Chainlink Price: Did One Incorrect Word Create The Billion Dollar Surge? ( 10/23/2019 - 4:04pm
It’s no secret that the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (... Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Blockchain, Bytom, Chainlink, Change, Cloud, Coin, Coinbase, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, IoTeX, Long, Mainstream Media, Market, Network, Oracles, QuarkChain, SIX, Smart contract, Startup, Token
Opera Becomes First Major Browser to Enable Direct Bitcoin Payments ( 10/23/2019 - 3:36pm
submitted by /u/Crypto-Cousins [link] [comments] Bitcoin, Crypto
bech32 addresses beginning with "bcrt..." on regtest (.it) 10/23/2019 - 3:23pm
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Says Mark Zuckerberg Late to Crypto Party As ‘Trust Deficit’ Holds Social Media Giant Back ( 10/23/2019 - 3:12pm
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who recently commented that he’s worried regulators will impede the crypto space because of their... CEO, Crypto, HODL, Important People, Libra, Ripple, XRP
How can I generate thousands of receiving addresses from a Bitcoin wallet? (.it) 10/23/2019 - 3:10pm
Bitcoin, Wallet
Dow Winces as Trump Berates Republican Critics as ‘Human Scum’ ( 10/23/2019 - 3:04pm
The Dow Jones dipped on Wednesday, unable to garner any meaningful momentum even as Boeing shrugged off some wobbly earnings and... China, Important People, Trump, Volatility
CNBC’s ‘Crypto Trader’ Anchor Mocks McDonald’s Worker With Down Syndrome in Insensitive Tweet ( 10/23/2019 - 2:50pm
... Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bull, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Platform, Sense, TRON
CNBC’s ‘Crypto Trader’ Anchor Mocks McDonald’s Worker in Insensitive Tweet ( 10/23/2019 - 2:50pm
... Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bull, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Platform, Sense, TRON
U.S. Congressman Calls for a Positive Approach to Crypto Innovation  ( 10/23/2019 - 2:38pm
Regulatory approval for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the United States is still a long way from being provided.... Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Futures, Innovations, Long, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), United States
It’s Finally Fair to Wonder if Father Time Has Come for LeBron James ( 10/23/2019 - 2:29pm
LeBron James turns 35 in December. He’s already played the fifth-most minutes in NBA history and is coming off the most significant...
How You Can Help Kelly Ripa’s Son Escape from ‘Extreme Poverty’ ( 10/23/2019 - 2:29pm
Kelly Ripa’s son, Michael, is having a hard time. After moving out of Ripa’s $27 million townhouse in Manhattan, 8 miles away to...
3 Likely Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Crashed — And What’s Next for BTC? ( 10/23/2019 - 2:29pm
Bearish technicals alongside some negative press were likely the cause of today’s sudden plunge for BTC price Bitcoin
Facebook’s Libra Project is Yet to Receive Financial Support from its Partners (coinfo) 10/23/2019 - 2:27pm
InraNone of the 20 partners currently backing Facebook’s Libra project has supported the project financially, BBC... Equal, Libra, Mainstream Media, Whitepaper
Central Bank of Lithuania Appoints IBM and Tieto as Finalists for its LBChain Platform (coinfo) 10/23/2019 - 2:23pm
The Central Bank of Lithuania has appointed the global technology giant, IBM and Tieto, a leading Nordic software and services... Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Banking Cartel, Blockchain, Cloud, KYC, Laundering, Lithuania, Market, Platform, Serve
