Blockchain Could Secure You Your Dream Job, Billionaire Hints ( 01/24/2020 - 2:00pm
Blockchain will be among key technologies to transform the job market, according to Aneel Bhursi, co-founder and CEO of human capital management firm, Workday. Blockchain to Boost the Value of Credentials Last week, LinkedIn said that blockchain would be the most in-demand job skill this year. However, the technology will also help employees...,, Blockchain, Carry, CEO, Important People, Market, Network, Switzerland
Xerox Launches Hostile Takeover of HP after It Dismisses $33.5B Offer ( 01/24/2020 - 11:33am
Coinspeaker Xerox Launches Hostile Takeover of HP after It Dismisses $33.5B Offer The leading manufacturer of office equipment Xerox is officially launching a hostile takeover to acquire computing giant HP. According to Xerox, the company will start with nominating 11 independent candidates during HP’s annual stockholders’ meeting in April. If...
Cash, CEO,,, Important People, Long
Tether Gold Launched, Ripple Hints at Going Public, BIS: Emerging Markets Lead CBDC Innovation ( 01/24/2020 - 10:33am
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Tether launches Tether Gold token. Ripple could file for an IPO this year, according to its CEO. The central bank to central banks, the BIS, states emerging markets are spearheading CBDC research. Ripple stopped selling XRP to exchanges during Q4 2019. Coinbase custody...
Banking Cartel, Binance, Binance, Blockchain, Case, Cash, CEO, Change, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Dumping, DYOR, Ethereum, Exchange, Gold, Important People, Innovations, International..., IPO, Long, Market, Matic Network, Network, Podcast, Precious Metals, Ripple, Short, Speech, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, Token, TRON, WARP, XRP, Zero
XRPTipBot Gets Twitter Ban Over ‘Impersonation’ Claims ( 01/24/2020 - 10:00am
Twitter has banned the XRPTipBot account again this week, claiming its impersonating another account. Ripple and TipBot developer Wietse Wind, assured users that funds are safe, and has since implemented a new working version of the XRP-tipping mechanism for the platform. XRPTipBot: Too Good At Impersonating Itself Wind first took to Twitter...,, CEO, Close, Fiat, Important People, International..., IPO, Mainstream Media, Netherlands, Option, Platform, Ripple, Token, XRP
Growth Series Interview #2: Evgeny Yurtaev, CEO @ Zerion on growth, retention, and product market fit ( 01/24/2020 - 9:51am
submitted by /u/stealthyim [link] [comments], CEO, https://www.reddit.comethereum, Important People, Market, Reddit.com…
Ripple IPO is Unnecessary, XRP Will be Useless and Price will Dump: Critics ( 01/24/2020 - 9:40am
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple Inc., the $10 billion firm that owns a majority of XRP, reportedly said the firm is planning for an initial public offering. Unexpected, the reaction has been mixed with some venting through social media channels. Ripple IPO in 12 Months With billions of XRP translating to...
Blockchain, Cash, CEO,,, Crypto, Dump, Escrow, Exchange, Important People, IPO, Ledger, Ledger, Liquidity, Long, Ripple, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Sense, XRP, Zero
Crypto for a Cause: Five Charity Groups Handling Bitcoin Donations ( 01/24/2020 - 8:44am
Recently, the cost of charity has become a target of criticism. On one extreme, corruption means that some charities, countries, and governments keep donations for themselves. At the same time, charity groups face legitimate overhead: they must pay processing fees, salaries, and other costs, which can become quite expensive.Cryptocurrency provides...
Australia, Bahamas, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin,,, Block, Blockchain, Carry, CEO, Coinbase, Coinbase, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Distributed, Donate Bitcoins, Ethereum, Fiat, Important People, Innovations, Mining, Nets, Now Accepting Bitcoin, Platform, Ripple, TRON, Venezuela, Volatility, XRP, Zcoin
Elon Musks Explains Personal Neutrality Over Crypto And Its Use By Criminals ( 01/24/2020 - 8:40am
Many key figures of the world have commented on how great, terrible, or average the rise of cryptocurrencies is, in the world. It’s just the way of things, for humans to desire the opinion of significant decision-makers within the world. Everyone from crucial figures within countries like the US and China, as well as financial moguls, have given...
