IOTA Is Up 27% Week-to-Date, But Will These 3 Reasons Spur Further Demand ( 01/20/2020 - 2:33am
At press time, IOTA is changing hands at 24 cents against the greenback and up an impressive 27% in the past 7 days of trading. However, from some quarters, optimism and confidence in the project could see it soar to astronomical levels. Gems from the Fundstrat Report IOTA Market Performance | Source: Earlier, a Fundstrat report...
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You can mine GEMS and CRYPTO?! | DIG for IT Official Trailer 01/17/2020 - 4:19am
Take a sneak peak at the BRAND NEW game coming to blockchain. Developed using Unity3D, primed for mobile and multiplayer. This game is sure to be a hit, you don't want to miss out! Be part of the movement, join the family and DIG FOR IT! Follow us! Website: Main Telegram: Play Telegram:
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CES 2020: Samsung Wows Audience with New Robotic Life Companions ( 01/08/2020 - 7:21am
Coinspeaker CES 2020: Samsung Wows Audience with New Robotic Life Companions Samsung has made some very interesting announcements during the ongoing CES 2020. Holding at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the International Consumer Electronics Show happens annually, for players in the consumer electronics industry.Even though it began yesterday...
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India Lags Behind in Blockchain Innovations due to Regulatory Curbs ( 12/31/2019 - 12:20pm
Blockchain development in India is at its full pace. Startups undertaking blockchain as their core technology are increasing, creating a rise in demand and as well as supply. Yet things look promising to the founders of some Indian tech startups. India might be behind the US and Chinese giants in blockchain innovations and developments, according...
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Blockchain: Regulatory curbs may slow Blockchain innovations in India ( 12/30/2019 - 10:17pm
Mumbai: India may lag US and Chinese firms in blockchain innovations in the coming year, founders and promoters of Indian blockchain startups said. This is because regulators continue to focus on “only one part of blockchain technology — distributed ledger systems,” they said. “The (Indian) regulatory ecosystem is…not (focusing) on decentralised...
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AnandTech Year In Review 2019: Lots of CPUs ( 12/27/2019 - 3:00pm
Throughout 2019, we’ve had quite the reverse of performance when it comes to the competitiveness of the modern performance-oriented desktop processor. This year we’ve seen AMD introduce its Zen 2 processor designs, offering up to 16 cores for mainstream use cases, and matching if not beating Intel in raw clock-for-clock performance. In a similar...
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Why the 2020 streaming wars will be won by robots ( 12/22/2019 - 3:00pm
The streaming wars have been one of the media and entertainment industry’s hottest topics in 2019. Netflix, a pioneer turned powerhouse in the subscription video on demand (SVOD) world, has been preparing for increased competition from new video platforms, such as Apple TV+ and Disney+. Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, has welcomed competitors saying...
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Searching for Synthetix: Which Token Will Be Next Year’s 50x Winner? ( 12/13/2019 - 1:55pm
If you bought synthetix (SNX) this time last year, you don’t need to read these words. You’re already rich after your moon bag lived up to its billing and pulled a 50x. Despite the era of undiscovered gems tapering off in 2018, there’s still a handful of tokens that achieve the impossible each year, making their holders ridiculously rich. Seele,...
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Bitcoin [BTC] Will Soar to $141,000 After Halving, Logarithmic Regression Analysis Projects ( 11/15/2019 - 5:22am
Whether or not Bitcoin will soar after next year’s halving is drawing mixed opinions. However, one Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analyst is confident that the prices of the world’s most valuable coin will soar to over $141,000 a pop if deductions are made based on historical price action. In a widely shared video posted on YouTube , the analyst is...
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Tanzania: Moyo Gemstones' initiative to ensure female gemstone miners get a fair share of profit ( 11/12/2019 - 8:18pm
Moyo Gemstones – a global collaboration between the non-governmental organisation Pact, Anza Gems, Nineteen48, Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA) and a blockchain addition from Everledger – is ..., Blockchain,, Gems, Miners, Mining, Tanzania
It's always so fun for Bitcoiners to pull up these gems in the media.... "J.P. Morgan to settle allegations of violating sanctions: U.S. Treasury"... but somehow Bitcoin is the villain ( 10/30/2019 - 9:16am
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Nvidia’s new Shield Android TV devices could launch October 28 ( 10/25/2019 - 3:00pm
We’ve known for a while that Nvidia is planning on releasing a pair of new Shield TV devices, but now we have what seems like confirmation: the company today posted a teaser that suggests the devices will arrive on October 28. 10.28.19 — NVIDIA SHIELD (@NVIDIASHIELD) October 24, 2019 It seems the company won’t have that...,, Gems, Pair, Serve, SHIELD
Blockchain Conference Tabloid-Style: Non-Brexit Drama in Westminster ( 10/20/2019 - 6:18pm
Crypto New Media Press Like in physical mining, not the digital version of it, gems usually are below the surface. And sometimes finding the most valuable ones requires digging a bit deeper. It was similar at the CC-Forum blockchain conference in London. The event took place on October 15 and 16 at an impressive location in Westminster, at a […]...
