Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC/USD Runs Bearishly as the Price Floats Around $58 ( 11/16/2019 - 2:14pm
LTC Price Prediction – November 16 Litecoin (LTC) price moves towards the immediate support level as the recovery indicates stalling signs. LTC/USD Market Key Levels: Resistance levels: $64, $66, $68 Support levels: $52, $50, $48 LTCUSD – Daily Chart LTC/USD registers recovery with its intraday movement. The improvement in the trading price of the...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bull, Close, Coin,,, Litecoin, Market, Oversold, Pair, RSI, Short, Token, USD, Volatility, Volume
Crypto Tidbits: RBC May Embrace Bitcoin, China Bashes Cryptocurrency, Ethereum DeFi Booming ( 11/16/2019 - 2:00pm
Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits . The past seven days were rather painful for Bitcoin (BTC), with the leading cryptocurrency tumbling by some 4% according to Coin360. Altcoins have posted similar losses. As of the time of writing this, BTC is trading for $8,500, seemingly poised to break down further as bulls fail to step in...
0x, Abra, Altcoins, Bakkt, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin SV, Blockchain, Canada, Centralized, CEO, China, Coin, CoinDesk, Cosmos, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Dai, Decentralized, Donate Bitcoins, Ethereum, Exchange, Hyper, Important People, Innovations, MakerDAO, Market, NEWSBTC,,, Platform, Spy Grid, Startup, Token, USD, USD Coin
Former BitPay Dev Tackles Holy Grail of Merchant Adoption with CashChannels for Recurring Payments ( 11/16/2019 - 11:14am
TL;DR: Former BitPay developer Jason Dreyzehner announced CashChannels, which he claims is “a noncustodial, privacy-preserving, flexibly-denominated recurring payments” wallet tool built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Recurring payments have bedeviled the crypto world for a while, and the potential of solving its riddle has giant implications...
Balance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash, BitPay, Cash, CEO, Change, Coin,,, CoinText, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, DYOR, ERC20, Ethereum, Fiat, Important Companies, Important People, Ledger, Ledger, Market, Network, Portfolio, Protocol, Satoshi Nakamoto, Token, Universe, Wallet, WARP
Ethereum 2.0’s Proof of Stake Could Be Classified as a Security, Says CFTC Chairman ( 11/16/2019 - 10:10am
In a recent interview with the Commodity and Futures Commission (CFTC), chairman Heath Tarbert cast doubt on Ethereum 2.0’s future legal status in regards to U.S. law. The warning is directly related to the block validation planned for the platform’s upcoming upgrade. Tarbert told the audience during the interview that the previously held view...
Address, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Block, Blockchain, Change, CoinDesk, Decentralized, EOS, Ethereum, Exchange, Futures, Important People, Innovations, Market, Mining, Platform, Proof of Stake, Proof of Work, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Token, TRON, Wings
XRP is down 16% since Swell What’s next for XRP? ( 11/16/2019 - 9:50am
XRP has failed to make the splash that many pundits within the cryptospace have been expecting it to in recent times. Since Ripple Labs Inc Swell event which took place earlier this month at the nation -State of Singapore the token has failed to meet the expectations of investors, XRP fans worldwide and even the general cryptocurrency community...
Altcoins, Blockchain, Bull, Burned, Case, Cloud, Crypto, Cryptocurrency,,, Escrow, Ethereum, Fiat, Gains, Market, Network, Platform, Ripple, RippleNet, Shift, Singapore, Splash, Stellar, Stellar, Token, XRP
Ripple (XRP): The Big Short or Not ( 11/16/2019 - 9:00am
XRP is the native token used in Ripple’s Blockchain, and it is one of the top ten large-cap, aka Blue Chip of the Altcoins. It is always a good idea to keep Blue Chip coins in your portfolio to make it more balanced. Price Analysis of XRP/USD: Ripple is currently hanging by a thin thread, … The post Ripple (XRP): The Big Short or Not appeared...
