TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Mark Cuban Schools Maxis, 916 Million USDT on Tron, Stossel to LBRYio ( 12/14/2019 - 5:05pm
TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week . Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban thrashes BTC maximalists. Justin Sun and Tron celebrate 916 million tether jumping to his platform. Legendary investigative journalist John Stossel moves to a decentralized, tokenized media service, and so much more...
Blockchain, Cash, Change,,, Crypto, Decentralized, Exchange, Fiat, Gold, Platform, Precious Metals, Protocol, Public Blockchain, Tether, Tether, TRON
Economic Stagnation Can Drive Investors to Commodities, Bitcoin ( 12/14/2019 - 4:10pm
As the overall economic picture continues to remain fuzzy, investors are seeking new and better ways to protect capital. As the market begins to waiver, many have turned to commodities or Bitcoin as a possible hedge. Commodities are often seen as being inflation hedges because they have real value. Moving funds out of cash-based investments and...
Bear,,, Bitcoin, Bull, Cash, Change, Consensus, Fiat, Important People, Inflation, Market, Mining, Precious Metals, Sense, Short, Trump
The history, current innovation and future improvements of SLP-Token protocol on Bitcoin Cash. 1st Public video meeting recording now available. ( 12/14/2019 - 11:51am
submitted by /u/onchainscaling [link] [comments]
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, https://www.reddit.combtc, Innovations, Protocol,, Token, twitter.com…
2019 Throwback: Bursting the startup bubble ( 12/14/2019 - 11:40am
It enabled the real-time trading of multiple crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash on a single web platform. Koinex team The startup's revenue model was ...
Altcoins,, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bubble, Bubble, Cash, Crypto, Ethereum, Litecoin, Platform, Ripple, Startup, XRP,
Ultimate Secure Cash Trading 1.3% Lower Over Last 7 Days (USC) ( 12/14/2019 - 11:04am
One Ultimate Secure Cash coin can currently be bought for about $0.0149 or 0.00000209 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including Livecoin and YoBit. In the last seven days, Ultimate Secure Cash has ..., Cash, Coin, Cryptocurrency, Livecoin, Livecoin,, Ultimate Secure Cash, YoBit, YoBit
Sweden Piles On To The Crypto Arms Race, Joins China and Other Countries ( 12/14/2019 - 10:55am
As the proverbial arms race steadily starts to speed up in the crypto industry, more and more central banks are pushing for a centralized cryptocurrency. Yesterday, South Korea made headlines for doing it, but now Sweden has taken over the day’s news. Ready To Start the Pilot As it stands now, the Swedish central bank is ready to sign a deal with...
Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cash, Centralized, China, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Exchange,,, Lithuania, Moon, Observer, Platform, South Korea, Superior Coin, Sweden, Switzerland
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH/USD Consolidates as Selling Pressure Diminishes ( 12/14/2019 - 10:04am
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction – December 14 BCH/USD is in a stalemate as the levels of price range are yet to be broken. In the BCH/BTC pair, the coin has a prolong range bound movement. BCH/USD Market Key Levels: Resistance Levels: $280, $320, $340 Support Levels: $200, $160, $120 BCH/USD – Daily Chart BCH/USD pair is in a range-bound...
Bear, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bull, Cash, Coin, Correction,,, Market, Pair, USD
Episode 216 - New Ethereum upgrade, India proposes banning crypto, and a vibrant week for scams. ( 12/14/2019 - 9:00am
Welcome to Flagship Friday, where we go over the most important crypto news of the week. This time around we're talking about Ethereum's new Istanbul upgrade, about India proposing banning cryptocurrency, and we're going over scams. A lot of them. You'll have to tune in and see.Rapid Fire Jack Dorsey Tweet Thread For Open Sourced Social Media...
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Where to spend your Bitcoin Cash - Yahoo Finance ( 12/14/2019 - 7:43am
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Metals, Minerals, and More: How Gold & Commodities Can Be Used to Back Cryptocurrency ( 12/14/2019 - 7:06am
Cryptocurrencies can be backed by almost anything. Bitcoin, for example, is backed by a mining algorithm that restricts the size of its coin supply. Tether , meanwhile, uses a reserve of fiat currency as collateral. There are countless possibilities, but every type of backing affects a coin's supply and market value, either directly or indirectly...
Algorithm, Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Bitfinex,,, Blockchain, Cash, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Diamond, Digix, Ethereum, Fiat, Gold, Market, Mining, Petro, Precious Metals, Russia, Russia, Silver, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Stocks, Telex, Tether, Tether, Token, Traceability ..., Venezuela, Volatility
Bitcoin Cash not capable of attracting investors for now: Report ( 12/14/2019 - 6:58am
Recently, Falcon Private Bank published the latest edition of the Falcon Crypto Monthly report, a publication that addressed Bitcoin and altcoin market movements over the last month and derived insigh The post Bitcoin Cash not capable of attracting investors for now: Report appeared first on AMBCrypto.
