 2 million users BRD is one of the oldest and most user friendly cryptocurrency wallets on both Android and iOS...
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Binance.US Calls XRP 'Future of Banking Remittance Services', Uses Hashtag '#XRPTheStandard' ( 02/13/2020 - 5:24am
Two interesting XRP-related developments have taken place in the last 24 hours: (1) the very popular non-custodial wallet BRD is adding support for XRP; and (2) Binance.US has added support for XRP/USD trading to its mobile app.
Binance, Binance, BRD,,, Custodial, Non-custodial, USD, Wallet, XRP
US CRYPTO REGULATIONS SOON Steve Mnuchin Trump IMF - Binance US & BRD XRP - Bitcoin Miner Stock Up 02/12/2020 - 10:11pm

Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, BRD, Crypto, Important People, Mining, Trump, XRP,,
How to Recover Your Funds If You Lose Your Bitcoin Wallet ( 02/12/2020 - 9:10pm
Losing a phone or hardware wallet containing cryptocurrency is inconvenient, but it shouldn’t be fatal. Provided you’ve backed up your private key, recovering your coins is a simple exercise. Should you find yourself in such a predicament, however, there’s a few things you should know before reaching for your wallet recovery phrase. Also read:...
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BRD Supports XRP and Launches Enterprise Expansion ( 02/12/2020 - 11:07am
Frustrated by a poor web wallet experience that led to his losing $1,000 worth of Bitcoin at a time when the currency hovered around $10, BRD Co-Founder Aaron Voisine set out to build a digital wallet that would be so safe and easy-to-use that even his grandmother could use it to tap into digital assets. Today, that vision has resulted in BRD—a...
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Gemini Custody Adds support for 5 Alternate Cryptocurrencies ( 02/12/2020 - 10:49am
Tyler Winklevoss announced on twitter of Gemini Custody, adding support for five more Altcoins, also known as Alternative cryptocurrencies. Gemini currently supports 23 different types of digital assets and keeps adding with time. Gemini, to facilitate a secure purchase and store of Bitcoin, it developed a complex system of private keys and...
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BRD Expands Into Enterprise, Launches Blockset to Accelerate Blockchain Development ( 02/12/2020 - 3:00am
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- BRD, the most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet, announced today a new enterprise-focused blockchain service, Blockset, which will ..., Blockchain, BRD, Cryptocurrency,, Wallet
BRD Expands Into Enterprise, Launches Blockset to Accelerate Blockchain Development ( 02/12/2020 - 3:00am
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- BRD, the most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet, announced today a new enterprise-focused blockchain service, Blockset, which will fundamentally ...,, Blockchain, BRD, Cryptocurrency, Wallet
Bread (BRD) Hits Market Capitalization of $20.80 Million ( 02/03/2020 - 12:02am
One Bread token can currently be purchased for about $0.23 or 0.00002503 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including Cobinhood, IDEX, Kucoin and Binance. Here is how other cryptocurrencies have ...
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TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Elon Musk Sees Crypto as Replacement for Cash, Peter Schiff Mystery Solved ( 01/24/2020 - 12:14pm
TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week . Tesla’s Elon Musk views cryptocurrency as a cash replacement. Precious metals investor Peter Schiff password mystery solved. Justin Sun continues his marketing genius. Why crypto markets seem crazy is because they are. Kim Dotcom baffles a BTC...
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Q4 2019 XRP MARKETS REPORT ( 01/23/2020 - 3:31am
Every quarter, Ripple released an XRP Markets Report a few weeks after the quarter is over. This quarter was no exception and on January 22nd Ripple released its Q4 2019 XRP Markets Report . As expected, Ripple has continued to reduce its sales in Q4 2019. Total sales (OTC-only, given programmatic pause) ended the quarter at 8bps of CryptoCompare...
