Crypto Token for Privacy Browsers Leads Gain as Bitcoin Turns Positive ( 10/21/2019 - 12:25am
Crypto markets which had a largely bearish view , turned positive as it Bitcoin [BTC] broke above $8000 on Sunday. The price of BTC at 3: 30 hours UTC on 21st October 2019 is $8222. It is trading 3.5% higher on a daily scale. The break above the support at $8000 and the fact that it did not trigger $7715 lows, brings positive news for the bulls...
Altcoins, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Exchanges, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin SV, Bitstamp, Bitstamp, Cash, Chainlink,,, Cosmos, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dominance, Ethereum, Gains, Kraken, Kraken, Market, MCAP, Steep, Swing, Token, USD
TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Roger Ver is Not Satoshi(s), Fractional Reserve Lightning, Whales in Beijing ( 10/20/2019 - 7:20pm
TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week . Chairman Roger Ver once again tries to clear the air. Whales meet in China with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Bitcoin is incomplete without real anonymity features. Messari researcher has Zcash skin in the game. US federal debt...
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash,, Cash, Change, China, Coin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Defense, DYOR, Ethereum, Lightning Network, Lightning Network, Liquid, Liquid, Messari, Network, Portfolio, Satoshi Nakamoto, Tao, Token, WARP, Zcash, Zcash
Exchangily Comprehensive Analysis – Exchangily Exchange ( 10/20/2019 - 1:48pm
Crypto New Media Press Ever since its inception , the digital cash ( bitcoin ) have been a revelation which was created as a peer-to-peer payment system that allows its users to transfer value with no central authority or third party involved , only the peers. This payment system ensures a network of distributed and mostly anonymous miners are all...
Bitcoin, Cash, Crypto,,, Distributed, Exchange, Miners, Mining, Network
Crypto Weekly: Libra Association Signs Charter, KuCoin Announces Monthly Bitcoin Futures and More ( 10/20/2019 - 11:43am
Key Highlights Libra Association Signs Charter, Announces Board of Directors Stablecoins Pose More Issues Than Benefits – G7 Task Force Report Miami International Airport Welcomes Its First Bitcoin ATM Kucoin Announces Launch of Monthly Bitcoin Futures Contracts On Its Derivative Exchange KuMEX The Marshall Islands To Build Own Digital Currency...
Altcoins, ATM, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cash, CEO, Coin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Derivative, Digital Currency, Exchange, First Bitcoin, Futures, Important People, International..., Kin, Kucoin, Kucoin, Laundering, Libra, Long, Marshall Islands, Platform, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Token, United States, Xapo
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Marks 6% Drop Since the Last Week ( 10/20/2019 - 10:13am
Bitcoin Cash is trading downwards from the last few days. The falling price of the coin is quite disappointing. The traders were expecting a price recovery, but look like they will have to wait for some time. The week-long chart is indicating hefty fall in the BCH price. The same trend seems to continue today. If … The post Bitcoin Cash (BCH)...
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Coin,,, Long
HTC Launches Exodus 1S, First Phone That Can Run a Full BTC Node ( 10/20/2019 - 8:58am
Taiwanese electronics giant HTC has launched its new smartphone Exodus 1s, enabling users to run a full Bitcoin (BTC) node on mobile. First smartphone to support full Bitcoin node In line with an announcement in May 2019, HTC launched the Exodus 1s at the Lightning Conference in Berlin on Oct. 19 and started selling the first devices during the...