Altcoins, Blockchain, BLUE,,, Portfolio, Ripple, Short, Token, USD, XRP
Blockchain Certified Data Token Reaches 24 Hour Trading Volume of $71.00 (BCDT) ( 11/16/2019 - 8:27am
In the last seven days, Blockchain Certified Data Token has traded up 1.9% against the US dollar. One Blockchain Certified Data Token token can currently be bought for $0.0240 or 0.00000281 BTC on ..., Blockchain, Blockchain Certified Data Token,, Token, Volume
Zebi (ZCO) Price Tops $0.0019 on Exchanges ( 11/16/2019 - 7:55am
Over the last week, Zebi has traded down 21.6% against the U.S. dollar. One Zebi token can currently be purchased for $0.0019 or 0.00000022 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including DDEX, IDEX ..., Cryptocurrency, DDEX, DDEX, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX,, Token, Zebi
MakerDAO Project is Launching Multi-collateral Dai on ( 11/16/2019 - 6:15am
According to the recent announcements, the MakerDAO project will launch its token, Multi-Collateral Dai (Dai), on November 18, 2019. Existing Single-collateral Dai (Sai) will be converted to Multi-Collateral Dai after its release. This token will be launched on the application. will support the Migration to Multi...
Crypto,,,,, Dai, MakerDAO, Token
DAOBet Launches BET Token Swap for Holders ( 11/16/2019 - 6:13am
The iGaming market is a fast-growing sector offering many opportunities to both developers and players. Now, aided with the transparency and safety of blockchain, the market is set to grow and add more value to the users. DAOBet is currently focused on this market and is set to deliver a dedicated blockchain design to serve the online iGaming...
Address,,, Block, Blockchain, Change, Cryptocurrency, DAO.Casino, Decentralized, ERC-20, ERC20, Ethereum, Exchange, Gas, Gas, International..., Mainnet, Market, Network, Platform, QR Code, Serve, Staking, Swap, Token, Wallet
Chromia (CHR) One Day Volume Hits $12.84 Million ( 11/16/2019 - 6:11am
One Chromia token can now be bought for approximately $0.0216 or 0.00000253 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Here is how related cryptocurrencies have performed over the last 24 hours: Chromia ...
Altcoins,, Chromia, Cryptocurrency,, Token, Volume
Cardano Vs. EOS: Weiss Ratings Compares The Platforms  ( 11/16/2019 - 5:54am
Weiss Ratings just compared the smart contract platforms Cardano and EOS. You probably know by now that EOS launched its blockchain last year, and the ratings agency said that Cardano now has the edge after they launched their incentivized testnet. “Cardano is clearly superior to #EOS. EOS was first to market, but it’s becoming increasingly clear...
Balance, Block, Blockchain, Cardano, Coin, Crypto, EOS, HODL, ICO, Long, Market,,, Platform, Smart contract, Staking, Testnet, Token, Wallet
P2P Global Network (P2PX) Market Cap Hits $25,149.00 ( 11/16/2019 - 5:18am
One P2P Global Network token can currently be purchased for about $0.0007 or 0.00000008 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including P2PB2B and Coinlim. P2P Global Network has a market capitalization of ..., Coinlim, Coinlim, Cryptocurrency, Market, Network, Network Token, P2PB2B, P2PB2B,, Token
China Orders “Rectification” of Shanghai Crypto Sector, Shutdowns Expected ( 11/16/2019 - 4:59am
The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Shanghai Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau have ordered securities regulators in Shanghai to identify cryptocurrency exchanges, token issuers, and ..., China,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Token
Chinese VeChain Tea Traceability Platform Gets Official Seal of Approval ( 11/16/2019 - 4:45am
A tea traceability platform powered by VeChain received an official endorsement from the Shuangjiang county government at its launch on Nov. 13. VeChain partnered with leading tea producers in the region to implement the traceability platform. The entire lifecycle of a tea brick from raw material to the consumer will be recorded on the VeChainThor...
Blockchain, China,,, Gains, Innovations, Platform, Pure, QR Code, Token, Traceability ..., VeChain
BBC Allegedly Links $450 Million Missing Cryptoassets from WEX to the Russian FSB ( 11/16/2019 - 4:43am
Coinspeaker BBC Allegedly Links $450 Million Missing Cryptoassets from WEX to the Russian FSB In what seems like a story out of spy movies, the Russian service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has allegedly linked about $450 million of missing crypto assets from the long moribund cryptocurrency exchange Wex with to Russia Federal...
