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Google eyes banking as it widens its reach (washingtonpost.com) 11/13/2019 - 4:36am
Google joins tech giants including Facebook, which is working to launch a cryptocurrency known as Libra, and Apple, which has its mobile wallet and a credit card, that have pushed into the financial ...
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Homework Time, Singapore Banks. You’re Grounded (washingtonpost.com) 11/10/2019 - 3:17pm
Then there’s JPMorgan Chase & Co., the biggest tech investor on Wall Street, earmarking part of its outsize capital spending to blockchain. The Monetary Authority of Singapore announced Monday a token ...
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Virginia man gets prison for cyberstalking ex-girlfriends (washingtonpost.com) 11/08/2019 - 11:05am
He shared photos from anonymous accounts and later broke into one women’s Twitter account to share the images. He demanded $25,000 worth of bitcoin from the other woman. Thumma said in court that he ...
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New owner to close nearly one-third of remaining Sears, Kmart stores (washingtonpost.com) 11/08/2019 - 11:02am
The Internal Revenue Service’s criminal division identified “dozens” of potential cryptocurrency tax evaders or cybercriminals after a meeting this week with tax authorities from four other countries.
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The completely correct guide to who you should drive to the airport (washingtonpost.com) 11/07/2019 - 6:41am
Probably, but this comes down to age. Are they still under your roof and under your rules? Give them a ride, obviously. Is your child old enough to be trading bitcoin and waxing poetic about the ...
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Greece: Mother urges mercy for Russian bitcoin fraud suspect - Washington Post (washingtonpost.com) 11/05/2019 - 1:22pm
Greece: Mother urges mercy for Russian bitcoin fraud suspect Washington Post
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‘This will not stick’: Brazilian president lashes out over alleged links to left-wing politician’s killing - The Washington Post (washingtonpost.com) 10/30/2019 - 6:43pm
‘This will not stick’: Brazilian president lashes out over alleged links to left-wing politician’s killing The Washington Post
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Bradley Beal is a big fan of Juan Soto — and his bat-carrying antics - The Washington Post (washingtonpost.com) 10/30/2019 - 2:20pm
Bradley Beal is a big fan of Juan Soto — and his bat-carrying antics The Washington Post
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Facebook stock jumps after solid 3Q results (washingtonpost.com) 10/30/2019 - 1:11pm
CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced prickly questioning from members of Congress last week when testified about the company’s plans for a digital cryptocurrency. Investors sent Facebook stock up nearly 2% in ...
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Facebook posts solid 3Q despite rising regulatory threats (washingtonpost.com) 10/30/2019 - 1:11pm
Zuckerberg faced prickly questioning from members of Congress last week when he testified about the company’s plans for a digital cryptocurrency. Investors sent Facebook’s stock up 4% in after-hours ...
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Facebook’s cryptocurrency won’t help the poor access banks. Here’s what would. - The Washington Post (washingtonpost.com) 10/29/2019 - 6:00am
Facebook’s cryptocurrency won’t help the poor access banks. Here’s what would. The Washington Post
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Facebook’s cryptocurrency won’t help the poor access banks. Here’s what would. (washingtonpost.com) 10/28/2019 - 11:05pm
In many ways, cryptocurrency is a solution in search of a problem. Or, rather, it solves one particular problem — making fast and anonymous transactions at the touch of a button — and does that only ...
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Facebook has so many problems, it really has none (washingtonpost.com) 10/24/2019 - 12:13pm
Confused? Luckily for Zuckerberg, Congress is, too. The Facebook chief executive went to Washington this week, appearing for the first time in a year before a collection of cranky lawmakers to talk ...
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The Technology 202: Mark Zuckerberg struggles to defend Facebook's civil rights record (washingtonpost.com) 10/24/2019 - 2:34am
(Erin Scott/Reuters) BITS: Zuckerberg doubled down on his defense of Facebook’s plans to push into cryptocurrency as lawmakers from both parties expressed concerns about Libra. The CEO said that Libra ...
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The Finance 202: Trump team drops push for key economic reform from Chinese (washingtonpost.com) 10/24/2019 - 1:09am
"The wide-ranging criticisms came largely from Democrats during a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, which convened the session to probe Facebook’s plan to launch a cryptocurrency, ...
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The Latest: GOP politician defends Facebook in hearing (washingtonpost.com) 10/23/2019 - 4:38am
Rep. Maxine Waters, the California Democrat who chairs the panel, said that Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra “create many concerns” and argued that maybe Facebook should be broken up. 1 a.m.
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The Technology 202: Here’s your guide to today’s Capitol Hill hearing featuring Mark Zuckerberg (washingtonpost.com) 10/23/2019 - 12:59am
While the hearing is billed as a grilling on the cryptocurrency effort and Facebook’s handling of possible discrimination in housing advertising, lawmakers probably will press Facebook on a host of ...
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Facebook’s Zuckerberg to face off with Congress as 2020 disinformation fears run high (washingtonpost.com) 10/23/2019 - 12:44am
The reason for the hearing in front of the House Financial Services Committee is Facebook’s plan to launch a cryptocurrency, called Libra, which has resulted in a rare alignment of opposition from ...