Altcoins, Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF, Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, BLOK, Cash, Coin, Cointelegraph, Crypto,,, Decentralized, Ether, Exodus, Germany, Hong Kong, Litecoin, Network, Node, Pundi X, Samsung, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan
Will the End of 2019 Mark a Big Change for Bitcoin? ( 10/20/2019 - 8:23am
From there, we’ll be heading into November, which as we all remember, marked a rather rough time for crypto and all its fans late last year. The month marked the controversial bitcoin cash hard fork ..., Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Change, Crypto,
Nobody Interviewed on “Cryptomania” FM Talk Show + Union Leader & Boston Globe Cover Gubernatorial Run ( 10/20/2019 - 6:59am
A couple of days later, the Boston Globe ran a piece about Nobody’s campaign for governor. Nobody is accepting cryptocurrency gifts on his website,, including Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ..., Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Cryptocurrency,, Mainstream Media
Cryptocurrency News Today – Top Headline for Cryptocurrencies ( 10/20/2019 - 6:19am
China’s Cryptographic Project Has Secured a Powerful Partner According to reports, Facebook’s Libra project has made Beijing hasten its efforts towards creating a state back the digital token. When Facebook revealed plans for Libra, it called it the reinvention of money in the internet age. Who could imagine that those at Facebook would know that...
Altcoins, Cash, China, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Libra,,, Token
CFI Gets FCA Status, Cash In On Stock Trading: Editor’s Pick ( 10/20/2019 - 4:29am
We take a look back at last week's most interesting stories
Bitcoin v/s Altcoins: The Forever Debate ( 10/20/2019 - 12:31am
The last time Bitcoin reached a high peak this year was in the last half of June. It rose above $13,800 and instantaneously the focus moved to altcoin prices. Would the altcoins follow Bitcoin and finally come to a boom phase? Would the much awaited “Alt Season” (which is when altcoins outperform Bitcoin for a sustained period of time) finally...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Block,, Cash, Centralized, Coin, Consensus, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Dominance, EOS, Ether, Exchange, Litecoin, Long, Market, Network, Portfolio, Proof of Work, Ripple, XRP, Zebpay,
Why Central Bankers Got Serious About Digital Cash ( 10/19/2019 - 8:09pm
Even so, central banks from Saudi Arabia to Thailand envisage using the same technology developed to underpin Bitcoin, the distributed ledgers known as blockchain. But instead of shaping them to ..., Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cash, Distributed, Saudi Arabia, Thailand,
Lightning Network Advocates Meet in Berlin, Germany to “Stop This Blockchain Addiction” ( 10/19/2019 - 7:40pm
TL;DR: This weekend, enthusiasts, developers, and businesses in support of BTC’s second layer solution, Lightning Network (LN), met in Berlin, Germany for The Lightning Conference . Its speaker line-up features members from Lightning Labs, Blockstream, and others dedicated to finding a low transaction fee, fast confirmation time, off-chain...
Bitcoin, Block, Blockchain, Blockstream, Cash, Change, Coin,,, Consensus, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Desire, DYOR, Germany, HODL, Lightning Network, Lightning Network, Narrative, Network, Node, Portfolio, Satoshi Nakamoto, Sense, Storm, Token, Transaction Fee, WARP, Yours
Why Central Bankers Got Serious About Digital Cash ( 10/19/2019 - 7:00pm
What central banks once sneered at, they’re now scrambling to master. Back when Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, was seen as the province of anarchists and drug dealers, it was easy for the ..., Bitcoin,, Cash, Cryptocurrency
Ex CEO of Google Africa Says Bitcoin is a Gift to Mankind ( 10/19/2019 - 6:00pm
Stafford Masie, the ex CEO of Google and now the General Manager of WeWork South Africa has expressed his support for Bitcoin and called it a tech innovation and gift that will change the future of humanity more than anything else. In a keynote speech at the SingularityU South Africa Summit on October 16, Masie supported bitcoin’s way of...
Address, Altcoins, Bitcoin,,, Cash, CEO, Change, Coin, Cryptocurrency, Danger, Decentralized, Hackers, Hacking, ICO, Important People, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Innovations, Network, South Africa, Speech, USD
Bitcoin Cash Roundup: Adoption Stories and New Developments ( 10/19/2019 - 5:47pm
Crypto New Media Press Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption, development, and participation continue to spread as there’s been a myriad of BCH-related announcements in the last few weeks. Moreover, there’s now over 18 million bitcoin cash in circulation and only three million coins left to mine. Also read: Ethereum Name Service Adds Infrastructure for...
