Is Bitcoin’s Long-Term Price Uptrend Intact? Research Firm Says So ( 11/16/2019 - 3:30pm
Bitcoin (BTC) hasn’t been doing all too hot over the past five months. Since June, the leading cryptocurrency has cratered by almost 50%, collapsing from a year-to-date high of $14,000 to $8,500, where it sits today. BTC fell as low as $7,300 just three weeks ago. Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: RBC May Embrace Bitcoin, China Bashes...
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Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC/USD Runs Bearishly as the Price Floats Around $58 ( 11/16/2019 - 2:14pm
LTC Price Prediction – November 16 Litecoin (LTC) price moves towards the immediate support level as the recovery indicates stalling signs. LTC/USD Market Key Levels: Resistance levels: $64, $66, $68 Support levels: $52, $50, $48 LTCUSD – Daily Chart LTC/USD registers recovery with its intraday movement. The improvement in the trading price of the...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bull, Close, Coin,,, Litecoin, Market, Oversold, Pair, RSI, Short, Token, USD, Volatility, Volume
Interest in Bitcoin Versus Gold Surging for All Age Groups ( 11/16/2019 - 11:51am
The World Gold Council hit back at the high-profile Drop Gold campaign, arguing investors see crypto as risky and speculative. But do the figures support that assertion? The council released the results of a survey of 18,000 people in India, China, the U.S., Germany, Canada, and Russia designed to provide “valuable insights into what, how, why and...
Altcoins, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bull, Canada, Change, China, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Germany, Gold, India, International..., Long, Market, Portfolio, Precious Metals, Russia, Russia, Short, Stocks
Ripple (XRP): The Big Short or Not ( 11/16/2019 - 9:00am
XRP is the native token used in Ripple’s Blockchain, and it is one of the top ten large-cap, aka Blue Chip of the Altcoins. It is always a good idea to keep Blue Chip coins in your portfolio to make it more balanced. Price Analysis of XRP/USD: Ripple is currently hanging by a thin thread, … The post Ripple (XRP): The Big Short or Not appeared...
Altcoins, Blockchain, BLUE,,, Portfolio, Ripple, Short, Token, USD, XRP
CFTC Report: Non-commercial Interest in CME Bitcoin Futures in Net Short Position ( 11/16/2019 - 8:53am
Non-commercial interest in CME cash-settled futures drops, CFTC report. CME futures currently at a net short position, at 856 short open contracts. Bitcoin bears set to push the price below $8,500 USD. The overall Bitcoin futures market is on a slippery slope as interest in both institutional and retail investment drops to levels below the July...
Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cash,,, Futures, Long, Market, Short, Speech, USD
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Crashes Hard; Trades at the Lowest in Fortnight ( 11/16/2019 - 8:28am
Bitcoin Coin crashes even harder than Bitcoin price BCH/USD trades at the lowest price in the past 15 days Bitcoin Cash swings in the strong selling zone and has no grounded support from the short-term moving averages Almost all the major coins of the crypto market are recording losses for quite some time now. Similarly, … The post Bitcoin Cash (...
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Cash, Coin, Crypto,,, Market, Short, USD
Canaan’s US IPO Loses Credit Suisse, Aims to Launch at Smaller Valuation ( 11/16/2019 - 6:39am
The world’s second-largest Bitcoin mining machine maker, Canaan Inc.’s IPO will be smaller than previously expected. The company is downsizing the IPO to $400 million as it lost the support of Credit Suisse. What happened at Canaan? In an October filing for the initial public offering, the Chinese bitcoin mining manufacturer listed Credit Suisse...
Banking Cartel, Bitcoin, Bitmain, Bitmain, Burned, Canaan, Canaan, China, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Hong Kong,,, International..., IPO, Maker, Market, Mining, Short
Ethereum Price Decrease Could Spell Doom to Altcoins ( 11/16/2019 - 4:57am
The Ethereum network has been in preparation for the “Istanbul” hard fork, which is scheduled for the end of the year. Istanbul will be the latest fork before the network transitions to Ethereum 2.0 , scheduled to launch next year. Ethereum 2.0 will make the transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The Ethereum price has created a bearish...