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Q4 2019 XRP Markets Report ( 01/22/2020 - 2:05pm
Ripple publishes the quarterly XRP Markets Report to voluntarily provide transparency and regular updates on the company’s views on the state of the XRP market, including quarterly programmatic and institutional sales updates, relevant XRP-related announcements such as Xpring and RippleNet partnerships and commentary on previous quarter market...
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Digital Asset Wallet Developer BRD to Branch Out into Enterprise Blockchain Market with new Project, “Blockset” ( 01/22/2020 - 12:14pm
BRD, a digital currency wallet developer that has received investments from US-based Fintech Ripple and Japanese financial services company SBI Holdings, has branched out into the enterprise ..., Blockchain, BRD,, Digital Currency, Market, Ripple, Wallet, XRP
How to Improve Security of Crypto Wallets? Experts Discuss Schiff’s Lost Bitcoins ( 01/20/2020 - 12:18am
Peter Schiff yesterday reported that he lost all of his Bitcoins that he had stored in his wallet. The Bitcoins were given to him as a persuasion attempt that began with Erik Voorhees, Anthony Pompliano and others sending Bitcoins to Schiff. Now, Schiff reports that ‘it’s gone.’ Error Message for Peter Schiffs’ Bitcoins ( Tweet ) There have been...
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Thanks to the guys at BRD for having such an open mind about Bitcoin Cash ( 01/19/2020 - 7:23am
submitted by /u/MemoryDealers [link] [comments]
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Ripple-Backed Crypto Wallet BRD Launches Blockchain Toolbox for Enterprise Apps ( 01/18/2020 - 4:54pm
Nodes can be hosted “out of the box,” BRD says. Blockset supports bitcoin, bitcoin cash, XRP, hedera and ethereum at launch, with more to be added during the year. Related: Coinbase Pro App Now ..., Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, BRD, Cash, Coinbase, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Pro, Crypto, Ethereum,, Ripple, Wallet, XRP
XRP-backed wallet BRD launches tools for building enterprise apps ( 01/17/2020 - 11:50pm
Crypto wallet provider BRD recently launched a toolkit that will allow blockchain developers to build new apps for enterprises. The toolkit is named Blockset, and it was presented as a blockchain ..., Blockchain, BRD, Crypto,, Wallet, XRP
Ripple-backed crypto wallet BRD ventures into enterprise blockchain market, aiming to serve banks and others ( 01/17/2020 - 11:19am
BRD, a cryptocurrency wallet provider that is backed by Ripple and Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings, has ventured into the enterprise blockchain market. The new venture, dubbed “Blockset,” aims to serve banks, financial services institutions and consultancy firms, among others, BRD announced Friday. Blockset provides “ready-to-use”...
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Ripple-Backed Crypto Wallet BRD Launches Blockchain Toolbox for Enterprise Apps - Coindesk ( 01/17/2020 - 11:01am
Ripple-Backed Crypto Wallet BRD Launches Blockchain Toolbox for Enterprise Apps Coindesk
Blockchain, BRD, CoinDesk,, Crypto, Ripple, Wallet, XRP
Ripple-Backed Crypto Wallet BRD Launches Blockchain Toolbox for Enterprise Apps ( 01/17/2020 - 11:01am
The mobile wallet provider is launching a suite of tools aimed to allow blockchain developers to more easily and cheaply build apps for enterprises.
Blockchain, BRD, CoinDesk,,, Crypto, Ripple, Wallet, XRP
Ripple-backed crypto wallet BRD ventures into enterprise blockchain market, aiming to serve banks and others - The Block Crypto ( 01/17/2020 - 10:59am
Ripple-backed crypto wallet BRD ventures into enterprise blockchain market, aiming to serve banks and others The Block Crypto
Block, Blockchain, BRD, Crypto, Market, Ripple, Serve,, Wallet, XRP
Ripple News Today – Top Headline for Ripple XRP, January 10th, 2020 ( 01/10/2020 - 6:15am
2019 – Ripple’s biggest year Ripple Price Analysis – XRP still trading on the $0.20 support level. Last year, Ripple gained a substantial volume of enterprise support. The company was involved in several controversies all through 2019 for its supposed control of XRP. The company has played a major role in influencing the adoption of its digital...