Altcoins, Bitcoin Exchanges, Close,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Fear Mongering, Greece, Italy, Laundering, Long, Mainstream Media, Rucoin, Russia, Russia, SIX, Token, United States, USD, Volume
Tether Fights Back, Dismisses Weak Lawsuits ( 11/16/2019 - 3:50am
The company behind the dominant stablecoin , Tether, has just notified the US District Court in New York’s Southern District of its intent to file a motion to dismiss its outstanding lawsuits. Tether (USDT) is the world’s largest stablecoin, but also one that has faced controversy, accusations of manipulation, centralization, and more. The company...
Bitcoin,,, Case, Cryptocurrency, Market, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, Token, United States
MASTERNET Price Reaches $0.0002 on Top Exchanges (MASH) ( 11/16/2019 - 3:40am
One MASTERNET token can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0002 or 0.00000003 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including STEX and Livecoin. MASTERNET has a market cap of $7,174.00 and ..., Cryptocurrency, Livecoin, Livecoin, Market, MASTERNET, STEX, STEX, STEX,, Token
LIVE $1,000 In BCH and Monarch Token giveaway! Crypto, Bitcoin, Blockchain AMA and MORE! 11/16/2019 - 3:14am

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto, Token,,
DAOBet Token Swap on Mainnet - Get Your Native BET Tokens Now! ( 11/15/2019 - 10:23pm
With the mainnet of the DAOBet blockchain now about to go live, the gaming solutions provider has now announced a Token Swap event, for all BET token holders to migrate over to the native DAOBet ..., Blockchain,, Mainnet, Swap, Token
Ethereum Is More Usable and Functional Than Ever, New Data Shows ( 11/15/2019 - 10:20pm
As Ethereum barrels towards major upgrades in the coming months, people have been leveling all kinds of concerns and complaints towards the ‘World Computer’ blockchain. However, despite the sentiment that no one is using Ethereum, data recorded from Coinmetrics says otherwise. Ethereum will soon be moving to a Proof-of-Stake algorithm in order to...
Address, Algorithm, Altcoins,,, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cardano, Cryptocurrency, EOS, ERC-20, ERC20, Ethereum, Exchange, Flippening, Gravity, Market, Narrative, NEO, Network, Platform, Proof-of-Stake, Scam, Stellar, Stellar, Token
PODCAST After Satoshi & Gavin, Jeff Garzik was Bitcoin’s Most Prolific Coder: Looking Back, the Present, and Toward the Future ( 11/15/2019 - 9:36pm
TL;DR: After Satoshi Nakamoto and Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik was the most prolific coder to Bitcoin Core in its early years. In fact, from Android phones to mining software, Garzik’s work is still very much in use today. We snagged him to talk about his time with Bitcoin Core, where crypto is now, and his vision for the future with his company,...
Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bloq, Cash, CEO, Change, Coin,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, DYOR, Important People, Long, Metronome, Mining, Satoshi Nakamoto, Shilling, Shilling, Token, WARP
When USDC "Token Age Consumed" Spikes, Bitcoin Falls! ( 11/15/2019 - 8:01pm
submitted by /u/BrianAtSantiment [link] [comments]
Bitcoin, https://www.reddit.comCryptoCurrency,, Token, twitter.com
Nervos Mainnet Goes Live Following $72 Million Token Sale ( 11/15/2019 - 6:21pm
Nervos, a proof-of-stake challenger to Bitcoin, had its mainnet go live. The release comes on the heels of its $72 million token sale. The Nervos CKB mainnet Lina just went live. The projects is attempting to solve the scalability issues faced by proof-of-work blockchains. Bitcoin, for example, is often criticized for its relatively high...
Bitcoin, Blockchain, China, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, International..., LINA, Mainnet, Mainstream Media, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Work, Pure, Serve, Token
The DAOBet Native BET Token Swap is Underway! ( 11/15/2019 - 6:21pm
In a move focused on continually providing a better experience than others in the iGaming market, DAOBet has announced the token swap from Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens to native blockchain-based BET Tokens. Why Is a Swap Happening And How To Swap? While Ethereum has network security that can only be outmatched by Bitcoin, it is still a platform...
