CREDIT Crypto a Hit Among Emerging Markets ( 12/05/2019 - 8:49am
Johannesburg blockchain project and trading platform TERRA has been making headway via 8 products designed specifically for emerging markets like Nigeria. These 8 products are complementary to TERRA’s main offering, the decentralized cryptocurrency CREDIT. Product Line Up The products — MiniPOS, Terra.Credit, Terra Hub, The Tellus Ecosystem, Terra...
Altcoins, API,,, Blockchain, Coin, Colombia, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange, Fiat, Global Cryptocurrency, How To, Ledger, Ledger, Network, Nigeria, Node, Platform, Spot, Staking, Token, USD, Wallet
Monero Is Struggling Below $53 Following The Latest Upgrade  ( 12/05/2019 - 8:18am
Monero seems to have started an uptrend following the latest upgrade that the protocol went through, but this doesn't seem to have lasted for too long as the coin fell below the $53 support. XMR in the crypto market At the moment of writing this article, despite the fact that most digital assets are trading in the green, XMR is trading in the red...
ASIC, Block, Coin, Crypto, Long, Market, Mining, Monero, Network, Option,,, Protocol, RSI, Short, Volatility
Stellar (XLM) Initiates an Uptrend; May Form Another Higher Low ( 12/05/2019 - 7:41am
Stellar price has started a mild bull-run; yet to cross $0.056 The XLM coin seems to have a support level at $0.054 which corresponds to the 0% Fib level Technicals are likely to enter a bullish zone with an intact bullish trendline Stellar had struck a notable price spike yesterday when it touched $0.057 price … The post Stellar (XLM) Initiates...
Bull, Coin,,, Stellar, Stellar
Dogecoin Faces a Firm Resistance Above 0.0023; Hits a Fresh 30-day Low ( 12/05/2019 - 7:23am
Dogecoin gives a fresh 30-day low around $0.0021 price area The coin is supported by the 10-day & 50-day MA after rising from $0.0020 There has been a rapid fall of Dogecoin value in 5 days from $0.0023 to $0.0021 Dogecoin trades with moderate volatility just like any other altcoin in the market as the … The post Dogecoin Faces a Firm...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Coin,,, Dogecoin, Market, Volatility
Santander Teases US-Mexico Remittances – Will It Use XRP? ( 12/05/2019 - 7:18am
XRP hodlers are waiting to see a surge in the price of their favorite digital asset. The coin's price has been lagging this year, compared to BTC and other digital assets. At the moment of writing this article, XRP is trading in the green , and the coin is priced at $0.215479. The whole crypto market is struggling to recover following BTC's recent...
Coin, Crypto, Liquidity, Long, Market, Mexico, OnePay,,, Ripple, Spectrum, XRP
33% of Japanese survey participants are receptive to cryptocurrency - Brave New Coin ( 12/05/2019 - 6:05am
33% of Japanese survey participants are receptive to cryptocurrency Brave New Coin
Brave New Coin,, Coin, Cryptocurrency
Ethereum News Today – Headlines for December 5 ( 12/05/2019 - 5:29am
Ethereum may soon break out against Bitcoin The charts of ETH against BTC show signals last seen before the first ETH alt-season Ethereum News Today – All through this year, altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), XRP (XRP), and others have wholly underperformed next to BTC. Only a few digital currencies such as Binance Coin (BNB) and Chainlink were able...
Altcoins, Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Chainlink, Coin, Dominance, Ethereum, Market,,, XRP
Ex-Morgan Stanley Devs Launch High-Speed Crypto Exchange ( 12/05/2019 - 5:00am
Former Morgan Stanley developers teamed up to create a new crypto derivatives exchange, equipped with its own cold wallet, major transaction speeds, and more. According to a recent announcement , a new high-speed crypto derivatives exchange called Phemex is expected to see its launch in the near future. The exchange will supposedly be fast enough...
Address, Bitcoin,,, Blockchain, Case, Centralized, Coin, Cold Wallet, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Derivative, Exchange, Hacking, Leverage, Platform, Public Blockchain, Serve, Tao, Volatility, Volume, Wallet, XRP
Single Bitcoin Block Moves Funds the Size of Satoshi’s Stash ( 12/05/2019 - 4:40am
The past day saw heightened Bitcoin whale activity, with surprisingly large transactions carried by the blockchain. But one particular block stood out. One Block Contained Nearly 5% of All Bitcoin At block height 606,641 , the transactions contained within the 10-minute window totaled 903592.118 bitcoin. This amount is comparable to nearly 5% of...
Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges,,, Block, Block Height, Blockchain, Bots, Close, Coin, Exchange, Huobi, Huobi, Mining, Satoshi Nakamoto, Short, Upbit, Upbit, USD, Wallet, Whale
XRP Ledger Is Used For CoinField’s Crypto Trading Platform Sologenic ( 12/05/2019 - 4:37am
Ripple and XRP had a great year, and these two entities have been marking a lot of achievements in 2019. The San Francisco-based company bagged new partnerships, while at the same time, boosting its products and the whole XRP ecosystem. More than that, the firm has also been promoting the adoption of XRP which has been going great as well. Only...
CEO, Coin, CoinField, Crypto, Exchange, Important People, Ledger, Ledger, Liquidity, Network,,, Platform, Ripple, RippleNet, Startup, Stocks, Validator, XRP
Ripple Price Prediction: XRP/USD Desperately Needs to Recover Above $0.22 ( 12/05/2019 - 4:36am
XRP Price Prediction – December 5 XRP/USD is vulnerable to further losses as long as it stays below $0.220 while the nearest support is located on the approach to $0.210. XRP/USD Market Key Levels: Resistance levels: $0.240, $0.250, $0.260 Support levels: $0.192, $0.182, $0.172 XRPUSD – Daily Chart Today, Ripple’s XRP bottomed at $0.2105 during...
Bitcoin, Coin,,, Long, Market, Oversold, Ripple, RSI, Short, Swing, USD, XRP
New Bitcoin Prediction Surfaces From Analyst Who Predicted BTC Crash ( 12/05/2019 - 3:08am
The crypto market is struggling to recover these days, following the recent falls in BTC’s price. At the moment of writing this article, most coins are trading in the green, and Bitcoin is no exception. Despite the high volatility in the crypto market, there have been various optimistic predictions about the price of BTC and the other digital...
Bear, Bitcoin, Bull, CEO, Coin, Crypto, HODL, Important People, Market,,, Volatility
Bitcoin and Ether Market Update: December 5, 2019 ( 12/05/2019 - 3:00am
Total crypto market cap lost $3.9 billion of its value since the morning of Monday, December 2 and now stands at $197.5 billion. Top ten coins are all in green for the last 24 hours with Binance Coin (BNB) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) being the best performers with 3.1 and 2.7 percent of increase respectively. Read More Read More . The post by Georgi...
Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, BTCMANAGER,,, Cash, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ether, Market
Binance Coin (BNB) Minimizes Loss Overnight; Now Aims at Stability ( 12/05/2019 - 1:46am
Binance Coin has been eyeing towards stability as it reduced the loss significantly and managed to stay above $15 BNB price may soon rally towards $16 as the next resistance is expected at $15.64 Binance Coin has shown a decline of 0.98% over the last 24 hours, and the price has now rested around 15 … The post Binance Coin (BNB) Minimizes Loss...
Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Coin,,
Almost 70 crypto hedge funds have closed this year as institutional investors shy away ( 12/05/2019 - 1:35am
Nearly 70 crypto-focused hedge funds that largely cater to institutional investors, such as pension funds and family offices, have closed this year. The number of new funds launched this year is also less than half the number of launches in 2018, according to U.S.-based Crypto Fund Research, as reported by Bloomberg Wednesday. Region-wise, North...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Market,,, Venture Capital, XRP
Japan’s largest bank scales down on MUFG Coin plans ( 12/05/2019 - 12:12am
The plans for launching a full cryptocurrency have been withdrawn, and the coin will now become a currency used by the bank's upcoming payment service. The new service will come in the first half ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency,, Japan
SHC Seeks FIA’s Response Against Ban on Cryptocurrencies in Pakistan ( 12/05/2019 - 12:12am
SBP banned BitCoin, PakCoin, LiteCoin, OneCoin, Pay Diamond, and DasCoin in Pakistan. The central bank argued that tokens of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to ...
Altcoins, Banking Cartel,, Bitcoin, Coin, Cryptocurrency, DasCoin, Diamond, ICO, Litecoin, OneCoin, Pakcoin, Pakistan,
HTC Ties Up Exodus Phone with Binance ( 12/04/2019 - 8:58pm
The sales period will run between December 5 and February 20, 2020, and the device is open for purchase in fiat, but also Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB). The phone is geared to expanding crypto ...