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Exchanges where you can buy QNT, FCT, and other small gems 10/08/2019 - 6:17pm

Will Next Gen Altcoins Boom During Next Crypto Bull Run? ( 09/20/2019 - 2:00pm
During the 2017 crypto craze and ICO boom, retail crypto investors loaded up on new, untested altcoins in hopes of finding the equivalent of the next Bitcoin – a revolution in financial technology and the best performing asset of all-time. But after the 2018 bear market, those hopes and dreams have since been shattered, and sentiment surrounding...
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iCoin International Taking Blockchain and AI to Real Diamond Mining ( 08/13/2019 - 4:59am
Blockchain-based platform iCoin International is embarking on an initiative to create a whole new economy for the diamond mining industry, keen on shedding its former reputation of inefficiency and lack of transparency, taking the sector to new heights of development. Diamonds are one of the most sought-after gems in the world. Commonly used for...,, Blockchain, CARAT, Decentralized, Diamond, Distributed, Distributed Ledger, ERC20, Exchange, Gems, iCoin, Immutable, International..., LATOKEN, Ledger, Ledger, Long, Market, Mining, Network, Platform, Serve, Sierra Leone, Spots, Timestamp, Token, Trustless
PR: iCoin Takes Diamond Mining to Blockchain, Launches IEO ( 08/07/2019 - 3:59pm
Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain-based platform iCoin International is aiming to disrupt the diamond mining industry using decentralized technology fused with artificial intelligence announces the launch of its initial exchange offering for early backers. 6th of August, 2019, Sierra Leone: iCoin International is owned by Millennium Mining...
Altcoins, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bitcoin,,, Blockchain, CARAT, Coin, Decentralized, Diamond, Distributed, Distributed Ledger, ERC20, Exchange, Gems, iCoin, International..., KYC, LATOKEN, Ledger, Ledger, Leverage, Long, Market, Mining, Network, Platform, Serve, Sierra Leone, Smart contract, Token, Tokenize, Traceability ..., Trustless, Whitepaper
[Opinion] TOP 10 Micro Cap Gems (HYDRO, FTM, DAPS, LTO) ( 05/29/2019 - 9:56am
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Diamonds Are Blockchain’s Best Friend: How DLT Helps Tracking Gems and Prevents Fraud ( 02/06/2019 - 10:26am
The world’s largest diamond companies are actively seeking blockchain solutions to establish better logistics, and to keep blood diamonds out of the markets
Blockchain,,, Danger, Diamond, Gems
The Daily: Peak Blockchain and Stablecoin Drama ( 10/18/2018 - 6:30am
Differentiating truth from fiction isn’t always easy, especially in the realm of blockchain. We’ve got distributed ledger stories both real and fanciful in this edition of The Daily, as well as hardware wallet news, an update on bitcoin futures, and the obligatory smattering of stablecoin drama. Also read: Blockchain Surveillance Firm Partners...
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The Bull Pen Podcast #8: $500 Million Dollars Later ( 10/16/2018 - 11:10am
In Episode 8 of The Bull Pen Podcast, The Crypto Bully steps into the Bull Pen with Tyler Sanford, former major league baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels turned ICO, blockchain and marketing management consultant. Even though this is Tyler’s first podcast appearance, this episode is full of dropped gems with all the experience he brings to...
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SEC Charges ‘Real Estate and Diamond’ ICO With Fraud ( 09/30/2017 - 8:30am
On September 29th 2017, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) charged an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) operator with fraud. The ICO project in question, REcoin, claimed their token was the “first ever cryptocurrency backed by real estate,” and that they also invested the company’s assets in diamond reserves. Also read: Bitcoin Software Wars...
Bitcoin,, Blockchain, Danger, Diamond, Ethereum, Gems, ICOS,, United States
The Ether Review #60?'??'"?'?MeDAOs & Crypto Branding (letstalk) 03/28/2017 - 12:43am
Today we hear first from Joe Reed who won the Seattle IPFS / Ethereum Hackathon in February. His entry Matriarch expands on the ERC20 compliant MiniMe token, using it as a basis for crowdfunded MeDAOs. It?'?s an avant-garde idea and compliments his decentralized reddit project, Community.Then Gabriel Mitchell of raises the...
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Daniel Peled & Tom Kysar: Gems – The Social Messaging App That Pays You for Your Attention ( 11/24/2014 - 12:58pm
Daniel Peled, CEO of Gems, and Tom Kysar, Marketing Lead at Koinify, join us to talk about a project that aims to revolutionize social messaging. As one of the first decentralized social networks built on blockchain technology, Gems hopes to put the ownership of the network back in the hands of its users. While large centralized social networks...
Blockchain, Centralized, CEO, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Epicenter,,, Gems, Important People, Koinify, Network, Token
Daniel Peled: Social Messaging Meets Cryptocurrency with Gems 11/14/2014 - 4:02am
Our guest is Daniel Peled, CEO of Gems social messaging app. The Gems presale will kickoff on December 1st and take place on Koinify. Gems website: Gems Video: http://vimeo ...
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