Address, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Ethereum, Exchange, Long, Market, Network, Platform, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Work, RSI, Serve, Short
Eerily Accurate Fractal Suggests Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Fall 25% ( 11/16/2019 - 3:56am
While Bitcoin’s price seemingly moves without rhyme or reason — collapsing by dozens of percent and embarking on face-melting rallies on a whim — the cryptocurrency market is filled to the brim with fractals. Related Reading: Blockchain and Crypto: Binance CEO Has High Hopes for the Future A brief aside: A fractal, in the context of technical...
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How to Spot Bitcoin’s Golden or Death Cross Using Simple Moving Averages ( 11/15/2019 - 8:22pm
Understanding short-term and long-term moving averages (MAs) is important for trading strategies, whether for cryptocurrency or traditional assets. Two rare but powerful signals that traders look for ..., Bitcoin, CoinDesk,, Cryptocurrency, How To, Long, Short, Spot
US Veterinary Education Industry the Latest Adopting Blockchain Tech ( 11/15/2019 - 5:00pm
Thanks to a collaboration between IBM and a subsidiary of Ethos Veterinary Health, blockchain technology is coming to the veterinary education industry. The multinational technology firm will be working with VetBloom to create an immutable record of veterinary practitioners’ credentials.The platform already has several key collaborators. It will...
Blockchain, Canada, Cryptocurrency, Distributed,,, Ethos, IBM, Immutable, International..., Intl. Business Machines Corporation, Platform, Short, Walmart
US Veterinary Education Industry the Latest Adopting Blockchain Tech ( 11/15/2019 - 5:00pm
Thanks to a collaboration between IBM and a subsidiary of Ethos Veterinary Health, blockchain technology is coming to the veterinary education industry. The multinational technology firm will be working with VetBloom to create an immutable record of veterinary practitioners’ credentials. The platform already has several key collaborators. It will...
Blockchain, Canada, Cryptocurrency, Distributed, Ethos, IBM, Immutable, International..., Intl. Business Machines Corporation, NEWSBTC,,, Platform, Short, Walmart
Global debt to surpass $255 trillion this year. “Plan A” has failed, it’s time for “plan B” ( 11/15/2019 - 3:57pm
The global debt will reach a record of $255 trillion by the end of the year. That is $34,000 debt for each of the 7.5 billion people on the earth planet. This data according to a report released by the International Institute of Finance (IIF) on Thursday adding that by the end of the year the global debt will surpass $255 trillion. The report...,, Argentina, Bitcoin, Brazil, China, Fear Mongering, France, Germany, Greece, Important People, International..., Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Long, Market, President Trump, Short, South Africa, Spain, Trump, United States, Universe
Another Major Remittance Deal For Ripple: a Variable in Short Term XRP Price Trend? ( 11/15/2019 - 3:00pm
SBI Ripple Asia has just confirmed that it will be working with SBI Remit and Vietnam’s TPBank to facilitate remittance payments between Japan and Vietnam. The partnership will enable near-instant, low cost payments using the collaboration between Ripple Labs and SBI Holdings, RippleNet. Although the partnership is certainly encouraging for the...
Blockchain, CEO, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Distributed, Distributed Ledger, Equal, Gravity, Important People, International..., Japan, Ledger, Ledger, Market, NEWSBTC,,, Pair, Ripple, RippleNet, Short, United States, Vietnam, Volume, XRP
BNB Is Under Correction But May Resume Bullish Trend Soon ( 11/15/2019 - 1:21pm
BNB has been maintaining a bullish move for the past few weeks, but the price is now retracing near $20.5 support level. Binance Coin remains bullish on the hourly chart, but the bears may take over if the price drops below the ascending broadening wedge. Over the past few weeks, Binance Coin has witnessed substantial growth which has led the...