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Crypto,,, Ethereum, Mining, Myriad
HTC launches smartphone with Bitcoin full node capabilities ( 10/19/2019 - 12:25pm
Six months after first announcing its new crypto-friendly smartphone, Taiwanese electronics company HTC has officially launched the EDOXUS 1s . The EXODUS 1s is a lower-cost version of HTC's flagship HTC EXODUS 1 device, which was first announced last October. Unlike traditional smartphone devices, the EXODUS 1s will have a built-in cryptocurrency...
Bitcoin, Case, Cash, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exodus, Full Node, Network, Node, Saudi Arabia, SIX, Taiwan,,, Wallet
Artificial Intelligence could Cripple eToro’s Twitter-Based Crypto Strategy ( 10/19/2019 - 11:39am
Twitter-based crypto platform Etoro may face a big problem as The Tie-LongOnly CopyPortfolio of eToro could affect their trading strategy. At the moment, the algorithm usually selects about 13 digital assets to invest. These digital assets include Cardano (ADA), Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), Lumens (XLM), Etherum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH),...
Algorithm, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bots, Cardano, Case, Cash, Coin, Crypto, Ethereum,,, IOTA, Litecoin, Market, Platform, XRP, Zcash, Zcash
Grayscale Now Manages Over $2.2 Bn in Crypto Assets on Behalf of its Clients ( 10/19/2019 - 11:11am
Digital Currency Group (DCG) subsidiary, Grayscale Investments , grew its digital assets under management (AUM) to $2.2 billion dollars cementing its place as the largest crypto institutional investment firm in the world. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) asset contributed to $2.018 billion of the total AUM amidst growing institutional interest...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Investment Trust, Cash,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, GBTC, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Horizen, Litecoin, Long, Market, Pair, Stellar, Stellar, USD, XRP, Zcash, Zcash
Coinsbit Rewards $200 in CNB Tokens for User Referrals ( 10/19/2019 - 7:00am
Coinspeaker Coinsbit Rewards $200 in CNB Tokens for User Referrals Coinsbit is an Estonia-based crypto exchange launched in 2018 and licensed for trading activities in the EU. The exchange has roughly 43 trading pairs of cryptocurrencies. The most recognized pays include BNB / ETH , BNB/USD, BNB/ BTC , ETC /BTC, LTC /ETH, LTC/USD, ETH/BTC, ETH/USD...
Address, Altcoins, Cash, Coinsbit, Coinsbit,,, Crypto, Estonia, Exchange, Market, Network, Option, Platform, Token, USD
Bitcoin’s ‘Loss-Adjusted Market Cap’ is 87 Percent of $104 Billion ( 10/19/2019 - 5:44am
The US Federal Reserve has continued its streak of quantitative easing, by pouring in funds to uphold the confidence that liquidity won’t dry out. The latest sum, $104 billion, is almost close to Bitcoin’s loss-adjusted market valuation. Tuur Demeester, founding partner at Adamant Capital, and Bitcoin proponent commented on the Fed’s latest...
Balance, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin,,, Case, Cash, Close, Crypto, Exchange, Fiat, Gold, Interest Rate, Liquid, Liquid, Liquidity, Market, Precious Metals, REPO, Short, Uphold
Bitcoin ‘Greatest Gift’ to Mankind, Says Former Google Africa CEO ( 10/19/2019 - 3:24am
Stafford Masie, general manager of WeWork South Africa and former chief of Google Africa, believes bitcoin, more than any other technology, has the ability to permanently change the world for the good. Speaking at the SingularityU South Africa Summit this week, Masie said that bitcoin’s ability to provide an exchange of value without the need of a...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Cash, Centralized, CEO, Change, China, Cryptocurrency,,, Exchange, Important People, International..., Now Accepting Bitcoin, South Africa
Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Take Down Prompts CFTC Warning ( 10/19/2019 - 1:46am
The CFTC has reissued previous advice to help the public evaluate the legitimacy of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment opportunities. The warning comes in the wake of a takedown of a company suspected of defrauding $11 million from investors. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has charged the Nevada-based firm, Circle Society,...,, Bitcoin, Case, Cash, Cryptocurrency, Danger, Ether, Exchange, Fraud, Futures, Market, Ponzi Scheme, United States, Wallet
Facebook Was Arrogant in the Way it Rolled Out Libra Says Ripple CEO ( 10/19/2019 - 1:46am
According to Brad, the blockchain firm which acts as a bridge between blockchain and traditional banks also owns more than $300 million worth of cash and claimed that Ripple didn’t need to raise any ...,, Blockchain, Cash, CEO, Important People, Libra, Ripple, XRP
6 Darknet Markets for the Crypto Curious ( 10/18/2019 - 8:00pm
If you’ve got a few thousand satoshis burning a hole in your wallet, the darknet beckons. There’s no obligation to spend a single sat while scouring the darker recesses of the web, but it’s nice to know that should you get the urge, your crypto’s good. There are few certainties when shopping on darknet markets (DNMs), but acceptance of BTC , XMR...