Address, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Cash, CEO, China, Close, Crypto, Desire, Fiat, Important People,,, Podcast, Wallet, Whitepaper
Karuschain Announces Impressive Blockchain MVP for The Precious Metals Supply Chain & New Company CEO in Singapore - PRNewswire ( 01/24/2020 - 8:38am
Karuschain Announces Impressive Blockchain MVP for The Precious Metals Supply Chain & New Company CEO in Singapore PRNewswire
Blockchain, CEO, Important People, Precious Metals,, Singapore
Elon Musk Is Undecided about Bitcoin but Thinks It Is ‘Pretty Clever’ ( 01/24/2020 - 8:31am
Coinspeaker Elon Musk Is Undecided about Bitcoin but Thinks It Is ‘Pretty Clever’ Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has once again shared his opinion on Bitcoin and its utility. On Monday, Musk was interviewed on the Third Row Tesla Podcast where he spoke about many things including his current and past endeavors. Among the topics discussed was the...
Altcoins, Balance, Bitcoin, Cash, CEO,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange, Important People, Podcast, Satoshi Nakamoto, VOID, Whitepaper
BlockFi Sees Interest Rate Adjustment Thanks To Bullish Markets ( 01/24/2020 - 8:27am
BlockFi stands as one of the first crypto startups to offer lending services within the crypto market. On Thursday of this week, the company made an announcement regarding their interest rates. In particular, the company will be changing the yields of the lending program with regards to Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) . These changes are set to...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, CEO, Change, Crypto, Ether, Ethereum, Gemini, Gemini, Gemini Dollar, Important People,,, Interest Rate, Litecoin, Market, Platform
Elon Musk Doubles Down: “Crypto Is a Cash Replacement” ( 01/24/2020 - 8:19am
Two weeks ago, Elon Musk — the prominent entrepreneur that has played a key role in companies like PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity, and a number of other technology firms — published the innuendo-filled tweet below. Bitcoin is *not* my safe word — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 10, 2020 This was far from the first time in mentioned cryptocurrency...
Altcoins, Ark, Bakkt, Balance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Blockchain,,, Blockstream, Case, Cash, CEO, Change, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Exchange, Fiat, Important People, Lightning Network, Lightning Network, Long, Market, Network, Podcast, Proof of Work, Satoshi Nakamoto, Scam, Short
Brad Garlinghouse Prepares For Ripple IPO, States That BTC Not Payment Medium ( 01/24/2020 - 8:17am
Brad Garlinghouse, a well-known member of the crypto community due to his former employment at Yahoo and the current CEO position of Ripple , gave a few statements about Bitcoin . According to Garlinghouse, Bitcoin doesn’t suit well as a way to make quick payments. Instead, it serves as an excellent way to store value. Speed Is King For Payments...
Bitcoin, Blockchain, CEO, Change, Crypto, Important People,,, IPO, Ledger, Ledger, Liquid, Liquid, Mainstream Media, Mining, Network, Ripple, Switzerland, Token, Validator, XRP
Elon Musk Opens Up on Bitcoin, Finally ( 01/24/2020 - 8:00am
Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently attended a podcast in which he briefly discussed his views on Bitcoin, stating that he is “neither here nor there” on the digital currency. Elon Musk finally talks about crypto Elon Musk has become quite a popular internet personality over the last several years. He has participated in various...
Altcoins, Balance, Bitcoin,,, Bull, Cash, CEO, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dark Web, Digital Currency, Dogecoin, EGGS, Ethereum, Important People, Podcast
Christopher Woolard Becomes Interim CEO of FCA ( 01/24/2020 - 7:16am
Woolard has been appointed to the role following the departure of the former CEO Andrew Bailey.