Address, Bitcoin, Block, Blockchain, EOS, ERC-20, ERC20, Ethereum, Gas, Gas, Hackers, Hash, How To, International..., Market, Network, Platform, QR Code, Serve, Swap,,, Token
Hackers at ‘Anonymous’ $75M Bitcoin Privacy Grant, China Army Crypto, DeFi Raises $25 Million ( 11/15/2019 - 5:33pm
TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Anonymous will give $75 million in Bitcoin to privacy-focused initiatives. Chinese soldiers could be rewarded with cryptocurrency. DeFi company Compound raises $25 million. Unstoppable Domains launches a $1 million grant program, and SAI token to be listed by the Bitcoin...
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges,, Blockchain, Case, CEO, Change, China, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, CoinFLEX,,, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized, DYOR, Exchange, Futures, Hackers, Important People, Kraken, Kraken, KYC, Platform, Startup, Swap, Token, Venture Capital, WARP
Safex Enters Public Beta, Gearing Up for Global Launch of Decentralized Marketplace ( 11/15/2019 - 5:16pm
Online marketplaces and international borderless transactions are one area where blockchain technology seems to have an absolute surety in future applications. This potential was identified early on by blockchain enthusiasts and opportunists and thus, during the peak of the 2017 Bitcoin bull run, many decentralized marketplace models were...
Absolute, Address, API, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Bull, Cash, Coin, Decentralized, Hash, International..., Platform, Protocol, Safex Token, SURETY,,, Token
Credits (CS) Price Reaches $0.0821 on Major Exchanges ( 11/15/2019 - 4:03pm
In the last seven days, Credits has traded 3.7% lower against the dollar. One Credits token can now be bought for about $0.0821 or 0.00000964 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including IDEX, Kucoin, ..., Credits, Credits (CS), Cryptocurrency, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Kucoin, Kucoin,, Token
SmartMesh Achieves Market Cap of $6.11 Million (SMT) ( 11/15/2019 - 4:02pm
One SmartMesh token can currently be purchased for $0.0046 or 0.00000053 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including, HitBTC and Huobi. Over the last week, SmartMesh has traded up 11.7% against ..., Cryptocurrency,,, HitBTC, HitBTC, Huobi, Huobi, Market, SmartMesh,, Token
Maker Makes a Mess of DAI With New Naming Convention ( 11/15/2019 - 3:35pm
MakerDAO is upgrading its Maker (MKR) protocol, wherein Multi-Collateral DAI (MCD) will be implemented. However, the upgrade transition might not go as smoothly as expected. More Assets to Create DAI MakerDAO’s MCD has been proposed to add new assets eligible as collateral for DAI – the system’s dollar-pegged stablecoin. Until now, only Ether (ETH...
0x, Address, Altcoins, Augur, Augur, Basic Attention Token,,, Bitcoin, Change, Coin, Coinbase, Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, Dai, Decentralized, DigixDAO, Ether, Ethereum, Exchange, Golem, Maker, MakerDAO, Market, OmiseGO, Option, Protocol, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Tether, Tether, Ticker, Token, Wallet
Bitbook Gambling (BXK) Price Tops $0.19 on Exchanges ( 11/15/2019 - 3:20pm
One Bitbook Gambling token can now be purchased for about $0.19 or 0.00002292 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including CoinTiger and Coinlim. Over the last week, Bitbook Gambling has traded ..., Coinlim, Coinlim, CoinTiger, CoinTiger, Cryptocurrency,, Token
Consensus (SEN) Hits 24 Hour Trading Volume of $191.00 ( 11/15/2019 - 2:49pm
One Consensus token can currently be bought for about $0.0007 or 0.00000009 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Ethfinex, Tidex and IDEX. Over the last seven days, Consensus has traded up ..., Consensus, Consensus (SEN), Cryptocurrency, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX,, Tidex, Tidex, Token, Volume
FintruX Network Tops 24-Hour Trading Volume of $1,926.00 (FTX) ( 11/15/2019 - 2:19pm
One FintruX Network token can currently be purchased for $0.0076 or 0.00000089 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including HitBTC, IDEX, Bancor Network and Liquid. In the last seven days, ...
