Securitize acquires Japanese consultancy firm BUIDL ( 12/06/2019 - 1:13pm
Security token platform Securitize has acquired Japan’s blockchain technology consultancy firm BUIDL to expand the company’s influence in Asia. Established in 2018, BUIDL advises digital security projects in Japan on how to grow revenues and build a presence in the market. Co-founders include Securitize shareholder Global Brain and the CEO of...
Blockchain, CEO, Cryptocurrency, How To, Important People, Innovations, Japan, Liquid, Liquid, Market, Platform,,, Token
When evaluating spot exchanges based on order book depth, Bitfinex appears the most liquid ( 12/06/2019 - 12:37pm
Quick Take Bitfinex has the most liquid Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP pairs Other than Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, Binance, and FTX appear to have the deepest liquidity when it comes to BTC, ETH, and XRP Bitcoin appears to be four times as liquid as Ethereum and more than 9 times as liquid as XRP This feature story is available to...
Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bitstamp, Block, Coinbase, Coinbase, Ethereum, Kraken, Kraken, Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, Spot,,, XRP
Algorand Launches Advanced Smart Contract Features Amid DeFi Race  ( 12/06/2019 - 8:33am
Algorand has announced several new advanced smart contract features on its permissionless, pure proof-of-stake (PPoS) blockchain on the heels of its Transparency Report and inaugural BLS Library release . The news encompasses stateless smart contracts, atomic transfers, and standardized assets embedded into Algorand’s on-chain (layer 1)...
Blockchain, Case, CEO, Cosmos, Dai, Decentralized, Ether, Ethereum, Important People, Innovations, Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, MakerDAO, Market, Narrative, Network,,, Pair, Platform, Polkadot, Proof-of-Stake, Pure, Smart contract, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Token, Whitelist, Zero
StarterCoin (STAC) Price Reaches $0.0000 on Top Exchanges ( 12/06/2019 - 7:30am
One StarterCoin token can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0000 or 0.00000000 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Liquid and Bancor Network. Over the last seven days, ...
Bancor, Bancor Network, Bancor Network,, Cryptocurrency, Liquid, Liquid,, Network, StarterCoin, Token
The Rise and Fall of Poloniex: From Exchange Leader to Petty Threats ( 12/05/2019 - 6:00pm
Poloniex was once the most liquid cryptocurrency exchange in the world, boasting daily volumes upwards of $400 million at one point. However, from poor customer service resulting in faltering exchange activity to being spun off by Circle, the exchange has dropped off the charts in a rather haphazard manner, December 5, 2019. Fall From Grace Read...
Bitcoin, Blockchain, BTCMANAGER,,, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Liquid, Liquid, Poloniex, Poloniex
The impact of security tokens on traditional stock exchanges ( 12/05/2019 - 4:04pm
Asset tokenisation is the representation of assets on the blockchain in the form of tokens, which are designed to be unique, liquid, secure, instantly transferable, and impossible to counterfeit., Blockchain,, Liquid, Liquid
XRP, Ethereum Classic Futures Debut on OKEx ( 12/05/2019 - 1:02pm
OKEx added two more futures products to its portfolio, offering a settlement in Tether (USDT). The futures for XRP, Ethereum Classic (ETC), as well as TRON (TRX) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) will be added to earlier products for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). OKEx Adds XRP, ETC and More OKEx, one of the leading...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin SV,,, Cash, Change, Coin, Confirmations, Crypto, Derivative, Dumping, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Exchange, Futures, Liquid, Liquid, Litecoin, Market, OKEx, OKEx, OKEx, Pair, Portfolio, Spot, Tether, Tether, TRON, Volatility, XRP
British Virgin Islands Government Turning to Blockchain? ( 12/05/2019 - 12:09pm
Blockchain technology was first introduced through Bitcoin as a means to aid and empower global citizens. However, governments worldwide are increasingly looking into the nascent tech as a means of building out their own economies and national infrastructure. Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech have broad applications, as has been exemplified by...
Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Blockchain Alliance, British Virgin Islands, Cash, China, Cloud, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Danger, DaTa eXchange, Digital Currency, Estonia, Exchange, Gains, Hash, Immutable, Leverage, Liquid, Liquid, Malta, North Korea, Russia, Russia, Speech, Startup,,, United States, USD
Bitcoin Innovations | BTSE Integrates Blockstream Liquid | Bitfinex Partners with Bitrefill ( 12/05/2019 - 6:51am
submitted by /u/benperrin117 [link] [comments]
Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Bitrefill, Blockstream, Innovations, Liquid, Liquid,,
Multi-Currency Futures Exchange BTSE Integrates Blockstream's Liquid Bitcoin and USDt - Benzinga ( 12/04/2019 - 1:00pm
Multi-Currency Futures Exchange BTSE Integrates Blockstream's Liquid Bitcoin and USDt Benzinga, Bitcoin, Blockstream, Exchange, Futures, Liquid, Liquid
Binance Announces $100 Reward in BNB for Purchasing HTC EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition ( 12/04/2019 - 9:11am
Coinspeaker Binance Announces $100 Reward in BNB for Purchasing HTC EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition Last month in November 2019, crypto exchange Binance joined hands with smartphone manufacturer HTC for a special edition “cryptophone”. Dubbed as the HTC EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition, the handset integrates Binance’s proprietary blockchain network, the...
Altcoins, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Blockchain, CEO, Change,,, Colored Coins, Crypto, Decentralized, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), DEX, Exchange, Exodus, Full Node, Important People, Liquid, Liquid, Network, Node, Serve, Token, USD, Wallet
Multi-Currency Futures Exchange BTSE Integrates Blockstream's Liquid Bitcoin and USDt ( 12/04/2019 - 5:13am
"With BTSE's integration, we now have a corridor between Bitfinex and another large cryptocurrency exchange with billions in monthly trading volume – this is very good for traders looking for ..., Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Blockstream, Cryptocurrency, Exchange,, Futures, Liquid, Liquid, Volume
Thai SEC to Amend its Royal Decree on Cryptocurrency ( 12/03/2019 - 11:07am
In a recent announcement , Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said it is currently studying ways to amend its royal decree on digital assets. The jurisdiction wants to create a competitive market in Thailand, while also prioritizing investor protection. Thailand’s Royal Decree on Cryptocurrency Explained Earlier this year,...
Blockchain, Coin, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, ICO, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Liquid, Liquid, Market, Network, Portal, Serve, Thailand,,, Token, Trustless
Galaxy Digital 3Q19 Earnings Recap: A sober reset of expectations, as crypto industry remains “challenging” ( 12/03/2019 - 6:20am
Quick Take We refreshed our Galaxy Digital coverage from new 3Q19 filings As a publicly traded crypto “merchant bank” with a portfolio of over 45 investments, highlights rare data points of private investment performance across the industry The trading business grew its active counterparties 10%, and its onboarded counterparties 47% since 2Q19,...
AlphaPoint, Block, Crypto, Gains, Liquid, Liquid, Mining, Network, Portfolio,,, WAX
Bitcoin Price Shifts Toward Key Moving Average as Bears Target $5,000 ( 12/03/2019 - 3:13am
As part of its current mid-term downtrend, Bitcoin ( BTC ) could be headed toward its 200-week moving average (MA), a level that has been a major historical bottom. Since hitting its 2019 high of approximately $13,890, Bitcoin has seen lower highs indicative of a downward trend, at least in the mid-term. After a corrective bounce up to $7,875 last...
Bear, Bitcoin, BLUE, Brave New Coin, Change, Cloud, Coin, Correction, Crypto,,, Liquid, Liquid, Market, Scam, Sense, Short, Swing, USD, Volatility
TMGcore Pitches Liquid-Cooled Data Center in a Box for Compute-Heavy Workloads ( 12/02/2019 - 5:12am
TMGcore spent the past two years developing OTTO, but it wasn’t exactly in stealth mode during that time. In 2018 it built a 150,000-square foot cryptocurrency mining data center in Texas to generate ..., Cryptocurrency,, Liquid, Liquid, Mining, Stealth, United States
How to Speculate Bitcoin Price with Charts ( 12/01/2019 - 9:59am
Like everything else, bitcoin is valued by supply and demand. The price increases when there is more demand and decreases when there is less. But for something that is as global and extensive as bitcoin, it’s often very hard to predict the trend and find out if the price is going up or down. There are, however, some tools that give us a proper...