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash,, Cash, Crypto, Market, worldnewsoffice
Binance US Explores Support For 18 More Digital Assets ( 12/14/2019 - 6:34am
2019 has been an interesting and exciting year for crypto. Despite the really fluctuating prices in the crypto market, the interest in Bitcoin and digital assets has been on the rise this year. Also, the projects behind the cryptos have been moving further with various developments and innovations. More than that, an essential goal that the crypto...
Altcoins, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, Cash, CEO, Crypto, Debit Card, Decred, Decred, Ethereum, Exchange, Fantom, Fiat, Global Blockchain, Harmony, HODL, ICON, Important People, India, Innovations, IOST, Komodo, Litecoin, Market, NEM, Network, OmiseGO, Ontology,,, Platform, Ren, Status (SNT), Tether, Tether, Tezos, THETA, TomoChain, TRON, XRP
bloXroute Labs Launches BDN V1: With Support For Ethereum And Bitcoin Cash - NullTX ( 12/14/2019 - 5:43am
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Cucumber Clue #1 ( 12/14/2019 - 5:23am
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Cash, https://www.reddit.combtc,, Reddit.com
Bitcoin Volatility May Spike as Coins Consolidate in “Whale” Wallets ( 12/14/2019 - 5:18am
If you’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency community for any time at all, you likely have heard the word “ whale ” mentioned time and time again. For those not in the loop, a so-called whale is a digital asset holder that controls a large portion (relatively speaking) of a cryptocurrency’s supply. While whales are largely mysterious creatures,...
Bear, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bitstamp,,, Bubble, Bubble, Bull, Cash, Centralized, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, Coincheck, Coincheck, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Fear Mongering, Futures, Gains, HODL, Long, Mainstream Media, Market, Podcast, Poloniex, Poloniex, United States, Volatility, Whale
NAMBOOZE: I sometimes Sit Down and Cry, What If Bobi Wine Wins 2021 Election! ( 12/14/2019 - 4:10am
Currently, there are tens of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash and in Uganda, social media users have been bombarded with posts calling on ...
Altcoins,, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple,, Uganda, XRP
URounders Club: A Private Poker Club On Your Smartphone ( 12/14/2019 - 4:02am
Money transfers can be done via just about everything from major credit cards to common cryptocurrencies. Some of the many funding and cashout options include Zelle, Bitcoin, Skrill, Cash App, and ...
Altcoins,, Bitcoin,, Cash, Cash App
NYOAG Plainly Says It Will Blow Up Bitfinex for Defrauding Investors ( 12/14/2019 - 3:36am
Coinspeaker NYOAG Plainly Says It Will Blow Up Bitfinex for Defrauding Investors According to the documents released by the New York Office of the Attorney General, the judgment day finally comes to the castle of Bitfinex and the tower of Tether. Both companies were cheating with financial laws. And the development of their case only shows that...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Case, Cash, Castle,,, Counterparty, Counterparty, Crypto, Crypto Capital, Exchange, How To, IOU, Platform, Tether, Tether, United States, VOID
Sweden Joins China and Others in Central Bank Crypto Race ( 12/14/2019 - 2:51am
It seems that not a day goes by without another central bank jumping on the crypto train. Yesterday it was South Korea, today it is Sweden as plans to roll out the crypto krona gather pace. e-Krona Pilot Partnership Sweden’s central bank is poised to sign a deal with multinational professional services company Accenture to begin pilot testing its...
Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin,,, Blockchain, Cash, China, Crypto, Digital Currency, Exchange, Japan, Lithuania, Long, Moon, Observer, Option, Platform, South Korea, Sweden
Bitcoin Cash ABC, EOS and Ethereum Daily Tech Analysis – 14/12/19 - Yahoo Finance ( 12/14/2019 - 1:22am
Bitcoin Cash ABC, EOS and Ethereum Daily Tech Analysis – 14/12/19 Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, EOS, Ethereum,, Mainstream Media
Tell your friends in Vietnam to attend the First Saigon Bitcoin Cash Meetup this Monday! ( 12/13/2019 - 8:05pm
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Bitcoin Cash price prediction: Eyes on $ 215, with bull pennant on hourly sticks ( 12/13/2019 - 5:14pm
BTC/USD had a bearish start to Saturday following a bullish Friday. On Friday, the buyers took control of the market and brought the price up from $7,188.20 to $7,253.60. The daily confluence detector ..., Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bull, Cash,, Market, USD
NYAG continues pushing for its case against Bitfinex, calling its argument “forfeited and meritless” ( 12/13/2019 - 3:46pm
The New York Office of the Attorney General (NYOAG) recently filed a brief in a New York Appellate Court on December 4, responding to an appeal by Bitfinex and describing the exchange's arguments as “backward,” “forfeited,” and “meritless.” The appeal arises out of an underlying investigation by the NYOAG of Bitfinex under New York's Martin Act...
Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Case, Cash, Danger, Exchange, Fraud, Platform, Short, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether,,, United States
CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: BCH, ETH, BTC Smart Contracts; Massive CashFusion Tx, Satochip Wallet in the Wild ( 12/13/2019 - 2:27pm
TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. CashScript author Rosco Kalis dishes out a comprehensive guide to smart contracts across three platforms. Bitcoin Cash developers meet. The first SLP token dev meeting is in the books. CashFusion is coming along nicely...
API, APIS, BitCash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, Cash, Change, Coin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, DYOR, Ethereum, Full Node, Grin, How To, Network, Node, Platform, Podcast, Portfolio, Protocol, REPO, Smart contract, Token, Transaction Fee, Wallet, WARP
Expecting A Year-End Bonus Or Gift From Your Employer? Here’s What You Need To Know ( 12/13/2019 - 1:10pm
Still, a gift (or a bonus) is an excellent way to wrap up the year. But what does it mean for employees? If you receive a bonus or award from your employer - no matter how it's paid out (cash, jewelry ..., Cash,, Mainstream Media
Altcoin Explorer: Dash, the Digital Payments Cryptocurrency ( 12/13/2019 - 12:00pm
Dash is a fork of Bitcoin born in 2014 that aims to improve its scalability and privacy. Dash is the abbreviation for Digital Cash, in fact, the goal of the project is precisely to become the most widely used form of digital payment in the world. Putting Privacy First Back in 2014, cryptocurrencies were emerging Read More Read More . The post by...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, BTCMANAGER,,, Cash, Cryptocurrency, Dash
Slovenia : Bitcoin Cash Meetup in Ljubljana (19 December) ( 12/13/2019 - 10:36am
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CoinShares: 65% Bitcoin Hashrate From China, BTC Longs Reach ATH, Bitmain Expands to Latin America ( 12/13/2019 - 9:52am
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. CoinShares finds 65% of Bitcoin hashrate comes from China. BTC longs reach all-time highs on Bitfinex. Binance and Bitmain expand into Latin America. Robinhood launches cash management features, and Travala starts accepting GUSD for payments. CoinShares Finds China...
Argentina, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Bitmain, Bitmain, Brazil, Case, Cash, CEO, Change, China, Coin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Debit Card, DYOR, Exchange, Fiat, Gemini, Gemini, Gemini Dollar, Important People, Long, Market, Mining, Network, Platform, Podcast, Robinhood, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Startup, Token, Volatility, WARP, Zero
Risk of Centralized Voting for MakerDAO, Tezos, and Decred Abounds ( 12/13/2019 - 9:19am
Tezos, MakerDAO, and Decred show signs of plutocracy, thanks to concentrated token supplies and on-chain governance. CoinMetrics surveyed three blockchains with on-chain governance and discovered that their coin supplies are highly centralized among a small number of coinholders. The survey, published on Dec. 10, examines Tezos , Maker , and...
Balance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Block, Blockchain, Cash, Centralized, Coin, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Decred, Decred, Ethereum, Maker, MakerDAO, Staking, Tezos, Token, Total Supply
The Scoop Live: Fidelity Digital Assets President, Tom Jessop ( 12/13/2019 - 8:29am
Episode 33 of The Scoop was recorded live at The Block's headquarters in NYC with Frank Chaparro and Tom Jessop, President of Fidelity Digital Assets. Listen below, and subscribe to The Scoop on Apple , Spotify , Google Play , Stitcher , or wherever you listen to podcasts. Email feedback and revision requests to . ...
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A Short Survival Guide For Bitcoin Buyers In 2020 And Beyond ( 12/13/2019 - 8:29am
Entitled “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, this document provides a complete overview of how the Bitcoin Blockchain works internally. By reading this document, you will first understand exactly ..., Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cash, How To,, Short
Russia-Based Darknet Marketplace To Issue ICO for New Expansion ( 12/13/2019 - 8:28am
Hydra, one of Russia’s largest darknet marketplaces where everything from drugs to illegal documents can be bought, has recently announced its intent for an ICO. The ICO, valued at $146 million, would help the organization take its operations globally. A “New Era” In Western Illegal Activity As the Russian news outlet, Forklog, reported back on...