Bancor, Bancor Network, Bancor Network,, Cryptocurrency, FintruX Network, HitBTC, HitBTC, IDEX, IDEX, IDEX, Liquid, Liquid,, Network, Network Token, Token, Volume
Coinbase and Coinbase Pro plan to support multi-collateral DAI ( 11/15/2019 - 2:02pm
On November 18th, Maker will be launching the multi-collateral DAI stablecoin, upgrading their current single-collateral DAI.Multi-collateral DAI introduces changes to the existing DAI stablecoin. In single collateral DAI (the current form of DAI), only Ethereum can be used as collateral when creating DAI. With multi-collateral DAI, both Ethereum..., Coinbase, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Pro,, Dai, ERC20, Ethereum, Maker, Stablecoin, StableCoin, Token, Wallet
After SEC settlements, 3 firms have missed deadlines to repay investors or register tokens as securities ( 11/15/2019 - 1:44pm
After reaching settlements with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), two Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects have failed to meet the initial deadline to repay investors, while a third delayed registering its tokens as securities, per a Wall Street Journal report . Blockchain projects Airfox and Paragon, which were sued by the SEC over...
Altcoins, Blockchain, Coin, Exchange, ICO, ICOS, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Mainstream Media, Paragon, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),,, Token
Ignoring the SEC, Telegram Tokens Remain a Risky Proposition ( 11/15/2019 - 1:11pm
The Telegram Open Network under pressure from the Securities Exchange Commission for allegedly conducting an unregistered security sale, with a court hearing scheduled for 2020. But even if TON successfully defends its case there are other issues that may worry potential investors. TON is reaching for ambitious technological goals. However,...
Blockchain, Case, Crypto, Crypto Briefing,,, Ethereum, Exchange, Inflation, Japan, Liquid, Liquid, Mainnet, Market, Network, Platform, Telegram Open Network, Telegram Open Network, Token
Zeusshield (ZSC) Trading Up 8.6% This Week ( 11/15/2019 - 12:49pm
One Zeusshield token can now be purchased for about $0.0005 or 0.00000006 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including, HitBTC and LBank. In the last seven days, Zeusshield has traded 8.6% ..., Cryptocurrency,,, HitBTC, HitBTC, Lbank, Lbank,, Token, Zeusshield
GeoCoin (GEO) Reaches One Day Trading Volume of $3,609.00 ( 11/15/2019 - 12:27pm
One GeoCoin token can currently be bought for approximately $0.22 or 0.00002646 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Bittrex and Cryptopia. GeoCoin has a market cap of $713,829.00 and ..., Bittrex, Bittrex, Cryptocurrency, GeoCoin, Market,, Token, Volume
Eidoo (EDO) Hits Market Cap of $15.32 Million ( 11/15/2019 - 12:14pm
One Eidoo token can currently be purchased for $0.29 or 0.00003421 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, HitBTC, OKEx and Ethfinex. In the last seven days, Eidoo has traded down 1 ...
Binance, Binance,, Cryptocurrency, Eidoo, Eidoo, HitBTC, HitBTC, Market, OKEx, OKEx, OKEx,, Token
Indorse Token Reaches Market Cap of $336,252.00 (IND) ( 11/15/2019 - 12:11pm
It is usually not possible to buy alternative cryptocurrencies such as Indorse Token directly using US dollars. Investors seeking to acquire Indorse Token should first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using an ...
Altcoins,, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Indorse Token, Market,, Token
Report: China’s central bank orders probe of cryptocurrency activities in Shanghai ( 11/15/2019 - 12:08pm
The Shanghai government is now inspecting some cryptocurrency-related activities, including trading and token sales, according to an official announcement verified by Chinese financial news site Caixin. The announcement, dated Nov. 14, was issued by the Shanghai headquarters of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) and the Shanghai Municipal Financial...
Banking Cartel, Binance, Binance, Blockchain, China, Coin, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, Huobi, Huobi, ICOS, OKEx, OKEx, OKEx,,, Token, TRON
Aeron Price Reaches $0.18 on Exchanges (ARN) ( 11/15/2019 - 11:28am
One Aeron token can currently be bought for $0.18 or 0.00002097 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Bit-Z, Kucoin, IDAX and Coinrail. Aeron has a total market cap of $3.56 million and ...
Aeron,, Bit-Z, Bit-Z, Cryptocurrency, IDAX, IDAX, Kucoin, Kucoin, Market,, Token
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