Is There a Bitcoin Bull Case After 10% Plunge to $7,400? ( 10/23/2019 - 2:22pm
On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin bears... Bear, Bitcoin, Bull, Cryptocurrency, Destiny, DYOR, Exchange, Long, Market, RSI, Spot, Volume
Imported keys to electrum (.it) 10/23/2019 - 2:14pm
How Centralized Payment Systems Learned to Accept Decentralized Cryptocurrency ( 10/23/2019 - 2:04pm
They might not be shouting it from the rooftops, but fiat payment gateways are no longer the enemy of bitcoin. Hostilities... Address, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Block, Block Explorer, Blockchain, Cash, Centralized, CEO, Coinbase, Credit Card, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Danger, Debit Card, Decentralized, Exchange, Fiat, First Bitcoin, Fraud, Important People, Innovations, KYC, Libra, Patent, Platform, Short, Trade Volume, Unconfirmed, United States, Volume, Wallet, XRP
Ex-Bankers Offer First Hot Wallet for Institutional-Grade Crypto Finance ( 10/23/2019 - 2:00pm
A simple, insured wallet lets customers store smart contracts and crypto simultaneously. Crypto, Wallet
Kawhi Leonard’s “Terminator” Ad With PG Is an Epic Piece of HoF Cringe ( 10/23/2019 - 2:00pm
Kawhi Leonard knocked off the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James, even without co-star Paul George on Tuesday night in an epic NBA... Linda
Australian Law Enforcement Nets 20x Gains From Seized Bitcoin ( 10/23/2019 - 2:00pm
Bitcoin is a wildly volatile asset, known for its massive price swings and for... Bear, Bitcoin, Bubble, Bubble, Bull, Close, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Gains, Gold, HODL, Long, Market, Precious Metals, ROI, Stocks
Singapore’s Pragmatic Approach to Cryptocurrency is Drawing Business to the Country ( 10/23/2019 - 2:00pm
Over the last year, many cryptocurrency companies have set up shop in Singapore because of the clarity in regulation in the country... Bitcoin, Blockchain, CEO, Cryptocurrency, Important People, Singapore
Zuckerberg: Facebook Would Leave Libra if It Launched Too Early ( 10/23/2019 - 2:00pm
Facebook will have to withdraw from the Libra Association if Libra is launched too early, Zuckerberg says Libra
Op Ed: In the Battle Between Libra and a Digital Dollar, Bitcoin Will Win ( 10/23/2019 - 1:57pm
As Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Congress today, October 23, 2019, about Libra, the prevailing question is no longer if... Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Celsius, Centralized, CEO, China, Credit Card, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Digital Currency, Exchange, Futures, Important People, Inflation, Innovations, Ledger, Libra, Market, Network, Patent, Platform, Yuan
Libra Association's Members Haven't yet Contributed Their $10 Million: Report ( 10/23/2019 - 1:47pm
A new BBC report says that none of the 20 partners of the libra association have yet to commit financially to the project, with one... Libra, Mainstream Media
Blockchain Lobbying: Interests Fragmenting as Crypto Field Expands ( 10/23/2019 - 1:47pm
There is much more to crypto lobbying than Libra’s attempts to appease regulators Blockchain, Crypto, Libra
Security Numbering Association to Consider Standards for Digital Assets ( 10/23/2019 - 1:41pm
A global association of national numbering agencies has set up a new task force to assess the adoption of identification standards...