CEO,,, Important People
Ripple's CEO sees an era of IPO in cryptocurrency industry - FXStreet ( 01/24/2020 - 6:28am
Ripple's CEO sees an era of IPO in cryptocurrency industry FXStreet
CEO, Cryptocurrency, ERA,, Important People, IPO, Ripple, XRP
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Hints at IPO in 2020, Says More Crypto Firms Can Do the Same ( 01/24/2020 - 6:11am
Coinspeaker Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Hints at IPO in 2020, Says More Crypto Firms Can Do the Same In a major revelation, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse hinted that the blockchain startup can go for an IPO this year. On Thursday, January 23, while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Garlinghouses surprised the audience with his...
Blockchain, Case, CEO,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, ICO, Important People, IPO, Mainstream Media, Market, Miners, Mining, Ripple, Startup, United States, XRP
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Could Become World’s First Trillionaire, Is It Time to Believe? ( 01/24/2020 - 5:55am
Coinspeaker Tesla CEO Elon Musk Could Become World’s First Trillionaire, Is It Time to Believe? Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been tipped to break the trillionaire threshold before Jeff Bezos , Bill Gates or any other contemporaries following Tesla’s recent landmark in breaking the $100 billion market cap level after skyrocketing rise of the company’s...
CEO,,, Constant, Cosmos, Important People, Market
Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which Is a Better Buy? ( 01/24/2020 - 5:24am
Some believe this could pose risks. Ethereum will soon “become a ‘proof of stake’ coin rather than a 'proof of work' coin,” says Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain and ADVFN, a leading global ..., Bitcoin, Blockchain, CEO, Coin, Ethereum, Important People,, Online Blockchain, Proof of Stake, Proof of Work
Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse Hints Firm May Seek IPO Within 12 Months ( 01/24/2020 - 5:21am
The Ripple CEO said at Davos that an initial public offering is seen as the “natural evolution for the company,” perhaps even this year.
CEO, CoinDesk,,, Important People, IPO, Ripple, XRP
XRP Maybe Going to Zero But Ripple’s IPO Could Come Within 12 Months Says CEO (coinfo) 01/24/2020 - 4:46am
Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of payment-focused tech startup, Ripple believes that crypto-related companies will begin to go public within the next twelve months and that Ripple will be right there in the mix. Garlinghouse made the comments while speaking to journalists from the Wall Street Journal at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland...
BitPay, Blockchain, Bull, CEO, Coin, coinfo,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Fear Mongering, Important Companies, Important People, IPO, Ledger, Ledger, Long, Mainstream Media, Market, Ripple, Startup, Switzerland, XRP, Zero
Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse Just Made a Massive Announcement - Ethereum World News ( 01/24/2020 - 4:22am
Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse Just Made a Massive Announcement Ethereum World News
CEO,, Ethereum, Important People, Ripple, XRP
Cardano Latest News – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, January 24th, 2020 ( 01/24/2020 - 4:21am
Cardano signs partnership deal with GenTwo AG Big Plans for Cardano ADA in 2020 CEOs and decision-makers of prominent companies around the globe have gathered At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss the development of money, business and industry of the future. The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson is not left out of this gathering, as...
Cardano, CEO, Important People,,
Ripple CEO Hints at IPO, Says More Crypto Firms Will Go Public in 2020 ( 01/24/2020 - 4:21am
CEO Brad Garlinghouse has hinted that Ripple may pursue an IPO, saying he expects more industry firms to pursue public flotation in 2020
CEO, Cointelegraph,,, Crypto, Important People, IPO, Ripple, XRP
Ripple CEO: 'You Don’t Want to Use BTC at Starbucks' ( 01/24/2020 - 4:17am
On Thursday (January 23), Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse told the Wallet Street Journal that Bitcoin is not a good means of payment because BTC transactions take too long.