Binance, Binance, Binance Coin, Bull, Case, Coin, Correction, Cryptocurrency, Long, Market, Moon, NEWSBTC,,, Pair, RSI, Short, Swing, USD
VeChain Price Analysis VET / USD: Reemerging ( 11/15/2019 - 12:44pm
VeChain has a bullish short-term and medium-term trading outlook The four-hour time frame shows that an inverted head and shoulders pattern has been triggered The daily time frame is still showing a large head and shoulders pattern VeChain is surging higher, with the VET / USD pair adding over 20% to its trading value, following a major bullish...
Block, Breakout, Coin, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,,, Cryptocurrency, Gains, How To, Long, Pair, Serve, Short, Ticker, USD, VeChain
DeFi: Crypto Lending Firm Compound Raises $25 Million From Andreessen Horowitz ( 11/15/2019 - 10:50am
Compound , the crypto lending money market platform based on the Ethereum platform, has received $25 million to expand its activities in a Serie A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, an investment giant and one of the most visible investors of Coinbase amongst other flagship cryptocurrency and blockchain projects like Ripple. Their lending is...
Bear, Blockchain, Bull, Coinbase, Coinbase,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dominance, Ethereum, Gains, Market, Platform, Protocol, Ripple, Seed, Short, Staking, XRP
Tron (TRX) Submits to General Moods ( 11/15/2019 - 10:14am
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex On Friday, November 15th, the TRX is declining, trading around $0.0193. At the same time, this week turned out to be rather neutral for the cryptocurrency. On H4, TRX/USD is developing a mid-term uptrend after a convergence and Gold Cross on the MACD. The short-term view of this picture reveals a...
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Bitcoin Price Breaks Below $8,500, Are Bears In Complete Control? ( 11/15/2019 - 10:11am
Following the crypto asset’s historic 40% rally at the end of October, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap is once again bearish, and Bitcoin price has now broken below $8,500. Are bears back in charge completely, and if so, how far can Bitcoin price drop from here? Bitcoin Price Falls Below $8,500, Can Bulls Defend Once Again? This morning,...
Bear, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bull, Bull Trap, Change, China, Correction, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, DECENT, Defense, FOMO, Halving, Market, Miners, Mining, Narrative, NEWSBTC,,, Short, Spot, Volume
Bitcoin [BTC] Price Logs Bearish Shooting Star – How Important is break Above $8,800? ( 11/15/2019 - 10:10am
Bitcoin [BTC] bulls record another failed attempt at a break-out. This time, forming a bearish candle in the process – a shooting star. The selling pressure has been increasing consistently as we come close to a break-out. While bulls seemed to take charge earlier today, the price failed to break-out. BTC/USD 1-Day Chart on Bitstamp ( TradingView...
Bear, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Bitfinex, Bitfinex, BitMEX, BitMEX, Bitstamp, Bitstamp, Close,,, Long, Market, OKEx, OKEx, OKEx, Short, USD, Volume
XRP Market Update: Ripple’s XRP Trend of Minor Losses ( 11/15/2019 - 10:00am
Coinspeaker XRP Market Update: Ripple’s XRP Trend of Minor Losses Current fundamentals show that the majority of crypto-currencies move widely in a range, extending their lateral trade, without showing any significant gain in the short term.The total market capitalization of cryptocurrency currently stands at about $ 238 billion, while Bitcoin...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Breakout, Close, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Debit Card, Digital Currency, Ledger, Ledger, Market, Pair, Ripple, Short, SIX, Volatility, XRP
Bitcoin Analysis for 2019-11-15 [Premium] ( 11/15/2019 - 9:48am
The Bitcoin price is trading near the end of a descending wedge. Due to the strong bullish divergence and a confluence of support, it has likely begun an upward move which will eventually lead to a breakout. Bitcoin Price Highlights The Bitcoin price is trading inside a descending wedge. The 100- and 200-day moving averages (MA) have almost made a...