Bear, Bitcoin, Bitcoin charts, Candlesticks, Change, Close, Crypto, How To, Liquid, Liquid, Market, Overbought, Oversold, Paxful,,, Relative Strength Index (RSI), RSI, Short, Spot
QASH (QASH) Trading 5.3% Lower Over Last Week ( 11/30/2019 - 4:21pm
One QASH token can currently be purchased for about $0.0506 or 0.00000688 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including EXX, Liquid, IDEX and LATOKEN. During the last seven days, QASH has traded ..., Cryptocurrency, EXX, EXX, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, LATOKEN, LATOKEN, LATOKEN, Liquid, Liquid,, QASH, Token
Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 Upgrade May Revive Staking in 2020 ( 11/30/2019 - 3:42pm
Ethereum (ETH) may bring another round of staking enthusiasm if it moves forward to further replace mining in 2020. New Staking Projects Appeared in the Past Year Staking coins may come in fashion again, as passive income and slow growth replace previous highly speculative uses. Staking is nothing new in the crypto space, but this time around,...
Altcoins, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin,,, BOMB, Chainlink, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, Cosmos, Crypto, Custodial, Difficulty, Ethereum, Exchange, Inflation, Liquid, Liquid, Livepeer, Maker, Mining, Network, Staking, Tezos
Can Bitcoin Be the Saving Grace for Ailing Banks? ( 11/30/2019 - 11:35am
Bitcoin began as the enemy of the banks, a new tool to bring traditional finance to a halt. However, as the cryptocurrency permeated the mainstream, it has become clear that the path for Bitcoin adoption is through financial regulation. But, does that mean that this decentralized digital asset can become the savior of the banks? A bill in Germany...,, Bitcoin, Cash, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange, Germany, Legal Developments, Liquid, Liquid, Nets
Retirement Planning Guide: What are Retirement Buckets? ( 11/30/2019 - 11:24am
One of the more interesting retirement planning strategies I’ve come across recently is the idea of buckets. I first read about buckets on Forbes , and I like the goals-based approach to dividing up your retirement assets. How Do Retirement Planning Buckets Work? Rather than putting all of your money into one big nest egg, and then allocating your...
Blockchain, Crypto, How To, Liquid, Liquid, Long, Mainstream Media, Portfolio, Short, SIX, Stocks,,
Two Phase Immersion Liquid Cooling at Supercomputing 2019 ( 11/29/2019 - 1:00pm
It would now appear we are saturated with two phase immersion liquid cooling (2PILC) – pun intended. One common element from the annual Supercomputing trade show, as well as the odd system at Computex and Mobile World Congress, is the push from some parts of the industry towards fully immersed systems in order to drive cooling. Last year at SC19...
Crypto,,, Gas, Gas, HEAT, Liquid, Liquid, Network
Bitcoin Price ‘Bigger Picture’ 2020: from $5,000 to $16,000 via BTC Liquid Index - U.Today ( 11/29/2019 - 7:59am
Bitcoin Price ‘Bigger Picture’ 2020: from $5,000 to $16,000 via BTC Liquid Index U.Today
Bitcoin, Liquid, Liquid,
Crypto Unicorns: Top 10 Most Valuable Blockchain Companies ( 11/28/2019 - 6:56pm
Unicorns, companies that have crossed the $1 billion valuation mark, are a rare breed. Even more so in crypto. Here’s a list of the 10 most valuable blockchain companies. Blockchain and crypto startups make up just a small fraction of unicorn companies, a category that includes any company with a valuation of $1 billion or more. It’s an exclusive...
Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Bitmain, Bitmain, BitMEX, BitMEX, Block, Blockchain, Canaan, Canaan, Canaan Creative, CEO, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Cryptocurrency, DECENT, Ebang, EOS, Ethereum, Exchange, Farms, Fiat, Futures, Important People, IPO, Kraken, Kraken, Liquid, Liquid, Mainstream Media, Market, Mining, Platform, Polkadot, Ripple, RippleNet, Robinhood, Stablecoin, StableCoin, USD, USD Coin, Venture Capital, Volume, XRP
TROY TRADE Announces Token Sale on Binance Launchpad ( 11/28/2019 - 1:43pm
Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, revealed on Wednesday that the ninth initial exchange offering on the Binance Launchpad will be TROY TRADE , a global brokerage platform. The upcoming launch was announced by Binance on 25th November , It marks another significant milestone and the apogee of the team’s many accomplishments achieved...
Airdrop, Binance, Binance, Blockchain, Centralized, Consensus, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Huobi, Huobi, Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, Margin Trading, Market, Mining, Mining Pool, NEWSBTC,,, Platform, Token, USD
Liquid Offers Six Cryptocurrency Baskets as Black Friday Shopping Spree ( 11/28/2019 - 6:45am
Black Friday is the next day after Thanksgiving in the USA. It is the most awaited day for the shoppers, as it is also the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Retailers offer lucrative discounts, sales on goods and zealous shoppers grab these bargain deals and enjoy the festive mood. Black Friday Weekend Offer: Six … The post Liquid Offers...
Cryptocurrency,,, Liquid, Liquid, SIX
Bitcoin Bounces Back above $7500, BTC Futures Market Expects Poor Show for 2020 ( 11/28/2019 - 6:16am
Coinspeaker Bitcoin Bounces Back above $7500, BTC Futures Market Expects Poor Show for 2020 The Bitcoin price movement over the last week has sent jitters among crypto investors. In the last seven days, the BTC price crashed to $6600 hitting its six-month low. But Bitcoin has bounced back quickly trying to consolidate above $7000 levels.In the...
Altcoins, Bitcoin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Deribit, Futures, Halving, Liquid, Liquid, Long, Mainstream Media, Market, Options Market, Ripple, Shift, SIX, Skew, XRP
Best gifts: Practically indestructible gadgets ( 11/27/2019 - 4:35pm
(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto) I tend to harshly treat my tech. I expect items that I pay good money for to last. But, unfortunately, often they let me down at the most inconvenient times. I drop phones more often than I care to admit, regularly spill coffee at my desk causing a major panic, and I generally am a bit too rough with my tech kit...
Case, Credit Card, Defense,,, Ink, Liquid, Liquid, Nano, Rain, Storm, Wallet
Ripple/XRP News: Higher Price Makes XRP A More Liquid Solution 11/27/2019 - 4:10pm

Liquid, Liquid, Ripple, XRP,,
Skrill Doubles Down on Crypto? Offers New Crypto-to-Crypto Conversion Feature ( 11/27/2019 - 1:14pm
Online payment services firm Skrill has announced the expansion of its cryptocurrency offering. With its crypto-to-crypto buy and sell service, Skrill users will now be able to use Bitcoin to buy other cryptocurrencies, making transactions on the platform faster and lower-cost. It comes after the UK-based firm first introduced its Cryptocurrency...
Alipay, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Brazil, Canada, Change, Coinbase, Coinbase, Credit Card, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ether, Exchange, Fiat, Japan, Libra, Liquid, Liquid, Litecoin, NEWSBTC,,, Now Accepting Bitcoin, Platform, Rank, United States, Wallet, XRP
Ripple’s CEO Aims to Dismantle Legacy Cross-Border Payments Infrastructure ( 11/27/2019 - 9:05am
In a recent interview, Ripple Labs’ CEO Brad Garlinghouse has indicated his ambition to replace legacy cross-border payment mechanisms with an XRP-based solution. Ripple Labs Declares War on Legacy Cross-Border Banking Practice Appearing in a podcast by The Jay Kim Show in Singapore at Ripple’s 2019 Swell Conference, Garlinghouse criticized the...
