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Bitcoin Trading Volume Dropped in December on Major Crypto Exchanges ( 01/23/2020 - 10:51am
Analytics site CryptoCompare released a new study on crypto trading volume for the month of December 2019. The site revealed that Bitcoin’s trading volume dropped dramatically during the month. Declining crypto markets The cryptocurrency markets saw an upturn in the middle of 2019 but remained relatively stagnant for the rest of the year because...
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BitMEX, Binance Dominate Bitcoin Perpetual Futures Markets ( 01/23/2020 - 4:30am
A recent crypto exchange review has revealed that the two dominant forces in bitcoin perpetual futures were Binance and BitMEX commanding 40% of the market between them. Top exchanges for total volume were a little unexpected though. Binance Gains Foothold in Bitcoin Derivatives Market Research and analytics firm Crypto Compare has recently...
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First mainchain sidechain swap using the Bitcoin-based decentralized exchange Bisq! On-chain BTC swapped for L-BTC on the Liquid Network sidechain. ( 01/21/2020 - 1:33pm
submitted by /u/the_bob [link] [comments]
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Austrian Financial Watchdog Issues Warning About Unregistered Crypto Investment Firm ( 01/20/2020 - 5:59pm
The Austrian Financial Supervisory Authority (FMA) has issued a warning concerning FXCrypto Club, a financial brokerage company which, as explained, has been providing financial services in the country without seeking approval. As Finance Magnates noted late last week, the financial watchdog noted that FX Crypto Club offers Contracts for...
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Reginald Fowler Guilty Plea, Libra Sets Tech Dev Committee, Blockchain Terminal ICO Indictments ( 01/18/2020 - 9:54am
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Former NFL owner Reginald Fowler pleads guilty in the Crypto Capital case. Libra sets its technical development committee. Blockchain Terminal ICO participants indicted. Sacramento Kings to auction a previously-worn jersey using an Ethereum-based platform. Ripple-backed...
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DC Alliance is to Empower Blockchain and Solve Application Problems ( 01/17/2020 - 1:10am
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2020 / DC Alliance is a technology-oriented community autonomy organization, set up spontaneously by all kinds of talents in computer engineering, cryptography, mathematics, economics and finance. At present, DC Alliance is committed to the future business, empowering the blockchain, and solving application...
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NEO Has Invested In Switcheo, the Blockchain’s Top DEX ( 01/15/2020 - 1:45am
NEO has made an investment in Switcheo, according to a blog post published on Tuesday, Jan. 14. The investment was made through the NEO EcoBoost program, an ecosystem funding effort run by NEO and several partners. Though NEO has not revealed the size of the investment, it has set aside $100 million for EcoBoost in total. Switcheo went live in...
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JPMorgan: High Anticipation for CME Options, LedgerX in Disarray, Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Soar ( 01/13/2020 - 9:13am
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. JPMorgan detects “high anticipation” for CME Bitcoin options. LedgerX in disarray after executive ousting. Bakkt cash-settled bitcoin futures sets record. Bitcoin not correlated with gold, study finds. Decentralized exchanges trading volumes fell in December, and Binance...
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Was DeFi the Best Option for Cryptocurrency Investing in 2019? ( 01/11/2020 - 6:53pm
\n Following the Bitcoin Boom came an altcoin season and the ICO craze, but ever since these parabolic moves from different aspects of the cryptocurrency space, investors have been looking for the next significant phase to guarantee impressive returns. It has emerged that the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) side of blockchain and...
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Zilliqa (ZIL) Just Became Private and Anonymous via Incognito Chain (coinfo) 01/09/2020 - 8:36am
The high-throughput public blockchain platform, Zilliqa has made transactions with its native cryptocurrency, ZIL, private under a new partnership, the company tweeted on the development Thursday. Zilliqa noted it partnered with Incognito Chain, a privacy-focused blockchain solutions provider, to take its token completely private, enabling users...
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Apollo Fintech names Huawei’s CTO as blockchain security advisor ( 01/06/2020 - 5:29am
encrypted messaging, decentralized marketplace, decentralized exchange, decentralized applications, and decentralized file storage. Apollo claims its stand as the most feature-rich cryptocurrency on ..., Blockchain, Colored Coins, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange,
MobileGo (MGO) Trading Down 10.2% Over Last 7 Days ( 01/05/2020 - 12:23am
One MobileGo token can now be bought for approximately $0.0111 or 0.00000148 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including Waves Decentralized Exchange, Cryptopia, Tidex and Gatecoin. MobileGo has a ..., Colored Coins, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange, Gatecoin, MobileGo,, Tidex, Tidex, Token, Waves
Poloniex Crypto Exchange Discloses Data Leak; Resets Users’ Passwords ( 01/04/2020 - 7:06pm
Poloniex is one of the prominent names in the cryptocurrency realm. Recently, they have acquired the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Tron blockchain network (TRX). In December 2019, a ..., Blockchain, Colored Coins, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), DEX, Exchange,, Network, Poloniex, Poloniex, TRON
LAToken’s Daily Crypto Volume and Holdings Figures Don’t Match ( 01/01/2020 - 7:44am
CoinMarketCap, one of the central crypto price listing websites, has been used as a vehicle to present newly arrived exchanges. Usually, those new markets show up with immense volumes, rising to the top while aiming to become industry names. LAToken’s Crypto Volumes Once Again in Spotlight LAToken, one of those exchanges, has caught attention for...