Bitcoin, CEO,,, Important People, Long, Ripple, Wallet, XRP
Ripple Chief Says Billion-Dollar Crypto Startup Will Launch IPO But Timeline Is Uncertain ( 01/24/2020 - 4:15am
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says it’s only a matter of time before the San Francisco payments startup goes public. At the World Economic Forum’s annual meetup in Davos, Switzerland, Garlinghouse told a panel he expects crypto initial public offerings to pop up over the next year, and Ripple will be on the “leading side” of a new phase for the...
Address, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, CEO, Change, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, HODL, Important People, IPO, Ledger, Ledger, Lightning Network, Lightning Network, Market, Mining, Network, Ripple, Startup, Switzerland, Total Supply, Validator, XRP
Cypherpunk Harry Halpin Takes on Davos ( 01/24/2020 - 4:00am
Nym Technologies CEO Harry Halpin speaks to CoinDesk's Leigh Cuen about the waning power of the Davos elite.
CEO, CoinDesk,,, Cypherpunk, Elite, Important People
Aussie Crypto Exchange ‘Independent Reserve’ Expands to Singapore ( 01/24/2020 - 3:38am
The exchange's CEO cited progressive regulation by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as part of the reason for the move.
CEO, Crypto, Exchange,,, Important People, Independent Reserve, Singapore
Games That Look Like Finance ( 01/24/2020 - 3:30am
Whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen … This week, there was still a lot of recapping of what happened in 2019, and one of the biggest ones was a report on what happened in Ethereum last year — there is quite a lot to unpack, but it’s worth a read. Meanwhile, Square Crypto announces what it is working on, and it’s very much in line with...
Altcoins, Balance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Block, Block Reward, Blockchain, Case, Cash, CEO, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, CoinDesk, Credit Card, Credits, Crypto, Custodial, Dai, Decred, Decred, DigixDAO, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ethos, Fiat, Hash, Helium, ICO, Important People, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Innovations, Libra, Liquidity, Litecoin, Market, Miners, Mining, Network, Non-custodial, Open Source, Option, Orphan, Patent, Podcast, Protocol, Ripple, Short, SIX, Token,,, Unconfirmed, Wallet, XRP
Elon Musk Reveals His True Opinion on Bitcoin and Crypto ( 01/24/2020 - 3:09am
After a long and cryptic series of tweets on Bitcoin (BTC), SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk elaborated his stance on cryptocurrencies in a Jan. 20 podcast. Noting that he’s “neither here nor there on ...
Altcoins,, Bitcoin, CEO, Crypto,, Important People, Long, Podcast
Tether Is to Issue New Stablecoin Backed by Gold ( 01/24/2020 - 3:01am
Coinspeaker Tether Is to Issue New Stablecoin Backed by Gold Tether has issued a press release claiming that their new asset is cool because they have gold in a secretive Swiss vault.The stablecoin masters (we all know this company for USDT ) have created a new token that is pegged to gold. According to the press release issued by Tether, the so-...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Block, CEO,,, Constant, Crypto, Crypto Capital, Cryptocurrency, Danger, ERC-20, Ethereum, Fraud, Gold, Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency, ICO, Important People, Laundering, Long, Metal, Precious Metals, Scam, Serve, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, Token, TRON
Bitcoin (BTC) Can Get A Boost Via Square Crypto ( 01/24/2020 - 3:00am
The crypto market is still bloody today, and Bitcoin (BTC) is definitely suffering a correction following the rally from the past week. Josh Rager is one of the voices in the crypto space who said that there's nothing to worry about because such a correction is normally after a surge in price. At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading...
API, Bitcoin, CEO, Coin, Correction, Crypto,, Desire, HODL, Important People, Market, Network,
Ripple’s IPO could come within 12 months, suggests CEO ( 01/24/2020 - 2:55am
Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, has indicated that the firm could go public in the next 12 months. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Garlinghouse told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that an initial public offering (IPO) is a “natural evolution” for the company. “In the next 12 months, you’ll see IPOs in the crypto/blockchain...