Bitcoin, Case, Cash, Client, Crypto, Dark Web, Darknet, ERA, Exchange, Hacking, ICO,,, Russia, Russia, Scam, Token, Tor
Robinhood announces new Cash Management service with 2.05% interest on unspent brokerage funds (Update: Rolling out now at 1.8% APY) ( 12/13/2019 - 7:55am
Notice a bug? Let us know here.,, Cash, Robinhood
Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS & Tezos (XTZ) Price Analysis 13th Dec ( 12/13/2019 - 6:21am
Bitcoin price followed a bearish path below the $7,600 and $7,500 support levels. BTC/USD tested the $7,120 support area and it seems like there is a risk of more losses in the near term. Similarly, most major altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), bitcoin cash (BCH), litecoin (LTC), binance coin (BNB), stellar (XLM), ADA , EOS , and TRX...
Altcoins, Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitfinex, Bitfinex,,, Case, Cash, Close, Coin, Correction, Crypto, EOS, Ethereum, How To, IOTA, Litecoin, Long, Market, NEO, Pair, Ripple, Stellar, Stellar, Tezos, TRON, USD, Volatility, Volume, XRP
Introducing Op-Wallet ( 12/13/2019 - 6:03am
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Instacoin ATMs Add Support for Six Stablecoins Including Tether ( 12/13/2019 - 5:32am
A Canadian cryptocurrency ATM operator, Instacoin, has added stablecoins such as Tether to its machines due to high customer demand. The controversial Tether is joining the following stablecoins that investors can pull from the ATM: Both the multi-collateral and single-collateral Dai (DAI) USD Coin (USDC) Paxos (PAX) Gemini Dollar (GUSD) TrueUSD (...
Altcoins, ATM,,, Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, Cash, Close, Coin, Cryptocurrency, Dai, Exchange, Gemini, Gemini, Gemini Dollar, Long, MakerDAO, Market, Network, Serve, SIX, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, TrueUSD, USD, USD Coin
17 Ransomware Examples ( 12/13/2019 - 5:23am
Traditionally, ransom payments were demanded via prepaid cash services, Western Union transfers, gift cards or premium rate SMS services. Cybercriminals rely on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to ...
Altcoins,, Bitcoin, Cash, Danger, Hackers,
After Caviar, Square Is Set To Refocus On What They Do Best ( 12/13/2019 - 5:19am
Along with this, Cash App is doing some pretty amazing things for Square. For instance, this quarter Square announced that Cash App users can not only spend, store, send money, and buy and sell ...,, Cash, Cash App
Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis: BCH/USD sitting on critical weekly support a breach is eyed ( 12/13/2019 - 5:04am
Bitcoin (BTC) has bee paralyzed at $7,200 since Thursday. The first digital asset attempted a recovery towards $7,600 at the beginning of the week. However, the upside momentum proved to be ..., Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash,, USD
‘The Most Important Crypto Podcast of 2019’ ( 12/13/2019 - 3:30am
I didn’t say this! Someone else did! If you missed this week’s Unchained with Yeonmi Park, it was, I believe, the best interview I’ve ever done on the show. Based on the responses on Twitter, I think a lot of other people felt the same way. While, on the surface, it doesn’t have a lot to do with cryptocurrencies, it most definitely illustrates why...
Address, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Brunei, Carry, Case, Cash, CEO, China, Client, Close, Coin, CoinDesk, Crypto, Cypherpunk, Dai, Danger, DECENT, Decentralized, Ethereum, Fraud, Futures, Grey, Hong Kong, Important People, LedgerX, Libra, Macau, Maker, MakerDAO, Malaysia, Market, Mining, Mining Pool, Network, Open Source, Philippines, Podcast, Ponzi Scheme, Pre-sale, Sense, Singapore, Sync, Taiwan, Token,,, United States, USD, Yuan
Bitcoin Options: ICE Announces Completion of First Block Trade ( 12/13/2019 - 2:22am
The Intercontinental Exchange has just announced its first block trade of the newly offered Bakkt bitcoin monthly options contracts submitted to ICE Futures US. First Block Bitcoin Options Trade According to the announcement the Bakkt Bitcoin Options settle into the underlying BTC monthly futures contract two days prior to expiry. Galaxy Digital...
Bakkt, Bitcoin,,, Block, Cash, Crypto, Exchange, Futures, Liquidity, Market, Short, Singapore, Spot, Volatility
Bitcoin Cash ABC, EOS and Ethereum Daily Tech Analysis – 13/12/19 - Yahoo Finance ( 12/13/2019 - 2:11am
Bitcoin Cash ABC, EOS and Ethereum Daily Tech Analysis – 13/12/19 Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, EOS, Ethereum,, Mainstream Media
Invast Global Expands Offering, Launches Index & Commodity CFDs ( 12/13/2019 - 1:27am
Altogether, the broker has added two new Cash Oil CFDs and six new Equity Index CFDs.
Cash,,, SIX
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