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The Year in Ethereum: DeFi Saw Mass Adoption & Serenity Drew Closer ( 01/01/2020 - 7:16am
Price-wise, Ethereum hasn’t had the best of years . The second-largest cryptocurrency, according to an analysis by Bitcoin educator Jimmy Song, has lost 18% against the U.S. dollar year to date, which comes in stark contrast to Bitcoin’s approximately 85% gains in 2019. Notably, altcoins as an entire class have suffered over the course of the year...
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Poloniex Crypto Exchange Confirms Data Leak After Strange Email ( 12/31/2019 - 3:30am
Crypto exchange Poloniex has forced a password reset for all customers due to a leaked list of email addresses and passwords on Twitter. On Dec. 30, the exchange emailed its customers to inform them that a list of leaked email addresses and passwords could potentially be used to log in to Poloniex accounts. The exchange forced a password reset on...
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Sovereign Powers Could Be Key To Mass Crypto Adoption ( 12/27/2019 - 1:04pm
This post is part of CoinDesk’s 2019 Year in Review, a collection of 100 op-eds, interviews and takes on the state of blockchain and the world. Ryan Zurrer is founder of Dialectic, a Swiss-based crypto-asset firm focused on on-chain opportunities. Previously, he led investments at Polychain Capital and served as Chief Commercial Officer at the...
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Chain Reaction - IDEX's Alex Wearn: Scaling A Decentralized Exchange Through Optimized Optimistic Rollups ( 12/26/2019 - 7:47pm
Host Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Digital is joined by Alex Wearn, the co-founder and CEO of IDEX, a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum, to discuss the next version of the exchange and using optimized optimistic rollups to scale the exchange.Topics DiscussedIDEX 2.0 - UI improvements (faster and more performant) and a more efficient settlement...
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Blind Merged Mining for Bitcoin: efficient colored coins, experimental chains, and more ( 12/26/2019 - 12:46am
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BNB/ETH Trading Pair Added to Binance DEX ( 12/25/2019 - 11:24am
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has added the Binance Coin/Ether (BNB/ETH) trading pair to its decentralized exchange (DEX), according to a company announcement on Dec. 24. Last week’s proposal is this week’s launch The listing follows an initial proposal posted on the Binance community website a week ago by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, popularly...
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Looking Backward to Build the Future: How Academia Is Shifting Its Blockchain Focus ( 12/24/2019 - 11:05am
The predictions for 2019 were numerous: it was to be the year of the DAO, the year of the STO, the year of the decentralized exchange, the year of enterprise blockchain, and the year of dapps. All may ..., Blockchain, Colored Coins, Decentralized, Exchange,
Buterin: Binance DEX Should Be Criticized for Centralization, Not ETH ( 12/23/2019 - 4:22pm
Binance’s decentralized exchange Binance DEX is a “way better target” for criticism over being centralized than Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin believes
Binance, Binance, Binance DEX, Binance DEX, Bitcoin,, Centralized, Colored Coins, Decentralized, DEX, Ethereum, Exchange, worldnewsoffice
Buterin: Binance DEX Should Be Criticized for Centralization, Not ETH ( 12/23/2019 - 2:43pm
Binance’s decentralized exchange Binance DEX is a “way better target” for criticism over being centralized than Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin believes
Binance, Binance, Binance DEX, Binance DEX, Centralized, Cointelegraph,,, Colored Coins, Decentralized, DEX, Ethereum, Exchange
New Tor-Based DEX Platform, Bisq, Receives Millions In Trading Volumes ( 12/23/2019 - 9:10am
For the most part within the crypto industry, there are two camps when it comes to regulation. There is one camp that shuns any and all forms of it, declaring it as excessive and oppressive. Then, there is the other side: Which simply accepts it as the crypto industry “settling” in the financial world. As the world is slowly accepting and...