Binance, Binance, Binance Coin,, Bitcoin, Coin, Crypto, Cryptovest,, Exodus, Fiat
An Indian app is using blockchain to transform the way women talk about sexual abuse ( 12/04/2019 - 7:04pm
Tiwari, though, believes that should the Indian government regulate and legalise cryptocurrencies, blockchain would also enable Smashboard to launch a coin offering called SMASH, a cryptocurrency to ...
Altcoins,, Blockchain, Coin, Cryptocurrency,
Ethereum Fractal Suggests Altcoins Could Soon Outperform Bitcoin ( 12/04/2019 - 6:00pm
Throughout 2019, altcoins like Ethereum , Ripple, and others, have grossly underperformed next to Bitcoin, sans a few outliers like Chainlink, or Binance Coin, who had breakout years themselves in 2019. But according to a very accurate-looking fractal on ETH/BTC price charts, Ethereum could soon break out against Bitcoin , helping to propel...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bear, Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, BLUE, Breakout, Bubble, Bubble, Chainlink, Change, Close, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, FLIP, Long, Market, Narrative, NEWSBTC,,, Oversold, Pair, Ripple, Short, Waves, XRP
HBZ coin Market Capitalization Tops $1.35 Million (HBZ) ( 12/04/2019 - 4:38pm
“A Mobility Ecosystem set to reshape how we get from A to B.” HBZ is a cryptocurrency and blockchain based transportation ecosystem to seamlessly offer transportation globally from scooters and cars ..., Blockchain, Coin, Cryptocurrency, HBZ coin, Market,
DNotes (NOTE) Price Down 6.5% Over Last Week ( 12/04/2019 - 4:20pm
One DNotes coin can now be purchased for approximately $0.0028 or 0.00000039 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Trade By Trade, Stocks.Exchange and Mercatox. Here’s how similar ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency, DNotes, Exchange, Mercatox, Mercatox, Stocks,
Unify (UNIFY) Trading Down 7.6% Over Last 7 Days ( 12/04/2019 - 4:19pm
One Unify coin can now be purchased for about $0.0049 or 0.00000067 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including YoBit, Mercatox, CoinExchange and Cryptopia. Over the last seven days, Unify has traded ..., Coin, CoinExchange, CoinExchange, Cryptocurrency, Mercatox, Mercatox,, Unify, YoBit, YoBit
Bitcoin Investor Psychology, Not Just Fear and Greed ( 12/04/2019 - 4:15pm
During its three major price cycles, Bitcoin investor behavior has demonstrated a more nuanced range of emotions than just fear and greed. Coin Metrics examined Bitcoin investor behavior during the three major BTC cycles around peaks, lows, and mid-cycle corrections. Their findings suggest that fear and greed are not the sole drivers of investor...
Bitcoin, Bubble, Bubble, Coin, Correction, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Fear Mongering, FOMO, Gains, Long, Market, Narrative, Network
PetroDollar Hits Market Cap of $1.19 Million (XPD) ( 12/04/2019 - 3:28pm
One PetroDollar coin can currently be bought for approximately $0.0187 or 0.00000257 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Cryptopia and YoBit. Over the last seven days, PetroDollar has ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency, Market,, PetroDollar, YoBit, YoBit
Ethereum Devs Propose Hard Fork to Address Impending Ice Age ( 12/04/2019 - 3:26pm
Ethereum developers have proposed a hard fork, titled the Muir Glacier, which is aimed at addressing the impending Ice Age that could potentially slow down the Ethereum mainnet. A hard fork refers to a radical change to a network’s protocol that makes previously invalid blocks and transactions valid or vice-versa and requires all nodes or users to...
Address, Algorithm, Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, BOMB, Change, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, Difficulty, Ether, Ethereum, How To, ICOS, Mainnet, Miners, Mining, Network, Protocol
PlatinumBAR (XPTX) Price Tops $0.0077 on Top Exchanges ( 12/04/2019 - 2:44pm
Over the last seven days, PlatinumBAR has traded up 41.4% against the US dollar. One PlatinumBAR coin can now be purchased for approximately $0.0077 or 0.00000107 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency,, PlatinumBAR
Qbic (QBIC) Reaches Market Cap of $340.00 ( 12/04/2019 - 2:25pm
Over the last seven days, Qbic has traded down 91.2% against the U.S. dollar. One Qbic coin can currently be bought for approximately $0.0001 or 0.00000001 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency, Market,, Qbic
Institutional Players Interested in More Than Just Bitcoin, Says Crypto Asset Manager Amun ( 12/04/2019 - 2:00pm
Amun, a Switzerland-based digital asset investment firm, says its institutional clients have an appetite for more than just Bitcoin. Laurent Kssis, managing director of ETFs at Amun, tells Coindesk that big time clients are showing interest in its exchange-traded product (ETP) connected to Binance Coin (BNB), the native utility token of leading...
Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Coin, CoinDesk, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, Exchange, HODL, Switzerland, Token
VeChain (VET) Gains Momentum, But Will It Sustain? ( 12/04/2019 - 1:29pm
The crypto sphere is going through a fair share of trouble at this point in time and many tokens have seen their prices crash in the last few days, but VeChain (VET) has emerged as an exception of sorts. This week, the VET token enjoyed an excellent rally and rose by as much as 18% to hit $0.00786 per token on most exchanges. What’s Next? That...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, Ethereum, Gains, How To, ICOS, Sphere, Token, VeChain
WaykiChain Hits Market Cap of $27.81 Million (WICC) ( 12/04/2019 - 1:22pm
One WaykiChain coin can currently be bought for approximately $0.15 or 0.00002026 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including $10.39, $7.50, $20.33 and $24.68. Over the last seven days, WaykiChain ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency, Market,, WaykiChain
Bitcoin Tests Wedge Top While Ravencoin Soars ( 12/04/2019 - 1:07pm
Bitcoin suddenly spiked towards the $7,770 ahead of the U.S market open, following a short-lived sell-off towards the psychological $7,000 level earlier this morning. The move appears to be technically driven as the BTC/USD pair tested the top of the much-discussed falling wedge pattern on the daily time frame. However, rumors persist that the...
Altcoins, Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin SV, Breakout, Cash, Close, Coin, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Gains, Market, OKEx, OKEx, OKEx, Pair, Ravencoin, Short, USD, Wallet, Whale
BlackCoin Price Up 38.9% This Week (BLK) ( 12/04/2019 - 12:20pm
During the last week, BlackCoin has traded up 38.9% against the dollar. One BlackCoin coin can currently be bought for about $0.0572 or 0.00000788 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including ..., BlackCoin, Coin, Cryptocurrency,
China Is Close To Issuing a Cryptocurrency: Here's What To Expect ( 12/04/2019 - 12:14pm
China is close to launching its own national digital currency. It's an effort that has been underway since late 2018 , and now, it's coming to fruition. The upcoming currency is called the Chinese Central Bank Digital Currency―or CBDC for short. It will be issued by the People's Bank of China, which serves as the country's central bank.There's...
Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitmain, Bitmain,,, Blockchain, China, Close, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Fiat, Hong Kong, ICOS, International..., KYC, Libra, Mining, NEO, Short, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, TRON, VeChain, Yuan
U.S Based E-Commerce Company INC Reveals CEO ( 12/04/2019 - 12:09pm
The nascent global e-commerce company , INC. proudly appoints one of its key people. Stanley Park who participated in Buyaladdin application development will be entrusted as the Buyaladdin CEO. Together with a fellow American corporate leader on the executive board, Buyaladdin CEO Stanley will manage the global operations of...
ABBC Coin,,, Bitcoin, Blockchain, CEO, Circulating Supply, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Fiat, Important People, Proof-of-Stake, Serve, Staking, Total Supply, United States
Analyst Who Perfectly Called Bitcoin Price Sees Bright Future Ahead ( 12/04/2019 - 11:57am
Cane Island Analyst Timothy Peterson maybe one of the only analysts to have accurately predicted the end of year bitcoin price . His analysis back in March this year, stated that the leading cryptoasset would price in at $7,800 by the end of December. If bitcoin continues to track as Peterson’s predicts, BTC should close above it’s all-time high...
Bitcoin,,, Blockchain, Close, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Derivative, Dump, Futures, Gains, Long, Market, Short, Spot, Volatility
NavCoin Hits 24 Hour Volume of $117,661.00 (NAV) ( 12/04/2019 - 11:43am
During the last week, NavCoin has traded 20.1% lower against the U.S. dollar. One NavCoin coin can currently be purchased for about $0.10 or 0.00001379 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including cfinex ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency,, NavCoin, Volume
Mainframe Price Tops $0.0010 on Exchanges (MFT) ( 12/04/2019 - 11:33am
One Mainframe coin can currently be purchased for $0.0010 or 0.00000014 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including $32.15, $24.43, $13.77 and $33.94. Mainframe has a total market capitalization of ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency, Mainframe, Market,
“Not American,” “Not White,” “Not Men” Podcasts, Andreas Antonopoulos Tells Followers ( 12/04/2019 - 10:43am
TL;DR: “ I think we’ve covered almost ALL the white male podcasters I should visit,” noted Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos told followers after asking for shows to appear as a guest. “ How about some other shows? Not American, not investment/finance, not men, not white.” Some in the cryptocurrency community questioned the wisdom of...