Address, Altcoins, Apollon, ATM, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin charts,,, Block, Block Explorer, Blockchain, Cash, Crypto, Dark Web, Darknet, Escrow, Grey, Market,, Tor, Unconfirmed, Wallet
eToro’s Twitter-Based Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy Could Be Ruined by Artificial Intelligence ( 10/18/2019 - 7:17pm
eToro’s new TheTIE-LongOnly CopyPortfolio attempts to collapse the entire crypto sentiment of Twitter users into an automatically rebalancing basket fund—and that might be a big problem. Currently, the TheTIE-LongOnly CopyPortfolio algorithm automatically invests in a selection of up to 13 different digital assets, these are: Bitcoin (BTC),...
Algorithm, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bots, Cardano, Cash, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dash, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Fear Mongering, IOTA, Litecoin, Market, NEO, Portfolio, Swing, XRP, Zcash, Zcash
Young adults hard to understand ( 10/18/2019 - 6:00pm
It’s a good thing we don’t have to hit Omaha Beach again. Hardly any young people carry cash. They’re more interested in cryptocurrency. Rather than get married, many young couples save up for years ..., Carry, Cash, Cryptocurrency,
Major Bitcoin Milestone: Only 3 Million BTC Left To Mine ( 10/18/2019 - 2:00pm
Each and every day, miners unlock more and more Bitcoin – as much as 1,800 BTC per day – into the circulating supply of the cryptocurrency. Today marks a major milestone for the cryptocurrency, as the 18 millionth Bitcoin is mined, leaving only 3 million BTC remaining out of the hard-capped 21 million BTC supply. Today, The 18 Millionth Bitcoin...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Block, Blockchain, Blockstream, Cash, CEO, Circulating Supply, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Gold, Halving, Important People, Miners, Mining, Network, NEWSBTC,,, Precious Metals, Proof-of-Work, Satoshi Nakamoto, USD
Bitbox ATM ( 10/18/2019 - 1:48pm
Own a Cutting Edge, International, Explosive Bitcoin ATM Business. Cash in on the buying and selling of cryptocurrency with Bitbox's Franchise Bitbox ATM's provide your customers with the fastest way ...
ATM,, BITBOX, BITBOX, Bitcoin, Cash, Cryptocurrency,, International...
Op Ed: Stablecoins Report Illustrates That G7 Leaders Don’t Understand Bitcoin ( 10/18/2019 - 1:20pm
A G7 working group focused on the potential effects of stablecoins on the global economy has released a new report . In it, the working group indicates that bitcoin has failed to act as a reliable store of value or medium of exchange for its users. The report focuses heavily on the potential implications of widely used stablecoins, which are...
Absolute, Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine,,, Bubble, Bubble, Cash, Castle, Centralized, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Cryptography, Decentralized, Ethereum, Exchange, Gold, Hash, Important People, Ledger, Ledger, Libra, Lightning Network, Lightning Network, Liquid, Liquid, MakerDAO, Market, Miners, Mining, Network, Oracles, Permissioned Ledger, Precious Metals, Proof-of-Work, Ripple, Satoshi Nakamoto, Short, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, Token, Volatility, Volume, Waves, XRP
Op Ed: Stablecoins Report Illustrates That G7 Leaders Don’t Understand Bitcoin ( 10/18/2019 - 1:20pm
A G7 working group focused on the potential effects of stablecoins on the global economy has released a new report. In it, the working group indicates that bitcoin has failed to act as a reliable store of value or medium of exchange for its users. The report focuses heavily on the potential implications of widely used stablecoins, which are...