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Binance CEO Shares Thoughts on Privacy, Exchanges and Law Trickery ( 12/21/2019 - 1:28pm
Coinspeaker Binance CEO Shares Thoughts on Privacy, Exchanges and Law Trickery The news recently got a splash because of the Twitter user reporting transaction censorship. Binance Singapore froze his money because he was sending them to a Wasabi Wallet.CZ Answers on Espionage Allegations by Twitter CrowdsChangpeng pointed out that there are lots...
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Blockchain to Blockchain Transactions on ICTE ( 12/21/2019 - 5:55am
Coinspeaker Blockchain to Blockchain Transactions on ICTE Most exchanges offer a centralized trading environment – where they store your crypto on their wallets and let you trade via their order book. Centralized exchanges pose a threat of security, lower liquidity, and market manipulation.Decentralized exchanges, on the other hand, are more...
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Kyber Network Unveils Major Changes in Coming “Katalyst” Upgrade ( 12/17/2019 - 9:39am
The Kyber Network, the on-chain liquidity aggregator responsible for nearly 5 percent of all decentralized exchange (DEX) transactions on Ethereum to date, has big changes coming its way. On December 17th, the Kyber team unveiled Katalyst , a “major” protocol upgrade that will both refashion how key elements of the Kyber ecosystem operate and...
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WAVES and STRAT Among the Market Leaders in a Bearish Week, Dec. 16 ( 12/17/2019 - 4:10am
WAVES The WAVES cryptocurrency was one of the top performers on the week with a 43% gain. The move higher is in contrast to a disappointing year for the coin which saw a big rally in December last year but has failed to hold the gains. After moving from $1.25 to $4.75 in a three week period the coin has drifted lower all year and is ranked at...
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Ethereum DEX Uniswap: Liquidity Providers Just Earned $1 Million in Fees ( 12/16/2019 - 9:20am
In just one year’s time, Uniswap, an increasingly popular decentralized token exchange protocol on Ethereum, has racked up milestones and community accolades alike in becoming a keystone dApp in the early DeFi arena. Accordingly, it comes as no surprise that Uniswap has earned its next adoption milestone, with the decentralized exchange’s...,, Colored Coins, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, DEX, Distributed, Ether, Ethereum, Exchange, Liquidity, Long, Pair, Protocol, Shift, Smart contract, Token, USD, Viral, Volume, Waves
Stringent EU Policy Forces Simplecoin and ChopCoin to Shut Down (coinfo) 12/16/2019 - 8:20am
In less than four days after Bottle Pay announced that it would be shutting down operations due to its inability to comply with the stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations established by the European Union, two crypto-related firms made a similar move. According to official announcements published by the firms, mining pool, Simplecoin,...
Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Close, coinfo,, Colored Coins, Crypto, CryptoBridge, CryptoBridge, Decentralized, Exchange, KYC, Laundering, Mining, Mining Pool, Netherlands, Platform, Wallet
SIBEX and Paxos to Facilitate Gold Trading Across a Blockchain ( 12/16/2019 - 6:19am
SIBEX works as a decentralized exchange that allows professional traders to trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Thanks to this protocol, users retain ownership of assets during ..., Bitcoin, Blockchain, BTCMANAGER,, Colored Coins, Decentralized, Ethereum, Exchange, Gold, Precious Metals, Protocol, Tether, Tether
Tether Sponsored the Latest Omni Core Update: Report ( 12/16/2019 - 4:24am
"Major updates" to the protocol include "much faster indexing of transactions and the update to the decentralized exchange."
Colored Coins, Decentralized, Exchange,,, Omni, Protocol, Tether, Tether
Money on Chain: The New Breed of BTC-backed Stablecoins ( 12/12/2019 - 12:13pm
Stablecoins play a growing role of importance in the cryptocurrency industry. Despite new entrants coming to market, Tether remains the leader in this industry. Money On Chain, an up-and-coming stablecoin project, will try its hand at doing something completely different. Analyzing the Stablecoin Landscape A few years ago, no one expected the...
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WavesGo (WGO) Price Down 24.1% Over Last Week ( 12/11/2019 - 1:55pm
One WavesGo token can now be bought for $0.0104 or 0.00000143 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Tidex and Waves Decentralized Exchange. WavesGo has a total market cap of $78,176.00 and ..., Colored Coins, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange, Market,, Tidex, Tidex, Token, Waves, WavesGo
The Decentralized Exchange That's On Decentralized Infrastructure ( 12/11/2019 - 12:08pm
submitted by /u/decentralisebanksy [link] [comments]
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Atomic DEX - How the Komodo Decentralized Exchange enables atomic swaps ( 12/08/2019 - 8:12pm
Kadan Stadelmann is the Komodo Platform’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Kadan’s background includes coding from an early age which led to him becoming a white-hat hacker and operations security and penetration testing at the nation-state level. Komodo has conducted the world’s first web browser-based atomic swap and is expanding its...