Address, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Breakout, Exchange, Market, RSI, Short
RH Short Sellers Decimated as Warren Buffett Announces Stake in the Company ( 11/15/2019 - 9:46am
Warren Buffett buys a significant stake in furniture retailer RH. The stock is up big in after-hours trading and bulls are rejoicing. About 36% of RH shares are sold short and they are about to get toasted. RH (NYSE:RH), formerly known as Restoration Hardware, is a company that has a history of battling short sellers. […] The post RH Short Sellers...,, Decimated, Short
Bitcoin Falls Through Key Average as Traditional Markets Hit Record Highs ( 11/15/2019 - 9:42am
The daily RSI shows that momentum slowing, which could hint at greater selling pressure in the short term. Bitcoin (BTC) is at risk of another sell-off after its price fell beneath a key moving ..., Bitcoin,, RSI, Short
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Dances To The Sound Victory Drums, All Eyes On $0.30 ( 11/15/2019 - 9:28am
Ripple bulls wake up after finding support above $0.26; the nurtured momentum targets $0.30. Technical signals and indicators align for an action-filled weekend session. Ripple has come under heavy battering from the bears since week started. A lower high pattern had become the norm. The struggle to stay above $0.28 and $0.27 support areas did...
Breakout, Change,,, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Ripple, RSI, Short, Spot, USD, Volume, XRP
Bitcoin Falls Through Key Average As Traditional Markets Hit Record Highs ( 11/15/2019 - 8:55am
The daily RSI shows that momentum slowing, which could hint at greater selling pressure in the short term. Bitcoin (BTC) is at risk of another sell-off after its price fell beneath a key moving ..., Bitcoin, CoinDesk,, RSI, Short
Indian Community Rejoices as Government Pulls Bill to Ban Crypto from Winter Parliament ( 11/15/2019 - 8:00am
The Indian government released the list of bills they plan on presenting in the parliament’s winter session, and to the surprise of the Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem, the bill to ban virtual currencies was not on the list. While this is good news for the domestic industry in the short term, it is unknown if they Read More Read More . The post by...
Bitcoin, Blockchain, BTCMANAGER,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Short
Bitcoin (BTC) Death Cross on the 4 hr Chart, Fall Imminent? ( 11/15/2019 - 7:38am
Warning sirens have been sounded. As observed by one key Bitcoin (BTC) price enthusiast, the dreaded “Death Cross” has formed on the 4HR time frame of the BTC/USD technical price chart. The Death Cross is interpreted by chartists as a pointer that signals the beginning price slumps. In the 4HR chart, the 50-day moving average has fallen below the...
Bitcoin, Blockchain, BTCS, BTCS, BTCS Inc, Case, China, Coin,,, Constant, Halving, Long, Market, Short, USD, Zero
Throwback! One Year Ago, 50% Bitcoin Price Dump to $3,000 Began ( 11/15/2019 - 7:00am
One year ago yesterday (November 14th, 2018), the price of Bitcoin (BTC) began to tank. During that day, the cryptocurrency fell from $6,200 — where it had held for a majority of the summer months — to $5,500, a 12% drop that was the worst daily performance for the asset in over two months. It is now November 15th, 2019. What happened during that...
Altcoins, Bakkt, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, Bull, Case, Cash, China, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Custodial, Dump, Dumping, Exchange, Facebook, Futures, Hash, Important People, Libra, Long, Mainstream Media, Market, Miners, Mining, NEWSBTC,,, Platform, Short, Trump
Bitcoin Turns Out to be a Disgrace as it Tests Imminent Supports ( 11/15/2019 - 6:55am
Bitcoin surrounds itself around the major support area at $8,500 BTC price faces a strong selling pressure There will be a persistent bearish line formed if the price falls below $8,400, the lowest in the said time frame Bitcoin (BTC) is considered a mighty investment for the long-term; however, the short-term is a complete disgrace … The post...
Bitcoin,,, Long, Short
Bitcoin Price at ‘Huge Risk’ of Crashing to $7,300 ( 11/15/2019 - 5:24am
A recent prediction by veteran trader, Elixium, warns that Bitcoin is at a major risk of seeing yet another price crash. This time, towards the $7,300 level if bulls don’t push back soon. Bitcoin’s performance in the first half of 2019 brought back a lot of investors with fresh optimism that crypto winter had passed. Bitcoin price finally peaked...