Bitcoin, Case, Change, Coin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dash, DYOR, Important People, Podcast, Portfolio, Tao, Token, WARP
Magnum (MGM) Market Capitalization Reaches $742.00 ( 12/04/2019 - 10:31am
In the last seven days, Magnum has traded 19.4% lower against the dollar. One Magnum coin can currently be bought for about $0.0002 or 0.00000002 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges. Magnum has a total ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency, Magnum, Market,
Stellar Lumen Price Analysis: Following the Market ( 12/04/2019 - 10:19am
Stellar has a bearish short-term and medium-term trading outlook The four-hour time frame shows that a bearish wedge breakout has taken place The daily time frame shows that a bearish head and shoulders pattern has been triggered Stellar Lumen remains under downside pressure, following its recent technical rejection from the $0.54 level as the...
Block, Breakout, Coin, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,,, Cryptocurrency, Long, Market, Oversold, Pair, Serve, Short, Stellar, Stellar, Swing, Ticker, USD, XRP
Innova Price Reaches $0.0054 on Exchanges (INN) ( 12/04/2019 - 9:23am
In the last week, Innova has traded 19.2% lower against the US dollar. One Innova coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0054 or 0.00000075 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Here is ..., Coin, Cryptocurrency, Innova,
XRP Is about to Become the Worst Performing Coin among Top-10 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 ( 12/04/2019 - 9:16am
Coinspeaker XRP Is about to Become the Worst Performing Coin among Top-10 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 In what is seen as a paradox that has put many pundits on the edge, recent data indicates that XRP that is widely used by Ripple in its solutions is already less than one month away from being the worst-performing cryptocurrency token that is among...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Exchanges, Bitstamp, Bitstamp, Blockchain, Bubble, Bubble, Case, Cash, Close, Coin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Escrow, Exchange, Gains, Liquidity, Mainnet, Market, Mexico, Rain, Ripple, RippleNet, Token, TOKYO, USD, Validator, XRP
Bitcoin Interest Hits Market Cap of $599,676.00 (BCI) ( 12/04/2019 - 9:11am
Bitcoin Interest (CURRENCY:BCI) traded 20.5% higher against the US dollar during the 24-hour period ending at 16:00 PM E.T. on December 4th. One Bitcoin Interest coin can currently be purchased for $0 ..., Bitcoin, Bitcoin Interest, Coin, Market,
Monero Price: XMR/USD Ignores The Hard Fork That Just Took Place On The Network ( 12/04/2019 - 8:31am
Monero’s developers confirmed the hard fork was a success , and it was implemented on block 1978433. As you already know, the upgrade of the network took place on November 30. Upgrading the Monero network to RandomX Monero has successfully upgraded the network to RandomX. The project's developers have put forth the idea of a new PoW algorithm...
Algorithm, ASIC, Block, Case, Coin, Crypto, Market, Mining, Monero, Network, Option,,, USD, Volatility
MFCoin Price Hits $0.0059 on Exchanges (MFC) ( 12/04/2019 - 8:14am
In the last week, MFCoin has traded up 12.9% against the US dollar. One MFCoin coin can now be bought for approximately $0.0059 or 0.00000081 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Crex24 and ..., Coin, Crex24, Crex24, Cryptocurrency, MFCoin,
VeChain (VET) Surges After Revealing New Partnership ( 12/04/2019 - 7:17am
While most coins have been dropping in price during these past few days, VeChain's VET's price was boosted by a recent move that the team made. VeChain saw a significant surge after they announced the latest partnership. The team has been bagging a lot of important partnerships this year. Thor blockchain to be used for reviving classic gamebook...
Blockchain, CEO, Coin, HODL, Important People,,, Platform, Sense, Token, VeChain
HTC’s Binance edition smartphone going on sale tomorrow; supports bitcoin, BNB payments ( 12/04/2019 - 6:47am
Binance edition blockchain smartphone by Taiwanese electronics giant HTC, introduced last month, is going on sale tomorrow on HTC’s EXODUS website. The smartphone, dubbed HTC EXODUS 1 - Binance, retails for US$599 or SG$889. Users can also buy it with the equivalent price in accepted cryptocurrencies i.e. bitcoin (BTC) and Binance’s native coin...
Altcoins, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Block, Blockchain, CEO, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange, Exodus, Important People, Node,,, Wallet
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