Atomic Swap,,, Colored Coins, Decentralized, DEX, Exchange, Hackers, Komodo, Komodo Platform, Platform, Smart contract, Swap
OBITS 24 Hour Volume Reaches $179.00 (OBITS) ( 12/07/2019 - 2:57pm
With this kind of performance on a decentralized exchange, who needs risky centralized exchanges? Industrial Performance and Scalability – Graphene is capable of 100,000 TPS when we pay for the ..., Centralized, Colored Coins, Decentralized, Exchange, OBITS,, Volume
Digibyte Founder Continues Crusade Against Exchanges, Claims They Are Corrupt ( 12/06/2019 - 6:34pm
Jared Tate, the founder of Digibyte, had some harsh words for cryptocurrency exchanges recently. He claims they are counter to what Satoshi Nakamoto would have wanted. Jared Tate has been embroiled in a controversy that has left many in the cryptocurrency community divided. Recently, BeInCrypto reported, Tate publically said that Binance and Tron’...,, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Blockchain, CEO, Coinbase, Coinbase, Colored Coins, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Decred, Decred, DEX, DigiByte, DigiByte, Exchange, Important People, Komodo, Long, Market, Open Source, Poloniex, Poloniex, Satoshi Nakamoto, TRON, Volume, Whitepaper
Etherscan Launches Block Explorer for Ethereum 2.0 Testnet ( 12/06/2019 - 8:53am
The first stage of Ethereum 2.0 , Serenity “Phase 0,” is set to launch in early 2020. It’s a milestone some skeptics have said will never come. Yet Eth2 is indeed getting closer, whether people realize it or not. As a testament to that closeness, a new block explorer for a testnet version of the upgraded Ethereum has just arrived, showing how much...
Aurora, Beacon, Block, Block Explorer, Blockchain,,, Client, Colored Coins, Consensus, Decentralized, DEX, Ether, Ethereum, Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP), Exchange, Gas, Gas, Harmony, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Miners, Mining, Network, Platform, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Serve, Stakers, Testnet, Vaporware
Ethereum’s Top DEX Is Relaunching to Tap Istanbul’s Lower Gas Fees ( 12/05/2019 - 1:00pm
IDEX, the top decentralized exchange (DEX) for ERC-20 tokens in 2019, according to etherscan, is launching a new DEX on top of Rollup technology, a Layer 2 scalability protocol only made possible through Ethereum’s latest “Istanbul” hard fork. As part of the relaunch, a demo was released on Thursday.
Colored Coins, Decentralized, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), DEX,,, ERC-20, Ethereum, Exchange, Gas, Gas, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Protocol
Poloniex abruptly delists DigiByte coin after Twitter feud with its Founder ( 12/05/2019 - 3:47am
One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Poloniex, has been in the news lately following the acquisition of Tron’s decentralized exchange, TRXMarket. This news broke out soon after Tron Fo ...,, Coin, Colored Coins, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, DigiByte, DigiByte, Exchange, Poloniex, Poloniex, TRON
DigiByte Delisted from Poloniex After Project Founder Criticizes Exchange ( 12/05/2019 - 2:52am
United States-based digital assets exchange, Poloniex, has delisted the payments-focused cryptocurrency, DigiByte. The cryptocurrency community and those within the industry seem to think that the delisting is a consequence of a string of criticisms made by DigiByte founder, Jared Tate, aimed at TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun United States-based...
Altcoins, AXE,,, Binance, Binance, Blockchain, Centralized, CEO, Close, Colored Coins, Cred, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, DigiByte, DigiByte, Ethereum, Exchange, Important People, Long, Network, Platform, Poloniex, Poloniex, Token, TRON, United States
Waves Community Token Price Reaches $0.0691 on Exchanges (WCT) ( 12/05/2019 - 12:41am
One Waves Community Token token can now be bought for $0.0691 or 0.00000923 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Waves Decentralized Exchange and Tidex. Over the last week, Waves ..., Colored Coins, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Exchange,, Tidex, Tidex, Token, Waves, Waves Community Token
DigiByte Unlisted from Poloniex After Twitter Feud with Founder, Jared Tate ( 12/04/2019 - 8:34pm
Love or (more likely) hate him, Justin Sun and his many companies have made its mark on the crypto world. Recently, Justin Sun’s blockchain network, Tron, had its decentralized exchange, TRXMarket, ..., Blockchain, Colored Coins, Crypto, Decentralized, DigiByte, DigiByte, Exchange,, Network, Poloniex, Poloniex, TRON
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