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Facebook says Libra won’t launch without US approval (washingtonpost.com) 10/22/2019 - 1:06pm
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to tell Congress Wednesday that the company’s planned Libra cryptocurrency won’t launch unless all U.S. regulators approve. In prepared remarks ...
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Libra Retreat Would Bring Joy and Relief to Asia (washingtonpost.com) 10/22/2019 - 12:16pm
It’s a so-called stablecoin, a virtual currency that avoids the wild, speculative gyrations of Bitcoin by tracking the value of a low-volatility asset such as the U.S. dollar. However, a medium of ...
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Why Central Bankers Got Serious About Digital Cash (washingtonpost.com) 10/20/2019 - 9:36pm
What central banks once sneered at, they’re now scrambling to master. Back when Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, was seen as the province of anarchists and drug dealers, it was easy for the ...
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The world’s top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors (washingtonpost.com) 10/19/2019 - 3:04am
What people tell each other can have profound implications on markets -- and the overall economy. Examples include the “get rich quick” stories about bitcoin or the “anyone can be a homeowner" stories ...
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The Technology 202: Lawmakers are concerned about exporting tech's legal shield in trade deals (washingtonpost.com) 10/17/2019 - 2:16am
Lawmakers probably will address concerns over Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra, which has been at the center of intense regulator scrutiny since a plan to launch it was announced in June.
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The Cybersecurity 202: Cyber Command hacking contest aims to prep Election Day first responders (washingtonpost.com) 10/17/2019 - 12:57am
Investigators called the “Welcome to Video” website one of a host of bitcoin-based, online bazaars that filled the vacuum after the 2013 takedown of Silk Road. Investigators probing the Capital One ...
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U.S., South Korea dismantle secret online network that shared thousands of videos of child sexual abuse (washingtonpost.com) 10/16/2019 - 1:30pm
Federal prosecutors with the U.S. attorney’s office in the District as well as IRS and Homeland Security Investigation officials called the “Welcome to Video” website one of a host of bitcoin-based, ...
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Congress wanted to grill Uber and Lyft on safety. The companies blew them off. (washingtonpost.com) 10/16/2019 - 8:19am
They believe that the government should stay out of regulating what they think is important innovation. Just last week, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg agreed to testify on the social media ...
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Liz Weston: In ‘SIM swap,’ criminals really have your number (washingtonpost.com) 10/14/2019 - 4:26am
Intercepting those codes can give a criminal an all-access pass to your financial and digital life. This kind of identify fraud has been around for years, but it’s getting more attention after a wave ...
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The Technology 202: Airbnb now part of Congress's debate over Silicon Valley's legal shield (washingtonpost.com) 10/14/2019 - 2:10am
We agree it’s better to let voters — not companies — decide.” Warren said the response "proved her point." NIBBLES: Visa, Mastercard, Stripe and eBay have withdrawn from Facebook's cryptocurrency ...
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Facebook’s Libra currency battered by defections, pushback (washingtonpost.com) 10/12/2019 - 1:45am
“The only reason they want the companies is because it looks good,” she said. “It was never a democratic blockchain. It was always run by Facebook and a couple of financial companies that were going ...
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Capital One Data Breach (washingtonpost.com) 07/29/2019 - 8:55pm
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Federal Reserve Nominees Support Lowering Interest Rates (washingtonpost.com) 07/02/2019 - 7:18pm
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The stories you hear at the top. Buy Bitcoin. (washingtonpost.com) 10/02/2018 - 9:27pm
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PayPal bans Alex Jones, saying Infowars 'promoted hate or discriminatory intolerance’ (washingtonpost.com) 09/21/2018 - 4:00pm
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Get ready for Big Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency industry opens a D.C. lobbying arm (washingtonpost.com) 09/12/2018 - 7:50pm
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Obama administration quietly explored ways to bypass smartphone encryption (washingtonpost.com) 09/24/2015 - 9:36am
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Obama faces growing momentum to support widespread encryption (washingtonpost.com) 09/16/2015 - 4:22pm
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Five legal threats for fintech’s hottest start-ups (washingtonpost.com) 08/27/2015 - 8:13pm
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r/Bitcoin, Reddit.com, washingtonpost.comhttp://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3inyg0/five_legal_threats_for_fintechs_...
The euro is a disaster even for the countries that do everything right (washingtonpost.com) 07/17/2015 - 11:36pm
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In Greece liquidity crisis, Chanel becomes more valuable than cash -- Greeks buying luxury goods to hedge against currency woes; “You have a feeling that money has lost its value,” said Marcoulakis, a corporate lawyer, “It’s just a number.” (washingtonpos 07/07/2015 - 4:37pm
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The innocent do have something to fear, which is why they should use bitcoin. (washingtonpost.com) 07/02/2015 - 10:17am
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MasterCard cuts ties with Backpage.com after pressure from law enforcement: "If Visa also stops allowing use of their cards on the site, users will only be able to pay with Bitcoin." (washingtonpost.com) 07/01/2015 - 7:05am
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Bitcoin, the Brat Pack and blackness: director Rick Famuyiwa talks about ‘Dope’ (washingtonpost.com) 06/19/2015 - 8:41am
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Some Bitcoin hate from the WashPo (washingtonpost.com) 06/08/2015 - 4:11pm
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