Zuckerberg: Facebook Would Quit Libra if the Association Launched Prematurely ( 10/23/2019 - 1:27pm
Facebook's CEO told lawmakers the company would pull out of the Libra Association if the consortium launched its cryptocurrency... Bitcoin, CEO, Cryptocurrency, Important People, Libra
Crypto Shock: Analyst Says Traders Should Buckle Up As Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Markets Plummet $16.3 Billion ( 10/23/2019 - 1:24pm
A sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin is sending shockwaves throughout the crypto markets. The top three cryptocurrencies by market... Altcoins, Bitcoin, Coin, Crypto, Ethereum, HODL, Market, XRP
Bitcoin Drops $700 Minutes Before Zuckerberg’s Congress Hearing- $200 million Liquidated On Bitmex ( 10/23/2019 - 1:23pm
Today bitcoin went down by 10% while $200 million worth of bitcoin got liquidated on Bitmex. Bitcoin plunged by over $700 in... Altcoins, Bitcoin, CEO, Coin, Derivative, Fear Mongering, Futures, Important People, Leverage, Libra, MEX, Platform, Short, Volume
PeerNova Validates Shift to Enterprise Blockchain With $31 Million Funding ( 10/23/2019 - 1:20pm
Blockchain startup PeerNova has received $31 million through a Series B round, bringing the company’s total fundraising to $74... Bitcoin, Blockchain, Shift, Startup
Snowden on Joe Rogan Podcast, Ripple Opens DC Office, LocalBitcoins Volume Down After KYC ( 10/23/2019 - 1:14pm
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You... Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Exchanges, Blockchain, Cash, Change, Close, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, DYOR, Fiat, KYC, Laundering, Libra, Pair, Platform, Ripple, Russia, Russia, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Token, United States, Volume, WARP, XRP
Zuckerberg: Facebook would leave Libra if US regulators don’t approve the project ( 10/23/2019 - 1:13pm
Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is willing to quit the Libra Association if it doesn't see the project fully approved by U.S.... Address, Blockchain, CEO, Cryptocurrency, Important People, Libra, Network
Indicator Prints Massive Bitcoin Buying Signal, Price May Resume Uptrend - newsBTC ( 10/23/2019 - 1:13pm
Indicator Prints Massive Bitcoin Buying Signal, Price May Resume Uptrend  newsBTC Bitcoin
Fallout 76 Critics Raze Bethesda’s Money-Grubbing $99 a Year Subscription ( 10/23/2019 - 1:09pm
In an ambitious, misguided attempt to resurrect Fallout 76 from the dead, Bethesda has announced a new premium subscription service...
Bitcoin Crashes Below $8,000 as $200 Million Wiped Out ( 10/23/2019 - 1:08pm
... Algorithm, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Bull, Cryptocurrency, Dump, Exchange, Long, Satoshi Nakamoto, Whale
CryptoCompare Exchange Review: OKEx Tops Derivatives Total Trading Volume for September ( 10/23/2019 - 1:07pm
In the report “... Altcoins, CEO, Change, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Derivatives Market, Exchange, Futures, Global Cryptocurrency, Important People, Malta, Market, Spot, Volume
Poloniex and Circle part ways - U.S. traders left behind ( 10/23/2019 - 1:05pm
US crypto exchange Poloniex is spinning out from Circle to become Polo Digital Assets — a new platform that will not support... Crypto, Exchange, Platform
Polysign Holding Billions Of XRP? And Ripple CEO Takes Swipe At Libra On Fox Business 10/23/2019 - 1:00pm
CEO, Important People, Libra, Mainstream Media, Ripple, XRP
Litecoin Foundation’s Loafwallet Tapped for Cornerstone’s Cryptocurrency Payments Program ( 10/23/2019 - 1:00pm
In a Medium post published on October 22, 2019, Cornerstone Global Management LLC announced its partnership with the Litecoin... Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Litecoin, Wallet
Saudi Arabia Joins SoftBank in Biggest-Loser Club with $1.1 billion Uber Loss ( 10/23/2019 - 1:00pm
Uber Technologies’ (NYSE:UBER) fifth largest shareholder, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, has now lost over a billion... Saudi Arabia
Bitcoin Q&A: Not your keys, not your coins 10/23/2019 - 1:00pm
Approve Or I’m Outta Here: Even Zuckerberg Is Sick Of US Legislators’ Crypto Reticence ( 10/23/2019 - 12:59pm
It was perhaps the last thing anyone expected of today’s testimony: Mark Zuckerberg telling the House Financial Services Committee... CEO, Change, Crypto, Digital Currency, Important People, Innovations, Libra, Long, United States
Bitcoin, Dump, Flash
Bitcoin, Cardano, Ripple, Volatility, Waves, XRP
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