Altcoins, Cash, CEO, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Fiat, Important People, Ledger, Ledger, Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, Podcast, Ripple, Short, Singapore, Token, Volatility, XRP
Dragon Coins (DRG) Reaches One Day Trading Volume of $29,776.00 ( 11/27/2019 - 6:33am
One Dragon Coins token can currently be bought for approximately $0.0670 or 0.00000885 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Sistemkoin, Liquid, HitBTC and IDEX. Dragon Coins has a market ..., Cryptocurrency, Dragon Coins, HitBTC, HitBTC, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Liquid, Liquid, Market, Sistemkoin, Sistemkoin,, Token, Volume
This Exchange is Beating BitMEX At Ethereum Futures Volume ( 11/27/2019 - 4:25am
Huobi Global, one of the few international cryptocurrency exchanges that support Ethereum derivatives, is attracting the most trading volume for its ETH Futures judging from statistics . With $449 million worth of ETH trading volume registered in the last 24 hours, Huobi Global’s volume is more than 3X that of BitMEX and more than 20X of Deribit’s...
BitMEX, BitMEX, BTCS, BTCS, BTCS Inc,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Deribit, Derivative, Ether, Ethereum, Exchange, Futures, Huobi, Huobi, Huobi Global, Huobi Global, International..., Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, Market, Platform, Portfolio, Singapore, SIX, Skew, Switzerland, USD, Volume, Wallet, Whale, XRP
IP Exchange Hits One Day Trading Volume of $120.00 (IPSX) ( 11/26/2019 - 9:20am
Here is how other cryptocurrencies have performed over the last 24 hours: IP Exchange can be purchased on these cryptocurrency exchanges: Liquid, IDEX and Bibox. It is usually not possible to purchase ...
Altcoins, Bibox, Bibox,, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, IP Exchange, Liquid, Liquid,, Volume
Are Whales Selling Bitcoin to Put Down a Loss on Their 2019 Taxes? ( 11/26/2019 - 2:34am
One noteworthy crypto-commentator has said that Bitcoin whales might be selling to put down losses on their 2019 tax return. How plausible is this theory? The founding partner of Partner Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeester ( @TuurDemeester ), has brought forward an interesting idea: what if major players in Bitcoin are selling to avoid taxes? One...
Address, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Case, Close, Crypto, Dent, Exchange, Gains, Liquid, Liquid, Sense, Short
Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis 25th November 2019 ( 11/25/2019 - 12:49pm
Sellers began a new week with a pretty confident attempt to break the bottom trend line of Bitcoin price falling channel. Analyzing Bitcoin market last week, it is clear that sellers have given only one chance for buyers to counter attack. It happened on 22 November, when the price firstly tested the lower trend line of the blue channel. This test...
Bitcoin,,, BLUE, Equal, Liquid, Liquid, Market, Volume
OKEx Features Among the Top 10 Exchanges in the Latest CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark Report ( 11/25/2019 - 4:41am
OKEx , the largest digital assets exchange platform has achieved yet another milestone with the CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark report placing it among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, at number 6. This is not the first time OKEx has been featured in the CryptoCompare reports. In fact, recently the platform was listed as the top...
Bitcoin Exchanges, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, bitFlyer, Bitstamp, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Coinbase, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Gemini, Gemini, Gold, Innovations, itBit, itBit, Kraken, Kraken, Liquid, Liquid, Market, NEWSBTC,,, OKEx, OKEx, OKEx, Platform, Poloniex, Poloniex, Precious Metals
[SPONSORED] LMAX Digital, the #1 Institutional Bitcoin spot exchange ( 11/24/2019 - 8:24pm
Leveraging LMAX Exchange proven, robust FX technology and liquidity relationships, LMAX Digital delivers a market-leading, institutional solution for physical trading and custodial services of the most liquid crypto currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP. Institutional market demands for low latency, efficient price discovery and deep liquidity are...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Crypto, Custodial, Exchange, Gibraltar, KYC, Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, Market, Spot,,, XRP
World Chess to Launch Securitize-Powered Digital Securities Offering ( 11/24/2019 - 10:08am
World Chess , the company responsible for broadcasting the World Chess Championships, has announced a “hybrid IPO”. First, a Digital Securities Offering (DSO) will take place in 2020, with a subsequent IPO via London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM). World Chess Using Blockchain for a Tokenized Offering Explained World Chess is a media outlet...