BitPay, BRD, Important Companies, Ripple,,, Volume, Wallet, XRP
Ripple Effect: The Biggest Companies That Began Supporting XRP in 2019 ( 01/08/2020 - 4:12pm
XRP gained a significant amount of enterprise support in 2019. Ripple, which sparked controversy throughout 2019 for its alleged control of XRP, has played a key role in pushing adoption of the digital asset, partnering with payments giant MoneyGram, as well as BitPay and BRD Wallet. Crypto lender SALT and digital asset ATM maker General Bytes...
Altcoins, ATM, Bitcoin, BitPay, Blockchain, Blockdaemon, BRD, Chainalysis, Close, CoinGate, Coinme, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, General Bytes, HODL, Important Companies, Liechtenstein, Maker, Nexus, Now Accepting Bitcoin, Protocol, Ripple, SALT, Total Supply, UQUID, Wallet, Xago, XRP
BRD’s Adam Traidman on New Products, Crypto Adoption, and Banking the Unbanked Into 2020 ( 12/11/2019 - 3:18pm
Breadwallet, later known as Bread, and now just as BRD, was the first crypto wallet in the App Store in 2014. Its non-custodial, open source and user-friendly nature saw it become very popular, now with nearly 3 million users worldwide. CEO Adam Traidman took some time to field questions from this week, detailing BRD’s […] Post...
Bitcoin,,, BRD, Bread, CEO, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Custodial, Important People, Non-custodial, Open Source, Wallet, worldnewsoffice
Brazilian Tax Authorities Imposes Fines on Crypto Tax Evaders ( 12/07/2019 - 9:43am
Tax authorities in Brazil are following the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and fining individuals who failed to declare their cryptocurrency holdings. The Department of Federal Revenue (RFB) of Brazil recently published a new tax code that will fine traders who do not declare their transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. New tax...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Brazil, BRD, Case, Coinbase, Coinbase, Cointelegraph, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange,,
Bread Price Down 6.9% Over Last Week (BRD) ( 12/06/2019 - 6:11am
One Bread token can currently be purchased for about $0.25 or 0.00003358 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Kucoin, Tokenomy, OKEx and IDEX. Here’s how other cryptocurrencies have ...
Altcoins,, BRD, Bread, Cryptocurrency, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Kucoin, Kucoin,, OKEx, OKEx, Token, Tokenomy
Bread (BRD) Trading Up 2.3% Over Last Week ( 12/03/2019 - 10:48am
Bread (CURRENCY:BRD) traded down 5.2% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 18:00 PM ET on December 3rd. One Bread token can now be purchased for $0.27 or 0.00003646 BTC on popular ..., BRD, Bread,, Token
The Biggest Challenge of the Consumer Web — and How Crypto is Poised to Solve It ( 10/22/2019 - 11:12am
The Biggest Challenge of the Consumer Web — and How Crypto is Poised to Solve It Introducing Around the Block, a new blog from Coinbase that aims to provide context on the constantly evolving cryptocurrency landscape through explanations of new protocols, key ecosystem developments, and more. By Justin Mart and the Coinbase Ventures team Coinbase’...
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Ripple Invests $750,000 to Lead XRP to Crypto Wallet BRD ( 10/20/2019 - 5:39am
Crypto New Media Press BRD, a cryptocurrency wallet provider (erstwhile Bread) has taken an amount of $750,000 ventures from blockchain installments firm Ripple to enhance the operations of its XRP cryptocurrency. In an accordance with their recent declaration, an investment created through Ripple’s Xpring project will enable BRD to develop the...
Blockchain, BRD, Bread, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, Ledger, Ledger, Ripple, Wallet, XRP
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