Block, Blockchain, CEO, Crypto, Important People, IPO, Mainstream Media, Ripple,,, XRP
Will a Ripple IPO Spell Doom for XRP Prices? ( 01/24/2020 - 2:35am
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal at Davos 2020, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse pretty much-confirmed intentions to take the company public. The effects on XRP as an investment could be catastrophic. Ripple Chief Speaks of IPO According to reports in Ripple-centric media and tweets from company executives, Brad Garlinghouse has virtually...
Absolute,,, Blockchain, Carry, Case, CEO, Crypto, Dumping, Important People, IPO, Long, Mainstream Media, Market, Option, Ripple, Shitcoin, Short, Token, Volatility, XRP
Ripple CEO indicates IPO might be in the near future ( 01/24/2020 - 2:00am
He went on to discuss another major issue for the firm – the way in which its cryptocurrency, known as XRP, ought to be regulated. He revealed to those in attendance that the firm was discussing the ..., CEO, Cryptocurrency,, Important People, IPO, Ripple, XRP
Charles Hoskinson’s Keynote Speech at WEF, Davos ( 01/24/2020 - 1:15am
Charles Hoskinson, an American entrepreneur, crypto-expert, and mathematician, has delivered a keynote address in Davos on the global financial-technology system. The Co-founder and CEO of Cardano delve in detail about the emerging trends in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and the impact of these trends on the global economy...
Address, Blockchain, Cardano, CEO, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, Important People, Speech
Bitcoin-Hating JP Morgan CEO Criticized by Bernie Sanders for Wanting ‘Corporate Socialism’ ( 01/24/2020 - 12:39am
JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon was recently attacked by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for hypocritically wanting “corporate socialism.” The CEO has also been an outspoken critic of Bitcoin. Jamie ...
Banking Cartel,,, Bitcoin, CEO, Important People
ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang, Empower Charity by Blockchain - Yahoo Finance ( 01/24/2020 - 12:18am
ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang, Empower Charity by Blockchain Yahoo Finance
Blockchain, CEO,, Important People
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Slams Bitcoin But Praises Satoshi Nakamoto ( 01/23/2020 - 11:52pm
Elon Musk may have built businesses around technology, including driverless electric-powered cars, an online bank, spacecraft, but one thing Musk is not particularly fond of is Bitcoin., Bitcoin, CEO,, Important People, Satoshi Nakamoto
Karuschain Announces Impressive Blockchain MVP for The Precious Metals Supply Chain & New Company CEO in Singapore ( 01/23/2020 - 11:38pm
/PRNewswire/ -- Karuschain revealed and presented the first MVP for its enterprise blockchain solution for the precious metals mining supply chain ..., Blockchain, CEO, Important People, Mining, Precious Metals,, Singapore
Ripple's CEO sees an era of IPO in cryptocurrency industry ( 01/23/2020 - 10:37pm
Thus he said that in the coming years we would see an IPO boom in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. He even hinted that Ripple might also launch an IPO. Some community members believe that this ..., Blockchain, CEO, Cryptocurrency, ERA,, Important People, IPO, Ripple, XRP
Twitter wants Clearview AI to remove photos of people it has scraped from its service ( 01/23/2020 - 10:26pm
A hot potato: Twitter has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Clearview AI, a company notorious for creating a database of facial recognition profiles using photos scraped from public sources. The social giant wants all the data scraped from its service to be deleted, as it violates its policies for content usage. Twitter recently demanded that...
Address, CEO,,, Facebook, Important People, Mainstream Media, Option, Spy Grid, United States
Ripple boss hints at IPO ( 01/23/2020 - 10:22pm
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has hinted that the blockchain-flavoured payments network could go public, with an IPO in the next 12 months. Speaking on the sidelines at the World Economic Forum in ..., Blockchain, CEO,, Important People, IPO, Network, Ripple, XRP
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