Blockchain, Case, CEO, Coin, Exchange, ICO, ICOS, Important People, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Innovations, IPO, Leverage, Liquid, Liquid, Market,,, Token, United States
Bitcoin ‘Whale Buying’ May Indicate the Bottom of the Market ( 11/24/2019 - 6:31am
The Bitcoin (BTC) market has been anyone’s guess over the past few weeks. As the market has seen dramatic jumps, and slow slides, many have remained on the sidelines, waiting to see what happens. However, recent buying activity has indicated that larger buyers, sometimes called ‘whales,’ are entering the market. The general understanding is that...
Address, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Case, Close, Coin, Cryptocurrency, Difficulty, Exchange, Fear Mongering, FOMO, Gains, Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, Long, Market, Shift, Short, Whale
StarterCoin (STAC) Price Tops $0.0001 on Major Exchanges ( 11/24/2019 - 5:36am
One StarterCoin token can now be purchased for $0.0001 or 0.00000001 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including Bancor Network and Liquid. StarterCoin has a market capitalization of $19,642.00 and ...
Bancor, Bancor Network, Bancor Network,, Cryptocurrency, Liquid, Liquid, Market,, Network, StarterCoin, Token
CoinLend crypto lending bot – the better option to earn ( 11/23/2019 - 8:29pm
Lending is done through selected cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Liquid. If you love holding digital coins, CoinLend could be a better option to earn from the crypto you ...,, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Liquid, Liquid, Option, Poloniex, Poloniex
bitJob (STU) Trading 11% Lower Over Last Week ( 11/23/2019 - 12:30pm
One bitJob token can currently be purchased for about $0.0003 or 0.00000004 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including YoBit, HitBTC, Liquid and IDEX. bitJob can be purchased on the following ..., bitJob, Cryptocurrency, HitBTC, HitBTC, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Liquid, Liquid,, Token, YoBit, YoBit
Missing Cryptoqueen Lawyer Found Guilty, Shanghai Exchange Crackdown, Ubisoft Partners with EOS ( 11/23/2019 - 12:03pm
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. China central bank to crack down on crypto exchanges in Shanghai. Missing Cryptoqueen lawyer found guilty of money laundering. Grayscale to launch a new diversified cryptocurrency investment fund. Ubisoft to partner with EOS-based ULTRA gaming platform, and the President...
Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Blockchain, Case, CEO, Change, China, Coin,,, Cointelegraph, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Danger, DYOR, EOS, Exchange, Fraud, Important People, Laundering, Liquid, Liquid, Mainnet, Market, Network, OneCoin, Petro, Platform, Scam, Testnet, Token, Venezuela, WARP
Bitcoin Price and Technical Market Analysis 23rd November 2019 ( 11/23/2019 - 11:59am
The long-awaited weekend for many investors has come. It is time to evaluate the weekly movement of Bitcoin price and likely scenarios of closing the weekly candle. Also, we will forecast the movement of the Bitcoin price next week. This trading week in the Bitcoin market was marked by the price fall of almost 20%. Sellers have been steadily...
Bitcoin,,, BLUE, Case, Change, Close, Liquid, Liquid, Long, Market, USD, Volume
Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Record: 2728 Contracts Traded Amid BTC Crash ( 11/23/2019 - 7:00am
The Bakkt Bitcoin (BTC) futures set a daily trading record, just as the leading coin crashed from $8,000 to under $7,000 within a 24-hour period. Bakkt Activity Shot Up on Day of Rapid Losses for BTC Activity shot up on the Bakkt exchange, from the usual daily interest above 1,400 traded contracts. Open interest exceeded the equivalent of $1.75...
All Time High, Bakkt, Bear, Bitcoin,,, Bull, Cash, Coin, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Fear Mongering, Futures, Liquid, Liquid, Market, Singapore, Spot, Spot Market, Tether, Tether, USD, Volatility, Volume
FintruX Network (FTX) Tops 1-Day Volume of $15.00 ( 11/23/2019 - 6:59am
Here is how other cryptocurrencies have performed during the last day: FintruX Network can be traded on these cryptocurrency exchanges: HitBTC, Bancor Network, Liquid and IDEX. It is usually not ...
Altcoins, Bancor, Bancor Network, Bancor Network,, Cryptocurrency, FintruX Network, HitBTC, HitBTC, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Liquid, Liquid, Network,, Volume
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