Absolute, Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine, Bubble, Bubble, Cash, Castle, Centralized, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Cryptography, Decentralized,,, Ethereum, Exchange, Gold, Hash, Important People, Ledger, Ledger, Libra, Lightning Network, Lightning Network, Liquid, Liquid, MakerDAO, Market, Miners, Mining, Network, Oracles, Permissioned Ledger, Precious Metals, Proof-of-Work, Ripple, Satoshi Nakamoto, Short, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, Token, Volatility, Volume, Waves, XRP
Altcoin Miners Are Leaving Networks Due to Low Fees ( 10/18/2019 - 1:18pm
Miner fees for many of the leading altcoins are at dangerously low levels. Data shows that the combined revenue generated by those operating the computer systems securing different altcoins was just hundreds of dollars or less over the last 24 hours. The information was highlighted by Twitter user WhiteRabbit (@WhiteRabbitBTC). It shows that the...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin SV, Block, Cash, Cryptocurrency, Difficulty, Exodus, Halving, Hash, Litecoin, Miners, Mining, Network, XRP
The rise and fall and rise again of cryptocurrencies ( 10/18/2019 - 1:18pm
When the company’s bar at Canary Wharf in London opened last year, it accepted Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as forms of payment for beer, pizza and other delicacies. Then, in July this year, the firm ...
Altcoins,, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash,
Bitcoin Cash price Long-term Prediction: Ranging ( 10/18/2019 - 11:47am
Crypto New Media Press Oct 18, 2019 at 15:30 // News Bitcoin Cash may face further depreciation as the coin fluctuates within the $214 and $240 price level in October. The selling pressure has been heavier at the bottom of the chart as rates tend to breach the lower range. Nevertheless, a break below the $214 price range will […] The post Bitcoin...
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Coin, Crypto,,, Long
Telegram to SEC: Grams Not Securities, Congressman: Zuck Should Use Bitcoin, Binance DEX BCH ( 10/18/2019 - 11:36am
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Grams, Telegram’s TON tokens, are not securities, according to the company. Congressman suggests Facebook should have used Bitcoin instead of Libra. 99.7% of BTC was inactive during June. Overstock subsidiary to help St. Kitts and Nevis build a blockchain land registry...
API, Binance, Binance, Binance DEX, Binance DEX, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, Case, Cash, Cash App, Change, Coin,,, Colored Coins, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dash, Decentralized, DEX, DYOR, Exchange, HODL, ICO, Immutable, Leverage, Libra, Liquidity, Network, Node, Now Accepting Bitcoin, Platform, Telegram Open Network, Telegram Open Network, Token, WARP, XRP
Consortium governance and the future of globalization in a ‘G-Zero’ world ( 10/18/2019 - 11:18am
In October the UN announced it faced running out of cash by the end of the month as a third of member states failed to pay fees. This is part of the unwinding of the post-Bretton Woods governance ..., Cash,, Zero
Facebook Was Arrogant in the Way it Rolled Out Libra Says Ripple CEO ( 10/18/2019 - 10:40am
The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has claimed that Ripple signs at least 30 new deals on a weekly basis. While making this known, Garlinghouse, also emphasized on the future prospects of the controversial Facebook Libra, remarking that Facebook’s launch of Libra was an arrogant move by the social media giant. Ripple On A Development Spree Brad...
Altcoins, Blockchain, Cash, CEO,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Important People, Libra, Market, Rank, Ripple, Spot, United States, USD, XRP
CME Bitcoin Futures Sees Institutional Interest and Demand from Asia ( 10/18/2019 - 10:25am
Global markets business CME Group said that institutional interest toward the firm’s Bitcoin futures is thriving and 2019’s third-quarter data showed a record number of open interest. Moreover, despite the lackluster start, the Intercontinental Exchange’s (ICE) Bakkt platform has seen an increase in interest with the company’s physically-settled...