Bitcoin,,, Blockchain, Case, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dump, Ethereum, Long, Magnet, Market, Short, Steep, Volume
Binance’s Weibo P2P Trading Account Reportedly Shut Down ( 11/15/2019 - 4:52am
Binance’s P2P exchange platform in China was met with much controversy when announced. It now seems that one of its payment processors, Weibo, has shut down the service completely. Last month, Binance announced an over-the-counter P2P platform for Chinese residents. It was a means by which its citizens could purchase cryptocurrencies through...
Address, Alipay, Altcoins,,, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, CEO, China, Exchange, Important People, Platform, Short
Bitcoin weekly forecast: In the middle of nowhere ( 11/15/2019 - 2:31am
Lack of upside momentum and bull's inability to take the price above $9,000 bodes ill for bitcoin's short-term forecasts. The cryptocurrency universe runs its course with no fanfare and little ..., Bitcoin, Bull, Cryptocurrency,, Short, Universe
Bitcoin Bull Runs Always Preceded by 3 Phases of Miner Capitulation ( 11/15/2019 - 2:28am
Economists have long suspected a correlation between Bitcoin’s price action and its hash rate. Now, it appears there is a way to predict the market by looking at what happens when Bitcoin’s difficulty is negatively adjusted as hash rate drops. According to a recent analysis performed by PlanB ( @100trillionUSD ), there appears to be a direct...
Address, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, BLUE, Bull, Difficulty, Exchange, Hash, Long, Market, Miners, Mining, Short, Yellow
Cryptocurrency Long And Short Signals, Charts: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Crypto (MCO), Zcash (ZEC) - Exchange Rates UK ( 11/15/2019 - 2:05am
Cryptocurrency Long And Short Signals, Charts: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Crypto (MCO), Zcash (ZEC) Exchange Rates UK
Bitcoin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Exchange,, Long, Short, Zcash, Zcash
Hodling Bitcoin Is the Best Strategy, Research Shows ( 11/15/2019 - 12:21am
Most of Bitcoin’s upside happens on just a few days annually. HODLing is the best strategy to not miss out, according to Binance Research. Binance Research has put out some stats on why HODLing remains a viable, if not the best, strategy in the current cryptocurrency market. This is primarily due to the fact that major market moves for Bitcoin...
Absolute, Address, Altcoins,,, Binance, Binance, Bitcoin, Burned, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Gains, HODL, Market, Short
Two Reasons This Crypto Has Already Revolutionized the Industry ( 11/14/2019 - 11:46pm
There's no single event that could possibly be bigger than that – at least, short of a dollar collapse or a government adopting bitcoin. It would rewrite the rules of money. That's exactly what ..., Bitcoin, Crypto,, Fear Mongering, Short
Chainlink’s Bearish Head and Shoulders Identified by Analyst ( 11/14/2019 - 11:31pm
Oracle for Startups has been collaborating with Chainlink in order to develop a blockchain project for startups. The goal of this project is to create an ecosystem in which startups are able to generate revenue from smart contracts that are executed on the blockchain. As a part of this project, the first 20 startups have already been selected...
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20 Billion Euro Pump, Disney’s Content Subscription and the Fed: eToro Market Update ( 11/14/2019 - 11:00pm
20 Billion Euro Pump, Disney’s Content Subscription and the Fed: eToro Market Update Hi Everyone, The economic landscape has undergone a radical swing from an expected recession to a somewhat stable footing in a very short time. In his speech yesterday, the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, aka the man who controls most of […] The post 20...
Banking Cartel,,, HODL, Market, Short, Speech, Swing
Meet the Unknown Fund: Donating $75M Bitcoin to Privacy Initiatives ( 11/14/2019 - 10:48pm
As you likely know, the data of citizens are being pushed into the hands of a small set of companies. And this isn’t good. The oil of the 21st century, data is what drives today’s society; everything you do online is logged and used—often under the guise of “improving your life.” Sometimes, services don’t even ask for permission when gathering...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain,,, Bull, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Donate Bitcoins, Equal, Sense, Short, United States
Bitcoin Fell 50% From $6,000 in 2018 After this Key Signal Lit, and it’s Flashing Again ( 11/14/2019 - 9:40pm
The final nail was just put in the coffin of bulls. An indicator that tracks the health of the Bitcoin (BTC) mining ecosystem has just flashed bearish for the first time in a year, signaling impending capitulation. Related Reading: Bitcoin Open Interest May Act as Rocket Fuel for Explosive Bull Movement Bitcoin Miners Ready to Capitulate Just last...