Altcoins, Bakkt, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash,,, Block, Blockchain, Cash, CEO, CME Group, Credits, Cryptocurrency, Derivative, Desire, Digital Currency, Ether, Ethereum, Exchange, Futures, Important People, Market, Miners, Mining,, Option, Platform, Stablecoin, StableCoin, United States, USD, Volume
Bitcoin’s Cash-Pegged Token Gets Approval for Listing on Binance DEX ( 10/18/2019 - 9:23am
Binance is about listing BCH pegged token on its exchange platform, Binance DEX . The news is coming from Changpeng Zao (CZ), the Binance CEO. According to him, the largest crypto exchange is preparing to list the token on the 17th of October. The Bch-1FD, as Bitcoin’s cash-pegged version, would check the real value of the native bitcoin version...
Binance, Binance, Binance DEX, Binance DEX, Bitcoin, Cash, CEO, Crypto, Desire, DEX, Exchange, Important People,,, Liquidity, Market, Platform, Token, XRP
Monero (XMR) News: U.S. Congressional Candidate Acknowledges The Need For Privacy ( 10/18/2019 - 9:09am
The crypto market has been extremely volatile lately. At the moment of writing this article, Monero is trading in the green on CMC and the privacy-oriented coin is priced above $58. XMR's privacy features attract increased interest The privacy features flaunted by XMR have attracted increased interest in the coin, and more crypto enthusiasts found...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Cash, Coin, Crypto, KYC, Laundering, Market, Mining, Monero, Option,,, Privacy Coin
Gemini Boss Offers 17 Trillion Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin ( 10/18/2019 - 8:50am
Investors who are still skeptical about investing in Bitcoin might want to take some advice from someone who has made a fortune from it. According to Cameron Winklevoss, the CEO of Gemini exchange, there are $17 trillion in negative interest bonds, which has inspired the public to choose Bitcoin as a viable investment option. In his tweet, the...
Bitcoin, Cash, CEO, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Gemini, Gemini, Important People,,, Japan, Market, Option, Volume, Zero
Ripple CEO claims to sign over 30 deals a week with financial institutions for blockchain payments ( 10/18/2019 - 8:05am
Brad Garlinghouse, chief executive officer of blockchain payments firm Ripple, has said that the company signs more than 30 deals a week with financial institutions. Garlinghouse made the remarks in an interview with The Information, published Thursday. The CEO further implied that Ripple has a current valuation of around $305 million as the...
Blockchain, Cash, CEO, Cryptocurrency, Important People, Libra, Network, Ripple, RippleNet, Stablecoin, StableCoin,,, XRP
Ripple Boosts XRP With New Investment Involving Simplifying Crypto Wallets ( 10/18/2019 - 7:40am
Ripple has been making a lot of efforts to boost the whole XRP ecosystem, and the successful achievements in this direction seem to continue with this latest move as well. Ripple aims to help simplify crypto wallets Ripple is now investing in a company that targets simplifying crypto wallets. This is the Swedish startup Towo Labs, and it’s getting...
Block, Cash, Crypto, Custodial, HODL, Innovations, Ledger, Ledger, Nano, Non-custodial,,, Ripple, Startup, Trustless, Wallet, XRP
Orange you happy to be a customer? Spammy sextortion malware only targeted French ISP ( 10/18/2019 - 6:48am
Briefly had screen recording feature too Sextortion is bad. Malware is bad. Spam is bad. Unhappily for a French ISP's users, online crooks combined all three in a hideous attempt to extort cash with custom malware that records their on-screen doings, according to infosec researchers.
Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for October 18 ( 10/18/2019 - 6:47am
Binance Proposes the Listing of BCH-1FD Binance Aims to Increase Interoperability between Different Assets Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Would Soon Resonate with the Functionality of a Stablecoin – Roger Ver Bitcoin Cash News Today – The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community just received a piece of bullish news that left them very excited. The BCH community is happy...
Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Digital Currency, Market, Platform,,, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Volume


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