Bear, Bitcoin, Bull, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Difficulty, Hash, Market, Miners, Mining, Network, NEWSBTC,,, Short, SIX
Falling Bitcoin Dominance May Lead Spectacular Altcoin Returns ( 11/14/2019 - 6:58pm
Drops in Bitcoin dominance coinciding with drops in its price may act as a strong leading indicator for short-term altcoin gains. A look at the data shows promising results. A peculiar event happened last week — as BTC’s price decreased, so did its dominance. Such a development goes against this year’s trend of ever-increasing Bitcoin dominance...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins, Bitcoin, CoinGecko, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Dominance, Gains, Long, Market, ROI, Short
Why BITCOIN looks bearish in the short term Cisco, Walmart, NVIDIA stock analysis 11/14/2019 - 6:55pm

Bitcoin, Short, Walmart,,
Federal Reserve Loaned Equivalent of 12.7M Bitcoins to Bailout Banks (In One Day) ( 11/14/2019 - 6:10pm
With the potential for an economic crisis intensifying, global central bankers are having to work overtime to ensure some stability. This has led to the Federal Reserve stepping in to add $111.9 billion to the financial markets to help with liquidity. To put that into a cryptocurrency perspective, the Fed just shelled out 12.7 million BTC to the...
Address, Altcoins, Banking Cartel,,, Bitcoin, Bubble, Bubble, Case, Cash, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, Economic Crisis, Exchange, Important People, Liquidity, Market, REPO, Short, Trump
Ciner Resources LP (NYSE:CINR) Short Interest Down 60.7% in October ( 11/14/2019 - 3:49pm
See Also: What is Blockchain? Receive News & Ratings for Ciner Resources Daily - Enter your email address below to receive a concise daily summary of the latest news and analysts' ratings for Ciner ...
Address,, Blockchain, Short,
XRP Down 16% Since Swell, Can Price Recover? ( 11/14/2019 - 12:13pm
Ripple’s XRP not only failed to rally during the highly anticipated Swell conference this year, but actually sank by 16% shortly after. But can the price recover, or will see the asset slump even further? XRP Eyes $0.25 in Current Trend The XRP market price is among the few to mark double-digit drop since the start of 2019, extending the losses to...
Altcoin, Altcoin, Altcoins,,, Burned, Case, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Debit Card, Dump, Dumping, Exchange, Inflation, Liquid, Liquid, Market, Ripple, Short, Stellar, Stellar, Tether, Tether, Token, USD, XRP, ZB, ZB.COM, ZB.COM
OKEx Expands Derivatives Line With Tether-Margined Bitcoin Futures ( 11/14/2019 - 12:00pm
Malta-based, OKEx, which describes itself as ‘the world’s largest futures cryptocurrency exchange’, has just expanded its product offering, to include Tether-Margined Bitcoin Futures. The launch follows a successful simulation period, which began on Nov 5. Advantages Of Using Tether The new BTC/USDT futures product is a virtual derivative, quoted...
Altcoins, Bakkt, Bitcoin,,, BitMEX, BitMEX, CEO, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Derivative, EOS, Exchange, Fiat, Futures, Important People, Leverage, Long, Malta, Market, OKEx, OKEx, OKEx, Short, Spot, Swap, Tether, Tether, USD, Volume
Former ECB President’s Statement Shows Bitcoin Does Have Impact on the Economy ( 11/14/2019 - 11:58am
While many enthusiasts offer a bullish assessment of the future of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the ways it can be used to replace or supplement fiat currency, the coins have received mixed reactions from central banks across the globe. Now, former European Central Bank (ECB) president Jean-Claude Trichet has slammed cryptocurrencies —...
Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin, Coin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Facebook, Fiat, International..., Libra, Market, NEWSBTC,,, Option, Short, SIX, USD, Volatility, Yen
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